Thursday, 24 December 2009

About a time i miss...

Wanna know just ask me...
Comments on it bah~

Zo Dong(22 of Dec 2009)

Actually, i must go back to sandakan jor. Isn't it. Damn....
Hope next year will at sandakan from these date... hehe...
Anyways, sis got made some tong yuen dumpling for me.

Hong Dao Sa(Red Bean) is the soup and dumpling..
Nice taste...


Today is Christmas Eve's, what is your planning tonight?

Sunday, 20 December 2009

41 Unit 12 Anniversary is today!!!

Member of Sabah Youth 12 do the well done job and all the best to you!!!
The day really full with brighter!!!!


Dig ding dang~

Jingle bells is around me. Merry Christmas to all my friends. Hope you all got the best Christmas because i can't enjoy with you guys then what can i do, just hope. ^^

Saturday, 19 December 2009

The day~


Watching the astro decoder. Just open not enough 1 second then shown this word booting^^ Is that any hard drive or memory in the decoder? Is a question to you all. Hope that this time will not gu ling ling didn't have people reply or comment on it. Please....
Moreover, i very busy this whole month and also after i start the journey at KL here, hope the day will changes soon. Because i really unhappy and not really hope this happen. Anyways, the feel and experiences that i had at here is the most important thing why i came here for my life's. Day one until now. My life is really tough i always thinking thinking and thinking but the result is just like a dust. No other kind of thing is success but the only one is i learned how to assemble and disassemble computer part and some of the technique how to repair a problem computer what is going on when a beeping sound produce from the tiny speaker in the casing. I really hope that is my job and web design is the another i want to learn. Hope soon. So, what i thinking now is just get into a college and have my college life's. I already wait for a long long time that i uncomfortable for it. erm... The first erm after write so many word "haha" because i always erm but if i not erm that mean no meaning i wrote so many. The day will brighter without you? No please... I hope to have you all my best best best friends i can't without you all. Please have a nice day with you all. ^^

The End

Friday, 4 December 2009


OMG What going on....
OMG ah....
OMG PCfair.....
OMG Nothing special
OMG wanna to rest
OMG Night night

Pc Fair @ KLCC....

Paramount to KLCC

The day with friends wakaka...
Wow~ what a nice day all thing go smooth. Thankz to god. before i go out from home, i really damn sick flu and some fever. Although, i also didn't think much because of PC Fair @ KLCC. Plan among November until today. Yes, i went to there on today 12.12pm by LRT Kelana Jaya line. So, what is going on when we going to KLCC. Damn! Friend told that stop at Kampung Baru Station >.<.

Raining when reach there. But anyways, take a train against to KLCC. On 12.05pm.
This happen before reach KLCC. At KLCC, i saw a huge Christmas tree on the centre of Suria.

Uncle you block my way k... Excuse me.....
Try another picture but still been blocked. Aiya, as well as i get the picture from there. Wakakaka....
Too happy when arrived KLcc and didn't think much just go straight to PC Fair. Among the Pc fair go last time, just a bit difference from the decoration and also some of the hall or the company or etc was changed.
But the only one not change is Kapersky Antivirus still at the first first after we enter the entrance. Nice because all like those motorcycle driver wearing helmet on their head and gals was wearing dress like a race car promoter. No no no.... Leng Lui ^^
After the first room we went. Then the first hall was fill with a lot different thing like antivir antivirus and etc....
Nothing special because all i'm not interested with just hang around and get some brochure for my sis of the Netbook pricing compare and specification of Acer, fujitsu, toshiba and Lot. So, what is going on is just looking what good stuff. Second floor i got this stuffs!!!
Acer Neck Band
Hp X mas Head wear
KingMax Tisu Pack..
Ground floor First hall which combine with second, third,forth and the fifth halls.
Good Stuff and Nice thingy nice price too. All thing in the 5 halls which i like wakaka...
Wth.. When enter the third hall Celcom and Streamyx promoter was blocked my way!!!
I think there around 100+ Celcom and 100+ Streamyx Promoters....>.<
Summary, this time PC fair is quite nice and i already the second times go KLCC pcfair that sound nice to there. I like that. I saw sandakan friends at there make a list for sandakan friends to there:
  1. Mun Bin
  2. Szu Nyiap
  3. Pok
  4. Siva
Net Friends:
  1. Kelvin
  2. etc
Wow... Along the hall i went. I get a lot brochures and stuffs

Half of my bed been taken place.

OMG!!! Other picture with friends

Aun Me CL


The day i wait for long time. It's really came, i like it. Hope today all the thing go smooth and also happy to saw friends. Because just planning long time ago to this Dec Pc Fair with Classmate that a month didn't meet.
So, today we will reunion because of this Fair. Wakaka. Aun, CL, Pok, His friends and i will go PC Fair...
This also my Picture that took on working time...

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


2 days more i will go to PC Fair again!!!
This time donnue will buy what lerh...
Because really want to know something new je..
No planning to buy thingfrom there.
Just wanna to get some free stuff at the games hall wakaka. Because a lot of games free for play buy i don't know they got in our life. Damn.... Tonight really boring. Watch Mr Bean Holiday but not syok geh....
I prefer to watch hong kong movie or taiwanese drama or even malaysia drama... I like it!!!
But no astro no malaysia channel ~

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

SteamBoat with manager and friends

Restaurant Yuen~
Restaurant that i had went before this././
anyways, this time not same as before..
Because go with friends and manager...
Sadly, no picture can be post..
Got only my ice cream that i had ate~
before and after

Until now i'm still damn fulled....
Donnue what soup is that...
My stomach like burning lerh~
Because line damn sucks...
Donnue why....
Can post picture to my facebook...
Luckily still have google provided Blog...
Just now really happy and enjoy along the moment with them.
My friend will back to perak as well on this saturday after this Dec Pc fair...
If didn't have any thing happen...
Pc Fair i Waiting long time liao!!!!
This friday is the show time!!! wakkakaa....
Really, can't sit properly. Pc Fair made me became crazy~
Games... It items.... E~ other....

Friday, 27 November 2009

My Phone

Today really unlucky day. Because want to used a lot money in my daily uses....
First is my Hair Cut...

46 ringgit...

Cut at hair zone that allocated at Taman Paramount. Before this i want to go the another shop at paramount but wth the shop didn't open for me!!!

So, then i go Hair Zone lor...

Hair Zone by Michael Poh

I go to Phone Fair that organize by someone that really stupid. Organize by.....
Say original phone... tapi inside the tent is about 70% is XXX than original~
Anyways, still support them geh...
Hang around and around...


Still in progress


Saturday, 21 November 2009

In progress...


Date: 21th Nov 2009 until 1st Dec 2009

Change will be take in this period.
Be patient and hope you guy will give advice.
Thankz first before give...
Thanks a lot to my page too.

In progress~


Saturday, 10 October 2009



Processor NumberCacheClock SpeedBus SpeedNumber of CoresIntel® Virtualization Technology◊Intel® 64◊Intel® Trusted Execution Technology◊Execute Disable Bit◊
45 nm
i5-750 8 MB SmartCache 2.66 GHz 2.5 GT/s DMI 4


Core i7 Specification

Processor NumberCacheClock SpeedBus SpeedNumber of CoresIntel® Virtualization Technology◊Intel® 64◊Intel® Trusted Execution Technology◊Execute Disable Bit◊
45 nm
i7-950 8 MB SmartCache 3.06 GHz 4.8 GT/s QPI 4
i7-940 8 MB SmartCache 2.93 GHz 4.8 GT/s QPI 4
i7-920 8 MB SmartCache 2.66 GHz 4.8 GT/s QPI 4
i7-870 8 MB SmartCache 2.93 GHz 2.5 GT/s DMI 4
i7-860 8 MB SmartCache 2.8 GHz 2.5 GT/s DMI 4

Friday, 25 September 2009

Please help help~


Who see VIVI please comment it here or else comment to my

email address:

@@Lost at Taman Mawar Sandakan Sabah@@

My Lovely Doggi!!!

It's name is VIVI^^


Thankz you

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Saturday lagi~

Today is a working day again...
Damn yesterday rest dao cukup cukup...
But today need work again....
Happy day lar~
take care guys and gals~

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Thin jor!!!

admire day,
happy day,
funny day,
a thin jor day~
Actually, i didn't feel i thin among this few months...
But a lot people say i thin liao~
Anyways, i accept the true haha....
Thin liao....

Friday, 21 August 2009

The off day(21 Aug 2009)

Nothing to do just waitin time past~
The faster the time, The shorter the boring time....
The more the time to boring, The shorter the day time.....
What has been the best way you decided to spend your time?
i want some advice~


In the earlier morning, just after my bath breakfast and etc.
When i on the way to the bus station i saw a little damn cute doggy. It really cute and small as miao miao(at sdk home). Anyways, miao miao is the nicest and cutest(highly and loudly say)

The dog!!!
You definitely can make some definition in between the dog and the car tyre...
The dog is half of the car tyre!!!

Another thing happened, was flying above my head and everyone at the mamak dang. It really impossible as i know this kind of bird can cause bird flu that can cause people die. I a good guy will not kill or bite them(wakakaka). Do you saw a popular drink for peninsular malaysia?
The glass bottle juice something like orange or lime juice. Anyways, i still haven't try it.

Lastly, night time stand front of KFC waiting!!!!!

Friday, 14 August 2009

Working week~

A wonderful week was over. What i talking is oppositely not in the true way i speak but definitely all people will get what i mean. Actually, i Damnly tired to my work after the class which i taking every day in the early morning. I almost exhaust with the Bus i took every days Thing i do every days or even those foods i took!!! Can't so hope because of hopeless... Must be a good and quite saves my pocket money. As my own site, i hope that it will change after this month or else i still suffer for this style of life style. Now, what i hope only a prefect prefect sleep with enough 8 hours plus every days got a cold soda drinks!!! Wait wait wait~
Like the poet or poem i had study at form 2 by William Shake spear ....Tomorrow....Tomorrow.... and Tomorrow...
Poem that studied must remember when you is in suffer or boring you c
an think back and remind back yourself must be more comfortable and be patient and even be stronger mind....

I like this breakfast!!! Which made by myself with using daily caramel oat...
in green tea flavor

Try it before??

Actually, i felt that now a day must drinks more water to prevent from high body temperature and also eat more fruits as long as the fruit got high vitamin of A, B, C or even K...
Carrot for eyes, apple for XXX, B for health and C for prevent from bacteria~€
Friends do more exercise if feel fever please do eat panadol 2X after meal and take a rest don't work and play with stuff... I think i will cure illness~
Because i got the experience...

Tonight is Interact Club 2009 Installation Night... Devil Vs Angel!!!
Nice theme~

Saturday, 8 August 2009

08 08 2009

Today i very early wake up. But i donnue wanna to do what!!
Damn i quick go take my laptop to connect the world because last night i got told friends about i will online early today. So, i need to connect as fast as possible. Connected!!!!
No message, Got notification in facebook....

Last thing i wanna to blog is about my dad birthday~
Because today is his Birthday but i didn't around he.
Dad got called me today but i didn't talk much.
Dad: Hallo, Onn Chai~

Me: em~

Dad: Sis got around?

Me: Bo (No)~

Dad: Anyways, you still got enough pocket money or not.
If not please call me~

Me: okay~

Dad: Got anything wanna talk with mom?

Me: Bo (No)~

Dad: Okay lar...

Me: Bye~

Finally, i finished edit a Birthday card to Dad~
Wanna ask sis to give dad view it.
But no reply~
I post it here lar~
Hope dad will saw it...

Friday, 7 August 2009

My Class Mix with Science 1!!! 2008

Rewind back to my form 5 life~

Anyways, just say some je~

No time....

If wanna to say all mati lar!! Until next month also can't be finished it~

So miss the time we take this picture!!!

All huru hara to take a nice pose, leng zai and leng lui yong~

Especially, those ah ......., ..... ,....... ,,,,....... so many~



Alvin Astro Star Quest 2009 Mv

Astro Star Quest 2009

Alvin jia you!!!!
i'm supporting you!!!!
Nice Mv...

07 August 2009

Moving around by using Rapidkl Bus and LRT

Damn boring


Damn tired

Waiting for the bus for around 1 and half hours lerh!!!!
donnue what for~

Anyways, now i arrived home at 3.00++p.m

Thursday, 6 August 2009

The 13 Big plate Night!!!!

Da jia hao!!! Da gei ho!!! Everyone alright!!! Warga semua baik!!!
Cantonese, Teo Chew, English and also Malay~
Wow!!! a fulled night....
Which ate so many food drink so many and also Ice cream with unlimited flavour...
I took some picture from the restaurant too... easily to recognize if you want to go try this steamboat with unlimited food!!!! But make sure got bring along your pocket money oh...
The more people you invite the more cheap the prize you have to pay~
Anyways, last night sis, his bf, akon, kiat and i go there only used about RM109.20 but the cashier so pretty good she give us discount again with only RM109....hehe Dua puluh sen discount...haha
This the jiu pai of the steamboat restaurant...Restaurant Yuen Buffet Steamboat!!!
Remember the name and go try if you wanna~
After that, the caution is eat all the ingredients or item you took. If not you will kena saman. The saman is not give by ministry but give by the restaurant. They are green natural because don't want to waste thing and avoid wastage...Nice!!!! gave a star~
Wow!!! Let's view the ingredients!!!! Damn lot of choices... If you a vegetarian, you also can only took those vege until bao bao(fulled) because was a lot got carbage and etc. hehe~ If you a habivour.... no lar~ what ever also eat except negative thinking thingy. You can take what ever you like succh as Seafood(extreme recommended) the seafood is fresh enough like just arrived from the central fish market~Other then that, you also can take those cold storage item like instant sotong, fish ball, the tofu, fish cake and also lot~ Finally item is the made meehoon, chicken wings, fried rice and those kuih melayu even the chili they also provided with 5 taste if i not mistaken!!! Another Star i gave~
Ding ding ding!!! Time to take thingy~



30 minute.......




1hours and 10 minute.....

1hours and half.........


Wah.... So damn fulled.....
My stomach can't surpport anymore food!!!
But Kiat Still took a plate with fulled cold storage thingy!!!!
haha.. i didn't eat. I go take some Ice cream liao~


After added the last plate, we collected around 13 big plate!!!!

From the start until the end. This place also a good area to make a birthday party because in the same day got people made a birthday celebration at there!!! At second floor~
Finally, finished the item on my table!!! i look backside, all people are already back plus those chair are already in a line~

The table number 64....



Top 5 : Laundry Room Style