Wednesday, 22 December 2010

ChurpChurp | Social Share » The Celcom Everyone Sale is back! (Preview)

ChurpChurp | Social Share » The Celcom Everyone Sale is back! (Preview)

What's going on? (F.O.D)

I am moody now.

Anyways, I am still here to share my day with you guys.

I am very active this morning because I am sleeping for more than 5 hours.

Then my mother straight ask me to prepare such as bath, brush teeth and etc, because we are going to Sandakan Town meet someone and buy things for tomorrow night.

We are going to celebrate the "Dong Zi" at my grandmother home.

Last year I didn't come back to Sandakan and celebrate with them.

But then this year I am happy because everyone waiting me to play poker card with them.

I am happy while playing with them too.

They are making me smile and laugh and I am trying to makes them happy too.

Back to my topic, I met a friend parent at a restaurant located at Jalan Leila, Sandakan.

I am extremely happy because he told me, I'm not handsome than before.

Anyways, I know that is really uncomfortable when you read it.

But I can say if you are a boy you will always handsome.

If girl you will always pretty.

Don't think of negative then your life will be more pretty and handsome.

After that, I went to Sandakan Town with my pretty mother and bought many things.

It's too heavy.

Mother bought a tiny chair for me to play computer more comfortable.

I really likes it, but then can't bring to Kuala Lumpur.

So, just left it at Sandakan.

I will be back to sit on you.

Anyways, I still can enjoy the moment with it for 10 days.

Lastly, have a nice day to you all... ^^

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Mr. Lim are you okay? (Asking)

I am Lim Chung Ann and you can called me as Mr. Lim or Antony.

I am likes to be funny, serious and talking somethings difference from others.

These few days I found something difference from my friends.

They are really good and I am learning from them too.

They are giving some opinion to us.

I felt that, it's really works for this generation.

As what we knows, world had already changed, we are going to makes some changes toward the style that our senior used to train us.

Now a day, we are living in 20 century.

So, we are 20 century human which filled with electronic life's, Information Technology is our devices to communicates with each and others. 

We must makes uses of all the free devices and the fastest way to communicate with others.

As an example, Facebook, we are only need to click or press a button and then we are going to communicate with our friends.

Then why we don't uses these type of open sources and fastest way to communicate with others.

So, this is the first way to improve your skills and increase the amount of members.

Otherwise, you got another way better than this. (Can drop it down to the comment box.)

Anyways, I will try up and makes another option or suggestion.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Lie Day (Hang out with friends)

I am sorry to dear because I doesn't sleep on 1a.m.

I am happy and have fun at the night. 

I am long time didn't hang out with my hometown friends as I went to Kuala Lumpur. 

I did all the funny conversation with them. 

I went to my secondary school and I really want to greet the principal of my school "You really done a great job".

Let me explain something about him, he is renovated the school from a old fashion to the modern fashion school.

I am happy because my secondary school became nice and higher comfortable environment. 

This week end which is 19th of December 2010 is my junior organizing a year fantastic anniversary at Saint Michael Secondary School.

I am here to tell you all, have a great day and do the best of the best for your event. Enjoy it and Feel it, you will know what I'm talking about.

I am here to help you all, if you want.

After that, Yuung, Tan, Sam and I went to Bandar Kim Fung, Sandakan at 11p.m.

We took a bowl of Guan Nao Za Yuk Tai Fun(Hor Fun). ~Read in Cantonese~

In Sandakan here, we are called Tai Fun instead of Hor Fun and this is our style.

I am becoming a Kuala Lumpur boy, because I am talking in Kuala Lumpur language in Sandakan here to the retail shop or restaurant.

They are blurring when I said Tea O Ice just now, because in Sandakan, we mostly talking Cantonese.

So, we must say Tea O Ping(冰).

Unless you can speak English at high class restaurants.

And then, they went back and I am going back to the KFC (24 hours) at Bandar Kim Fung to join others.

I am talking again with them.

We are talking about many things as what happening here and whole world.

Have a nice chat with them.

Lastly, one of my friend not feeling well then I fetch him back home.

I am also going back home then.

That's all for 17th of December 2010.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

First expression when arrived to Sandakan (Hometown)

     First and foremost, I'm greeting from the cabin crew of Malaysian Airlines before going to on board to the aeroplane. They are very friendly and caring to us. Anyways, I am here in Sandakan to thank you them and I'm sorry to others passengers which boarding with me in the same aeroplane, because I'm the one immediate boarding passenger of the plane and the last person who enter the departure hall. It's nice and my name be famous because they called me through the speaker located at the airport. I am famous? Just a blush scene. I was there looking at chocolate for my family. Unfortunately, nothing is buy from me in the departure hall. As what I saw the chocolate is very cheap and just RM9.90 for each packet.

     Besides that, my seat located at the last of the plane near the crew rest room and toilet. I am feeling bad things before that. But then nothing happen and beside me got a photographer and a child which nicely sitting there. Then, everything happened smooth, the food served, everyone hang around the plane and request request of things. So, I took my breakfast and take a rest before arrival to Sandakan. As I woke up, I saw the photographer feel free to take picture from the plane and I am watching at him with fulled of enjoyment. I love to take picture, if I have a great camera and great feel. That is the great amount of pictures in the memory card and shows to you all.

     Finally, I am now in Sandakan to say hallo to you all. I felt I'm home. I am rushing to meet mom and dad as the ant missing it sugar. I am the ant. Back to my topic, I am waiting for my luggage for 30 minutes at the luggage department. So, I didn't miss the time, I try to uses DiGi to go Facebook and posted "

I'm just arrived sandakan! Have a great time with malaysian airlines. ^^". Meaning I back to my Hometown Sandakan. Thank you... Have a great day and thanks god.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

All the way going back to Sandakan (Extremely)

     Do I missing? Do I...

     I really miss so much of my hometown. I really miss the food which accompany from the day I born. I really miss my pet such as Miao Miao, Lu Lu, Si Si, Bi Bi, Rocky and my lovely Vi vi. Although, vi vi gone missing for a long time, I hope he will always happy and take care of his good health. I am always remember it's memory for me.

     So, what to do...

     Now just left 8 hours then I will board the plane to Sandakan from Kuala Lumpur here.

Time to refresh myself from the big city to the small city in Sandakan.

All the way back to the place I born...

8 hours started now...

Friday, 10 December 2010

The trip to Banting!!! (The Beauty of a hometown)

I'm back!

These few days I went to Patrick hometown at Banting which is located in Kuala Langat.

I was there for 3 days and 2 nights.

We went to beach, seafood restaurants, japan char keuw teow and many others.

On the first day ( 8th of December )

We take off from Petaling Jaya to Kuchai Lama and then to Banting.

I really enjoyed the way and took so much of picture in the car.

As what Patrick saw.

I'm in the mood and feel free to singing the song while going to Banting.

To be continue~

Photo Album : Day 1 , Day 2 and Day 3

No More No More No More Exam Jor! (Over Exam)

     My fellow friends, blogger friends and etc have a nice day. I hope you all like my blog and do visit more.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

If you think you can! You can!!! (Mood on)


     What is going on at the back?

     Please let me know okay?

I don't want be the last one...

I don't want!

I am not clever...

If I am clever... How good is it?

I better be the noob one and be the stupid one.

Noob is better than Clever?

Anyways, in my mind only got clever better than noob because no one will vacancy you.

If you doesn't have a good brain.

Shit man!

The None Business Mood. (Away Moods)

       Welcome to my blog again.

       These few days, I really had fun with friends due to all the events that I had with them such as fairs, trips and etc. We went to Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) in Kuala Lumpur here. As I knows, the centre was located around the somewhere of there. But we took twice round to found the centre. I'm tired actually. Although, I am tired, I am trying to force myself to mixed up myself to the day. So, I never ignore any request from my friends.  Haiz....

Sunday, 5 December 2010

The None Official's Day! (Opz)

     Erm... What happening to me these few days and something is happening frequently until, it's not make sense anymore. I don't know what and why. Is that any wrong, if something follow their own rules and regulation of their own life? I don't think we need to be always be the abnormal myself. It's totally not the one I think anymore. Someone is telling me to follow my own rules and etc. Anyways, I am preferring to be the another one of me and makes a different towards a better life's. It's good for me? Yes, isn't it.

     I love to share about my life's and listening to others story about their own life's. I am hoping to knows more about others and the suggestion that people give to me. These are the better way to treasure my life's without any doubt. I will always get others opinion now onwards. Do let me know...

     Finally, I happy to know you all in my life's and friends I am a normal guy. I hope you all will 体凉 me.

Have a nice Sunday! ^^

Saturday, 4 December 2010

News, Breaking, Me...

Hey, have a nice day to all and what i'm gonna to do in this post is to define myself.

Last night, when I am tired.

Suddenly, Helbert and Patrick are inviting me to play bowling at somewhere near.

Eh, I have no experience on playing bowling and in my mind, I keep thinking of "If I go, Please don't let the ball go into tunnel".

Another words in Malaysian Chinese Language is "Hei Mong, Goh Boh Em Moi Yap Long Kang Lah."

So, we are heading to SS2, Petaling Jaya and took our dinner.

Patrick the special one, had ordered his beloved food "Hakka Mi" and the boss giving the small potion to him instead of big. Actually, he is ordering the big one, but then the boss gave him a small one.

He was zadao. Anyways, he likes the soup..

Luckily, Helbert and I is ordering Wan Tan Mee and big one. Quite nice and it's took me long time just can finish up the bowl of mi.

After that, we are going to 1 Utama to play bowling.

This is really the first time, I play and they are telling my mark is better than others.

Thank you, I really no idea to this sport... 

I saw a lot of professional player on the spot.

They style they play is not the same with others.

Yeng! Sui oh...

Besides that, we played two matches. Patrick and Helbert got higher than 100++ marks.

I'm the noobest, chicky and cheap one. Must add marks of the 2 matches just can reach 100++ marks...

Next, we went back home and online...

The next day (3rd of December 2010)

I slept until 11a.m.

If Patrick not calling me, I think I will continue to sleep...


On the spot, I am rushing to do house works and etc.

As well as he came then I can go to bath...

It's around 12.00p.m...

We went to Kelana Jaya to take our lunch in peace. 

Try to guess, What we had for our lunch?

That is Kentucky Fried Chicken!

They are launch the new recipe again...

So, we ordered a snack plate and colonel chicken rice combo and costs for RM21.20.

I likes the new recipe, the chicken was delicious and Chili sauce now I just know you are the good one rather than the thai chili sauce. 

Then go back home and online...

And then, night time we ate vegetarian...

OMG! I ordered the most sucks food! 鱼头米... 

I can't imagine that... 

Patrick is order butter fried rice with an egg. (I should order this or others.)

Lastly, went back home and continue to blogging! 

Dear... Don't think too much...

Hehe... All the best in my exam tomorrow...


Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Stupid Day! ( No choice )

     Here I publish a post again. I hope you all like it and press a option on the poll at below. I am greeting you all  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011. I hope you all don't blame me and talking these and that. It is because time really goes too fast and it is like something happen 5 minutes before, but actually the real is 5 years ago. What do you think of this? I am really frustrated when exam. I am study for so long and doesn't makes sense for today exam. It's really sucks and no other choice can be makes toward pass. I am praying to get only pass in this subject Introduction to Database. Anyways, the exam already past and no more things can be think again. I should wait until the result come out.

     Lastly, I am no choice to be survive this time. All the best on the coming saturday exam. Computerized Accounting ( Practical )...

Nice to see you again... ^^

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Damn! ( There are not my business )

     Hallo, my beloved, friends, blogger friends and others. I wish you all have a nice day and happy always.

     Based on the title, as well as I still in the nice mood. I will be talking with all the none sense and also talking something funny. That is because I am uncontrolled of myself to thinks much more and this is the time I am doing something out of myself. I am bored and moody now. But I hope others don't worry about me. I just need a rest and I am appreciates your blessing and greeting.

     Next, I would like to express about a thing that makes me more uncomfortable which is I got an exam on this Saturday. It's not my fault and you need to be responsible in term of standard to prevent this thing to happen to us. I'm the innocent one.

     Lastly, I hope my class and exam will be going smooth, unless I makes some changes.

    All the Best! ^^

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Her Birthday! Unforgettable experience... ((Part B))

Part A please click on this link!!! Part A


Then all of the ordering served in nicely...

And we took some time to finishing the meal and drinks.

After that, I ask her to accompany me to go out and buy a reload card.

But actually this is the time which others preparing the cake at the restaurant.

Few minutes later...

We are going back to the restaurant as normal.

She was shock when saw a cake place on the table.

And then starting with the birthday song and photo session.

Lastly, end up with the creamy face and hand.

^^ All the best...

Happy Birthday to KaryLee...

Her Birthday! Unforgettable experience... ((Part A))


Happy 19th Birthday...

Actually, I started my planning since October and also lot of changes too.

Because I get a lot of suggestion from others.

As we know, we should always appreciate our parent because of them, we can lives in this life's.

Erm... Birthday day is an unforgettable day in your life's.

Today is her birthday.

So, I hope to give her a surprise birthday celebration.

I share my plan to others.

As a record and also an experience of myself.

Please don't critic my share out and just treat it as a suggestion.

At the morning, I went to college for a group study and ( birthday girl ) is ready to take the exam at the college too.

So, we do our own things and I was struggling to do this and that.

Some more, I only got limit time.

Because need to prepare a lot of things.

Such as buy cake, booking table and etc( you can add more things likes can't distinguish candle to let the person can't blow off the candle ).

Next, went back to college and bring them to the restaurant ( Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, SS2 ) at SS2, Petaling Jaya.

We went in and ordering foods and drinks.

Part B please click on this link! Part B

Friday, 26 November 2010

The Thursday Night... (25th of November)


Last night, Patrick and I was suddenly got a short message through phone from Helbert.

He told us that, he will going back to home town tonight and not take dinner with us.

It's not a joke but... Zadao...

Anyways, we are planning to do somethings difference again tonight.

I think because helbert not around again.

First, we went to Taman Paramount to took a little plate vegetarian dinner.

It's just cost RM2 for 3 dishes and 1 rice or you can still get 4 dishes and 5 dishes in very cheap price such as add on RM0.40 or RM1.

At the point, it's remind my memory in Sandakan, which is took vegetarian as my lunch at the similar decoration restaurant.

Besides that, Patrick told me about the vegetarian restaurant standard.

I don't know all of that. I just know to eat good food! ^^ hehe...

Next, we went to 1 Utama.

It's not really much car and we easily get a car park slot.

We walk and walk and walk towards the Golden Screen Cinema and bought two tickets of Bruce Lee My Brother.

It's so many people inside the cinema and I knows Bruce Lee very well...

He get birth in San Francisco on 27th of November 1940.

His name was came from a word "Push". Because his father not talking in good English.

So, when the nurse ask his father to give a name to the baby.

He kept on asking Bruce Lee mother and his mother said push push push push in very low voice.

Lastly, his father told the nurse, "Push"... "Lee" and he been named as Bruce Lee.

It's really great! If you interested to know more Bruce Lee.

You must watch this...


After all, we went home and continue online...

Another phone call to mom In Sandakan (Few Minutes)

This is another post about chatting with mom in the phone call.

This happened last night.

I had a long time didn't chat with mom. (Last Chatting is 23rd of Nov)

So, I try to call to dad phone before getting mom to the phone because mom doesn't know how to uses a phone and she not willing to get one for herself.

But dad was hang out to a wedding dinner which is alone and mom stay at home.

Dad, asked me to call to big brother phone, but wait for 5 minutes then just call.




ish.... then 0 minutes...

I called to big brother phone number and he hang up.

I was too excited that time. I don't know why always did this when calling to family.

So, I asked him to pass this phone to mom.

The conversation started...

Mom: Hello, On Chai (Antonylca) ah!

Antonylca: Yea, mom... You busy now?

Mom: Erm... I'm doing the last step of fold the clothes.

Antonylca: Okay bah, just continue first and I wait a while...

Few minutes later...

Mom: Okay jor, my great son... Are you dating with a girl?

Antonylca: (Shock)  Stunt... Mom... How you know this? and yes, I am.

Mom: Oh... The radio got advertising this and I heard it.

Antonylca: Mom, are you kidding? Lol! Really? Whose tell you?

Mom: No ones... I really listen to the radio and heard you are dating...

Antonylca: OmG! I'm not an artist, actor or whatever... Why got people reporting my news?

Mom: Yea lor... I also don't know. Just too excited to know it.

Antonylca: E~

Mom: The puppy all dead... Because of Ah Si (Pet Name: Si Si)

Antonylca: Huh! Why geh!

Mom: Because Ah Si not willing to take care of them. Although, I take care of it, in the morning and afternoon.

Antonylca: Aiyoyo...

Mom: Anyways, Lu Lu (Old Pet Name: Lu Lu) also pregnant and give birth very soon.

Antonylca: Okay... ^^


Then I got to busy something and I stop the conversation.

^^ All the best...

I hope Lu Lu won't likes Si Si. I hope it will take good care to her babies...

What going on these few days. (23rd of Nov until 25th of Nov)

A new post again...

I felt no mood these few days and I can't really think a single sentence too.

This post just trying to update "What going on these few days?".

First and foremost, 23rd of November is Wingz birthday and I had few short message with him in the afternoon.

Quite a long time, I didn't chat with him.

Anyways, he still that cool and funny in the conversation.

In the few conversation, I knows he will coming to Kuala Lumpur soon and just after the STPM exam which took by Form 6 students in Malaysia with his girlfriend.

I hope we can have a meet up before he come to Kuala Lumpur in Sandakan.

Because I will going back on 15th of December 2010 and he will be going to Kuala Lumpur on 17th of December 2010.

All the best in his journey to Kuala Lumpur and have a nice holiday in Kuala Lumpur.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Aiyoyo... What's going on with my little mind?


In the sunny morning, when I woke up and I felt very tired. 

So, I didn't go back to college and I continue to let myself sleep for 3 mores hours.

It's nice, but I got two bad news which are class cancelled.

I'm sorry, to let you there be alone.

Anyways, we had a good times and hopes more and more coming.

I knows these kinds of moments will always there in my mind and yours.

We must be likes these. ^^

Next, Patrick and I sharp at 11.45a.m started the engine and heading to our college.

The same problem same came to us "Where to take our lunch?".

We used to be likes don't want to be the organizer and kept passing the thinking jobs to others.

Unfortunately, I'm always be the victim which lose and need to suggest. 

So, my suggestion approve by others.

Actually, It's fun and I'm enjoy the moments. ^^

Back to the topic, we went to a house restaurant which only open from 10a.m to 2p.m and located at Petaling Jaya Old Town, near by Jalan Othman.

There got the most famous MJ drink (Cin Cau Susu), Lime drink, Ying Yang Mi and etc.

There waitress is really friendly and they will makes fun and jokes when talking with you.

Today, Patrick and I was ordered Ying Yang Mi which are the combination of fried Mihoon, Kuew Teuw (TaiFun) and WatTanHor sauce. Normally, I will order MJ drink, but today I changed to Lime drink, to retrieve my voice and Patrick ordered Herbal Tea (LoHonGuo).

At the waiting moments, I makes a star by using the toothpick. 

It's remind me a lot of memory, not because I want to back Sandakan. But remind back all my good memory.

We saw a lot of basketball players eating their lunch there and they kept looking to our table.

I don't know, "What they looking for?" but they are so interested with us.

After that, we get back to college to have our last Malaysian Studies class by Dr. Gopi.

We arrived A08 our Malaysian Studies class at around 1.30a.m and our lecturer haven't go there yet.

The class was same likes normal and Dr. Gopi gave some notes and tips to us through speaking and writing.

I really can't writing while listening to his voice.

I'm too sucks in this part.

He was talking to fast and not proper Malay language.


Everyone, laughing at me...

Lastly, Kok Ming was laugh at me, when I talking with her about the blood nerves.

I said " shhh shhh shhh shhh"...

Then he laugh at me.

Lol! Aiyoyo...


That's all of this post... My Mind is too small! 

Happy Holiday again...





















Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Thursday Of 17th of November ( Beautiful )


Last night, I was went to Mac Donald SS2 until 3a.m with Patrick.

This was the first time mid night stay at Mac Donald.


Thursday, 17th of November:

We woke up at around 12.00p.m and started to plan, where to go later?

So, after few hours discussing, the results was go to watch a movie and then go to Night Market at Taman Connaught which known as the longest Night Market in Kuala Lumpur.

The movie of the day was " Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (Part 1) at MBO Spark.

MBO Spark was too cold and the pop corn was not nice at all, but cheap, Large potion just RM4.80. >.<

The movie is good, funny because of Ron, romantic because of Harry, upset because of Harry and kindness because of Her. 

I recommended you all to watch this movie.

After the movie, the time was already 7.30p.m.

Unfortunately, when we heading to the exit and some problem held... Haiz...

After settle that, we heading to Taman Connaught Night Market.

We just took about 15 minutes to 30 minutes from Desa Petaling to Taman Connaught, Cheras.

Quite fast, because of no traffic jam, but not easy to find parking at there.

I ate Fish Ball Mi Soup and the taste was sucks...

Not nice... >.<

Curry Mi, was too spicy... Shit...

Lastly, we took a walk from the starting until the ended of the Night Market...

I don't know why today so much people to there...


Take care... all the best...

Making a great decision! Eat, Pray, Love

I'm here again...

How are you? Feels good or feels bad... I wish yours answer is good.

Title above makes sense of making a decision.

Let's start with a perfect question.

The question sound like this " Do you believe of lucky? ".

Below is my answer...

I will answer it like this way (Maybe different from others)...

No, I won't believe of lucky.

If the world got lucky, everyone will be rich and life's without any obstacles.

Unfortunately, I'm no a rich people, I'm no money, I'm no any datuk pose and I'm not an artist.

But I'm happy with that...

Lucky, not very important for me.

Lastly, I Eat, I Pray, I Love...

My mind My thinking My Opinion...

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Memory retrieve...

((Keep as a secret))

Phone Out Off Battery When Mom Calling Me

The scene happened this afternoon... 4:52p.m...

Dut dut...

Dut dut...

Dut dut...

Antonylca: Hallo... ma (Mom)

Mom: Onn Chai (Antonylca), where are you now?

Antonylca: At home lor, I didn't go out...

Mom: Onn Chai, When back to Sandakan no need to bring underwear. Okay?

Antonylca: Mom! Are you kidding?

Mom: I look like kidding you?

Antonylca: Mom, Why no need to bring underwear back to Sandakan?

Mom: Is because your papa (Father), bought new  underwear which are S Size. He can't wear it. So, no need bring underwear back lor...


Antonylca: Lol! Mom, you're so cute... What brand is it? hehe... 

Antonylca: Where are you?

Mom: Home lor, Yours Sister and I went to Sandakan Town just morning to hang out and looking for good stuffs and your Sister slept ((slept likes a pig now.))by antonylca...

Antonylca: Nice one, So, I maybe not going to bring  underwear back to Sandakan lor...

At the same moment, I told Sis  underwear . Sis thought me said what and took out the underwear which is mom ask sis to bought for her.

After few chatting up!

The phone out off battery! Damn...


In this post... underwear!!! Lol...

Sunday Chatting With Mom... Phone Calling From Far Far Sandakan, Sabah... ^^


I'm the CEO of KFC on this Sunday.

Sunday, yea today is Sunday...

My blogger friends, friends and everyone. I hope, I'm didn't too late to say have a nice Sunday to you all.

I am very appreciate your support from the start until now and onwards.

So, this post is about I'm become a CEO of KFC which is Customer Enjoyment Officer (CEO) of KFC.

I took this for my dinner.

 X Meal Deluxe
  • Zinger Burger
  • Original Chicken
  • (R) French Fries
  • (R) Pepsi

Actually, I had a long time didn't eat KFC meal.

Next, the taste of Chicken was not nice and the French Fries was not as good as Mac Donald (My Favorite).

When talk about these two fast food dining supplier.

I wish to share one short video about Mac Donald VS KFC.

One word, two words or three words?

KFC or Mac Donald?

  It's Finger Licking Good    
I'm loving it!!     

The words using by KFC and Mac Donald.

To attracts your attentions...

Besides that, Sis bought me a Milk Tea at Giant Kelana Jaya costs only RM1.80 without pearls.

The stall named as Cool@Blog

The first impression of this stall was remind me about Sandakan QQ Ice and Cool City.

I knows the taste not good as what I drink in Sandakan.

The reasons of not well is because they are used powder form to create this drinks.

I don't like it.

I prefer "QQ Ice" Milk Tea and Red Tea.

Anyways, the price was cheap, so the thing you get also not very valuable.

This world don't have free lunch.
(Translate straight from Cantonese)

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Saturday is to class or to party?

Today is 13th of November and also my replacement class of Computerized Accounting...

Actually, I don't want to go to college.

Because I felt lazy and boring.

Last decision, I went to study.

Okay, if follow to the schedule, the class is start at 2p.m to 6p.m.

Due to some reasons, our lecturer was late to class and the class started at 3p.m to 5p.m.

Actually, I finished up the works that Miss. Rachell (C.A Lecturer) gave to us in the class.

So, I just went off at 5p.m. 

But there are left lecturer and Eunice in the class.

Quite epic, because the class usually got more than 10++. 

Unfortunately, just left Eunice, Ms. and I.

Maybe because of Saturday and they going to party or some others reasons.

So, How about you? 

I got a class on Saturday and I tried to end up as fast as possible.

I did.

Good question: Saturday! Party or Class or both?

100% Party, 50% 50%, 100% Class.


The selfish philosopher rages.

The selfish philosopher rages.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

The taste of food had changed. ((Difference))


If talk about foods in Kuala Lumpur. What will you recommend to others?

Pan Mee, Yee Mee, Porridge, Chicken Rice, Chinese Curry Mee, Chinese Nasi Lemak, Chinese Ying Yang Kung Fu Chao, Indian Roti Canai, Indian Nasi Lemak Ayam, Malay Nasi Lemak, Malay Nasi Goreng Kampung, Nasi Pattaya, Nasi Omelet, Chinese Mixed Rice, Indian Mixed Rice, Malay Mixed Rice, Chinese Homemade dumpling, Malay Kuih or Indian Kuih?

It's so many you can recommend to yours friends which doesn't like seafood.

As what I ate this afternoon with Patrick, dear and Shadow.

Shadow ate Chicken Rice and three of us ate Hakka Noddle.

Chicken Rice
Hakka Noodle

I just realize the taste of Hakka noodle was difference and no tasty anymore.

The noodle is too dry, the meat is not nice and the meat in the soup changed to assorted fish ball and pork ball.

Actually, I didn't realize the smell of the pork ball.

Dear, told me there are some smell when chewing the pork ball.

It's really true. I just noticed the taste likes what I smell at the Animal Clinic Center.


After 34 Days I will Go Back to Sandakan.

Before that, I must do something importance... ^^

In planning...

Movie Day!

Today was really a fun day!

At the morning, I woke up so earlier and stay in front of my lappy(Laptop)

This should be a normal scene for me, because I will wake up everyday at 8.00a.m in Kuala Lumpur.

But in Sandakan, Sabah, I won't have this good time to sleep.

My mom will wake me up and ask me to accompany her to the central market near house.

You know! Is just 6.00a.m and I sleep at 12a.m or 1a.m.

Next, DiGi Internet allowed me within 5 hours downloaded 6 movies in ordered.

Quite a nice broadband when it is activated, but the bad things come after you used the subscribed quota.

At the afternoon, friends, dear and I when to a restaurant and took our lunch which 3 girls ate Yee Mee, a boy ate Pan Mee and I ate Ying Yang Kung Fu Chao.

While I am eating, Aisya, one of my friends suddenly told us something disgusting.

It's about shit.

You can click on this link: ((Click On This))

After that, Patrick, Helbert and I went to SunwayPyramid to watch a movie.

The title of the movie was Unstoppable.

The movie trailer: (( Click On This ))

This movie is so nice!

The only comment I can give is Nice, Pretty nice and very nice.

Somethings impress me are:

1. FRA guy really sucks... hehe
2. Connie is cute...
3. and many many goods

Lastly, we go back home.

That's all!

Have a nice dream to you all...

Today quote : Don't think to much.... Just do it!!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Tired Monday.

Yesterday, I was so tired for whole day.

This was not a good experience for myself.

Even though, I hang out with friends.

I doesn't talking much, because I not feeling well and sore throat.

I prefer to suffer now and fantastic later.

So , maybe this is an punishment from God and I will be enjoying the entire weeks.

I believe of the karma teaching/ Buddhist teaching.

Everyone refer to the "Ying" and "Guo".

If you done something bad, you will also get whatever bad to you.

If you done something good, you will also get good back to you.

Back to my topic, we went to watch a movie which had a Top 1 ranking " Takers".

It's not bad, but I felt sleepy and the movie not so nice. 

Maybe was because I never knows the characters of the movies and tired.

Dear, I hope you don't mind.

I am sleeping in the cinema. No choice...

Unfortunately, finished up the movie and we start walking to another destination for our lunch at 4.00p.m.

The sky was started to dropped few drop of water and we walk as fast as possible to Sungai Wang Plaza.

((I must plan the accident scene too, Why I dont?))

At the plaza, we took a Mac Donald Chicken Burger which cost us only RM3 per potion. 

Mac Donald, I will always support you!

After that, we went to Low Yat Plaza and survey for handset prices.

The Sony Ericsson Elm just sell for RM480(AP) and RM699(Original Manufacture)

This phone is to support Go Green Movement.

It's built in with WiFi and others high end applications.

If you are want to get a low cost with WiFi phone.

I will suggest you to get this rather than others phone.

Next, we went back home by public transport in Kuala Lumpur.

I'm too tired, almost sleep in the bus. 

Anyways, I still can hang up a phone call from Patrick.

He said " Where are you?"

I said "Still in the bus around the cross road."

He said " Okay and Helbert got a surprise for you."

I said " Huh! What's suprise he want to give me?"

He said " You faster go home and take a bath, then come to my house."

It's really a shock at that time. I am searching and searching, thinking and thinking " What is the thing he want to mention?"

When I arrived their house. Helbert shows me the thing, that he want to surprise me and that was a Watch I wish to get and he too! 

Actually I thought he want to shows me a P1, Maxis, DiGi or others internet provider to surf the net.

I didn't think of this watch. OMG...

Sharp 8 o'clock our stomach was start shouting " I'm hungry".

So, we hang out to SS2 The tasty road(Wai Sek Gai).

At the food court, we was sitting here and there for few times. Not because of girls (Maybe), not because of stranger (really), Not because of Gays ( No ) and because of no good foods!

Finally, we sit on the chair and just looking which stall was the best and attract our vision.

We ordered...

Helbert==Curry Pan Mee, Patrick==GunNao Pan Mee, I==Low Mee.

Curry was spicy, Gun Nao Pan Mee was tasty and Low Mee was not enough "Chu" said by Patrick.

Lastly, we ended up with a walk at the Night Market.

Found so many nice things, but not interesting. 

That's all for this post...

I know is long enough for you to read...

^^ Hope you all have a SPM Exam soon.

Study Smart, not Study Hard... 

Monday, 8 November 2010

Go Green! ((Episode 1))

----------------Go Green----------------

      Last weekend, is the most cold day of the week. In my area, maybe just around 24 to 27 degree Celsius and it's good for me because I am a go green human, no uses air conditional.
Say TakNak to AirConditional


Say Go Green and Recycle!

      We should love our earth and our nature. Don't be those irresponsible human lives in the earth. Sometimes, the weather is hot, but we should enjoy it with some sunny activities such as sport, water activities or even hiking also good for us!


Saturday, 6 November 2010

Indian Celebrated Deepavali.


Yesterday was our indian friends celebrate Deepavali Day.

This year really nor like past few years.

That's because everyone was play fireworks non stop started at 10.00p.m, 4th of Nov until yesterday.

It's not the same as Chinese New Year, because on CNY we doesn't play firework non stop at the same time.

Anyways, I am here, Greet you all Have a great Deepavali and vanakam to everyone! ^^

This is my observation of yesterday! ^^

Friday, 5 November 2010

Thursday, 4 November 2010

In Kuala Lumpur deepavali's eve...

Wow... Tomorrow is date of deepavali celebration 2010. This is really a new experience in my life. In my hometown, I won't get any information about indian celebration and Hometown less indian too, not as many as peninsular of malaysia. Anyways, I wish to my indian friends and everyone happy deepavali and happy holiday. Besides that, I will be using a lot of money because of hang out with friends and etc. Shit!!! I must saves money to buy things for my family when going back to sandakan on this december. It's only left one more month, I will be going back to sandakan. Happy... Because I can eat, fun and also lives with my family. FAMILY=Father, and, mother, I, love, you...

Movie of the Week! "Life As We Know It"

Two Words: Pretty Nice...
It's related a baby and  two adults.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Broga Hill Day.


I woke up so early, It was just 4.30a.m and my phone ringing of Sorry Sorry Music.

It's not a good sleep because just slept for one and a half hour. It's really not enough, but I tried to stay awake until now...

It's really not a good driving experiences that using GPS as our navigator. 

Because the GPS made us going to the wrong way and not only once time.

I wish to learn all the roads to prevent from using GPS. 

Damn it!

Anyways, we still can arrived Broga Hill and the arrived time was around 7 o'clock. 

I saw a lot of car that parking around the road and there got a parking lot which needed RM2 per entrance. 

We didn't take the risk and just parking at roadside.

The Broga Hill is just 1.7km and not as high as others Hill in Malaysia.

The time to arrive the peak is only 45 minutes, if you are good in jogging or running.

But we mission incomplete, we took one and a half hour to arrived to the second high peak.

Is really a good experience with friends and also some guys help us to take pictures.

I really appreciate that!

After that, we start the car engine and get back to Kary house to have a bath and ready for the day trip.

and we also meet the cool little baby and genius baby girl at Kary house.

I should improve my hakka language, because I will stucking when talking in hakka language.

Then, we went to SS3, Petaling Jaya to had ours breakfast/ lunch.

Actually, before we should going to Kuala Lumpur City and eat ours Chicken Rice at Jalan Pudu.

But the plan suddenly changed.

So, we went to Jaya Jusco Cheras(JJ) after lunch.

At JJ, we watched a movie named by Life as you know it.

The artists is very familiar and so funny.

I love it, I like it, I really enjoy the movie, although I slept for 5 minutes in the theater. 

In the movie, I always heard the woman called his house mate as Ass Hole! Lol!!!

Another one, is the counselor which crying when the woman can't meet the handsome man.

Happy Ending!!!

Unfortunately, we felt tired and everyone no more energy to moving on.

So, we prefer to go back home and take a rest.

Today, I ended up with this post and all the way...

Patrick, Kary, May Yi and I... All the best!!! 

The day before climb Broga Hill!!!


The second post of my Broga Hill trip with Patrick, Kary, May Yi...

((2nd of Nov))At the afternoon of the day, I was waiting of Patrick from Banting to Petaling Jaya to fetch me.

When he arrived, we was went to Ming Tian Food Court to took our breakfast/ lunch.

As I knows, the night time activities was plan by KaryLee!

We took off from my house to A&W near Asia Jaya LRT Station to meet May Yi.

Next, we took off to KaryLee house and fetch her to Sri Petaling Night Market which also got selling 臭豆腐( Fragmented Tofu ) the tofu that ignore by anyone.

The night market stall almost same like the night market at SS2, Petaling Jaya.

I took a plate of Char Kuew Teow without SeaHam and also not spicy, because I don't like to eat spicy plus Kuala Lumpur SeaHam is not nice...

Then we went back Kary house to continue the fire of the eve's.

We play tarot, Kary, Patrick and I tried to ask a question about " Will tomorrow morning 5 to 8 rain?"...

Do you know the answer? The answer is No! 1 time=no answer and 2 times=No rain...

You will believe on this type of game?

That's because every day morning will raining. So, we try to ask about the weather for the next day.

Lastly, we all sleep at 3:00a.m...

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Eve Eve of Broga Hill day

Hallo, I'm here again to post about my feeling of the day.

I had done nothing for today.

At the morning until afternoon, I just sleep, because last night I slept at 4a.m.

After that, I was watched TV and sleep again until 6.39p.m.

Helbert called me to go SS2 Night Market.

So, I quickly go to take my bath and ready to go out.

Tonight dinner was perfect and it's really best.

Because is reliable and also tasty.

((Nasi Lemak Ayam, Fried Large Hot Dog, Fried Large Chicken Chop, Tea O Ice, Tea Tarik))

Lastly, I would like to express a thing. 

Broga Hill Event will held very soon.

All the best, pray for the day, No rain and Nothing happen, God bless us...

Broga Hill, Wo Lai Lar!!!

我来啦,i'm coming, Saya akan tewas kamu...

Malaysia Boleh! Kita Boleh! Broga Hill Pun Boleh! ^^

Monday, 1 November 2010

31st of October 2010

It's a great day and also mom birthday!
I wish my mom 3 wishes.
1. Mom You will always Beautiful in my heart.
2. Mom You will always Happy
3. Mom You will always in my mind
Happy Birthday to Mom!
Although, you don't know what I wrote.

Besides that, I went to Ikea, Ikano and also TheCurve.
This was the second time I went to Ikea.
There are nothing changes at the showroom.
It is also still a lot of customers looking for furnitures and fixtures at Ikea.
As I knows, Ikea really a best place to searching your furnitures and etc.
Because there got a lot of chooses.
Unfortunately, my house also got a lot of furnitures bought from there.

Lastly, I slept for whole morning until afternoon.

Here are some of the pictures that I took:
A Kangaroo and A Dog

A dead frog lay on the box cover

A binary code picture

The Bad Garlic with Butter Toast

Top 5 : Laundry Room Style