Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The day before i go to my new place to lives and study get more experience…

I will make the full comment and my expression in this post…

Really , in my life before to face my future . I like to thankz my parent first because they very take care to me and train me become responsible and independent in everything . I know they donnue what i write in here but i let’s all of my friends and cousin / sister / brother / my X gf and true friends / best friends / didn’t forget my lovely and very important teacher because she really give me many support to full filled my life experience that is Ms Chang((St. Mike red crescent teacher adviser)) . Almost that i can thankz to all of you because more 4 days i will flight to another place and become more independent . Hope you guys and gals and teacher have a nice and peace life . I will always remember you guys . To All , i wish all can peace and make some funny thing and also like funny fill with argue . Because argue also a subject to make our life or living become more “fire flower” . Then of course don’t become XXX lar .

Like this picture not only happy and we also take care with each other .

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

After SPM..

Today is very unhappy and also feeling not well. I think is because last night not sleep well. Unfortunately , spm is over i also not feeling it over , But it really over liao. All will begin next year.

Today , i donnue why my friend suddenly moody and also donnue what wrong to all. Because all today not in the mood meaning is very boring.

我不会华语 ,亲不要怪我 。

我怎的很想说 ,朋友们 。不要在自养了 。

I'm want to be in KL next year and i hope that over friendship will BE FOREVER and EVER please......

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