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Thin jor!!!

admire day,
happy day,
funny day,
a thin jor day~
Actually, i didn't feel i thin among this few months...
But a lot people say i thin liao~
Anyways, i accept the true haha....
Thin liao....

The off day(21 Aug 2009)

Nothing to do just waitin time past~
The faster the time, The shorter the boring time....
The more the time to boring, The shorter the day time.....
What has been the best way you decided to spend your time?
i want some advice~


In the earlier morning, just after my bath breakfast and etc.
When i on the way to the bus station i saw a little damn cute doggy. It really cute and small as miao miao(at sdk home). Anyways, miao miao is the nicest and cutest(highly and loudly say)

The dog!!!
You definitely can make some definition in between the dog and the car tyre...
The dog is half of the car tyre!!!

Another thing happened, was flying above my head and everyone at the mamak dang. It really impossible as i know this kind of bird can cause bird flu that can cause people die. I a good guy will not kill or bite them(wakakaka). Do you saw a popular drink for peninsular malaysia?
The glass bottle juice something like orange or lime juice. Anyways, i still haven't try it.

Lastly, night time stand front of KFC waiting!!!!!

Working week~

A wonderful week was over. What i talking is oppositely not in the true way i speak but definitely all people will get what i mean. Actually, i Damnly tired to my work after the class which i taking every day in the early morning. I almost exhaust with the Bus i took every days Thing i do every days or even those foods i took!!! Can't so hope because of hopeless... Must be a good and quite saves my pocket money. As my own site, i hope that it will change after this month or else i still suffer for this style of life style. Now, what i hope only a prefect prefect sleep with enough 8 hours plus every days got a cold soda drinks!!! Wait wait wait~
Like the poet or poem i had study at form 2 by William Shake spear ....Tomorrow....Tomorrow.... and Tomorrow...
Poem that studied must remember when you is in suffer or boring you can think back and remind back yourself must be more comfortable and be patient and even be stronger mind....

I like this breakfast!!! Which made by myself with usi…

08 08 2009

Today i very early wake up. But i donnue wanna to do what!!
Damn i quick go take my laptop to connect the world because last night i got told friends about i will online early today. So, i need to connect as fast as possible. Connected!!!!
No message, Got notification in facebook....

Last thing i wanna to blog is about my dad birthday~
Because today is his Birthday but i didn't around he.
Dad got called me today but i didn't talk much.
Dad: Hallo, Onn Chai~

Me: em~

Dad: Sis got around?

Me: Bo (No)~

Dad: Anyways, you still got enough pocket money or not.
If not please call me~

Me: okay~

Dad: Got anything wanna talk with mom?

Me: Bo (No)~

Dad: Okay lar...

Me: Bye~

Finally, i finished edit a Birthday card to Dad~
Wanna ask sis to give dad view it.
But no reply~
I post it here lar~
Hope dad will saw it...

My Class Mix with Science 1!!! 2008

Rewind back to my form 5 life~

Anyways, just say some je~

No time....

If wanna to say all mati lar!! Until next month also can't be finished it~

So miss the time we take this picture!!!

All huru hara to take a nice pose, leng zai and leng lui yong~

Especially, those ah ......., ..... ,....... ,,,,....... so many~



Alvin Astro Star Quest 2009 Mv

Astro Star Quest 2009

Alvin jia you!!!!
i'm supporting you!!!!
Nice Mv...

07 August 2009

Moving around by using Rapidkl Bus and LRT

Damn boring


Damn tired

Waiting for the bus for around 1 and half hours lerh!!!!
donnue what for~

Anyways, now i arrived home at 3.00++p.m

The 13 Big plate Night!!!!

Da jia hao!!! Da gei ho!!! Everyone alright!!! Warga semua baik!!!
Cantonese, Teo Chew, English and also Malay~
Wow!!! a fulled night....
Which ate so many food drink so many and also Ice cream with unlimited flavour...
I took some picture from the restaurant too... easily to recognize if you want to go try this steamboat with unlimited food!!!! But make sure got bring along your pocket money oh...
The more people you invite the more cheap the prize you have to pay~
Anyways, last night sis, his bf, akon, kiat and i go there only used about RM109.20 but the cashier so pretty good she give us discount again with only RM109....hehe Dua puluh sen discount...haha
This the jiu pai of the steamboat restaurant...Restaurant Yuen Buffet Steamboat!!!
Remember the name and go try if you wanna~
After that, the caution is eat all the ingredients or item you took. If not you will kena saman. The saman is not give by ministry but give by the restaurant. They are green natural because don't …

Buffet Tonight!!!!

05 August 2009
Tonight got a lot nice thingy happen to me!!!
*Interview day's

*Food i like


Interview day's and also Damn cold day!!!!

今天, 我很早wake up~
The day is welcoming me because its too too dark sky
like wanna to drop big big water to the earth. Luckily didn't affect my expression today. I really do my best in today and i felt that very very very nervous before go to interview damn it. In the morning i already felt it. Anyways, i hope it's is a successful day!!! I really do the best to prevent any problem held on me. Go to SBiT on 9.10a.m. Today was the first time i early to there and also the first person arrived to there. Nothing to do, prefer to get a breakfast with a
Curry Puff wakaka~ Bought a curry puff plus saw tan boon aun around SBit. The time is around 9.30a.m also meant that need to back to SBiT for class. Learn back jonathan format class haha... Format a Window Xp...
Wow, time to back home lor also mean interview time left 1 1/2 hours....

Digital Mall~
On next monday, this place i will always be there...
Really happy or sad i want to say?
Okay until the result of my interview today...
Actually, a suc…