Friday, 29 January 2010

My New hair style!!

Today before to cut my long long hair...

really long until i very uncomfortable. So i plan to go for a hair cut. To HairZone..

The result is~










When finished cut and driving back to home~

Arrived home and took a lot picture but i just post 1 for the record..
New hair style i really like it so much!!
Thankz to Ryan Chang..
He damn tired to cut my hair because my hair damn many many, got two month don't go to saloon for a hair cut.
So, Thankz ryan!!!
If you saw let leave your email..
add you soon..

My Last 3rd day working at Octavo Marketing and Sales Sdn Bhd

These all the picture for hardworking and responsible
Prepared by Antonylca, June Chia and Ethan On

This all my hardworking Pc for day 1

Prepare to easier build

Monitor Keyboard Cables for Test all the 40 PC's

Kingston Memory

Extra 1

Dvd Processor Box

40 PC's

Ong Ong Zai

With Ethan On(right) Antonylca(me,left)

With Ethan On(right) Antonylca(me,left)

Dvd Box

After a whole check for all the PCs

Mother Box with all the detail Reference book

Lastly, a big problem Pc that got a screw sound produce from the box after seal the box. Damn need to re open it and check what going on inside the box. However, solve quite quick

Place all in a ordinary position

Samsung Latest LED monitor infront of my eye~
Model XL2370 23"

With Ethan


June Chia
Ethan On

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Steamboat at home!!!

First and the foremost, this time is the first time steamboat at home lerh. All the ingredients was bought at Bintang sis working place because that day also a raining day. I really blur for the day, just stay at home nothing to do just online, CS, watch movie and also smsing. I just post all the thing i took that day.

A long listed

  1. Prawn Dumpling
  2. Vege
  3. Hotdog
  4. Fishball
  5. fried fishball
  6. etc

Friday, 22 January 2010

22 01 2010

What a special Off Day

Nothing to do..
Facebook Application said that..

Congratulations you got your luck score for today and you are 56 percent lucky today! 
But I didn't think so. Moreover, i didn't do anythings today because no work, no hang out and also doesn't walk out from my room beside Cleaning Bathroom and Wash My Clothes..

Another one thing is the horoscope said that:

You're dealing with some big-time business today, so see if you can squirrel away on your own for a while to think it all through. Someone might need you, but you can strike a balance.

  • Mood: Accomplished
  • Lucky Color: Red
  • Lucky Number: 10
  • Lucky Time of Day: 10am

These all the thing i get today~
Big-Time business meaning that?

Anyways, today i have a chat with dad and mom. Cutie Miao miao beside they too. Just listen that somethings weird from the phone can't recognize that the sound was made from miao miao. Zadao~


The Rain started when after my war in CS( Counter Strike Condition Zero )
Just play alone in the room with bot.Some, funny things i saw in the computer(Bot) they really damn nooby. 

My Phone K800i

Having a Big Big problem. 
1. Suddenly shut Down
2. No Sim detect
3. Case broken until very weird
4. etc

I really can't tahan this thing happen!!
So, i bought a china iphone. But That China Iphone lagi teruk. Battery use only for a day finish(low), Less Feature and etc.Haiz... Regret why don't i buy a good brand at the first. Next week, to a phone fair and take a look sinz see whether can do a trade in or otherwise just ngam ho bao and buy a new handphone. Troublesome haiz....

Tonight Steamboat at home...
Later or try as fast as possible to upload the picture. Wakakka

The End

Friday, 15 January 2010

Oh My Gosh...

I just received a call from Olympia College on 3.19PM...
Then someone from olympia invite me to go by for getting info or go straight register to study there.
comment comment me please

15 01 2010

The day which i off again(2nd week)

I actually planning to kelana jaya but still haven't decide yet. But i think don't go there is better or else i will use a lot money, i want to see new thingy. Long time didn't hang out but alone. Haiz. What do the day need to fill today?
1) drink
6)video chat
9)listen to music

A lot option, i can select but hope all i can do in a day. 


Sis bought a washing machine.
a Brand New washing machine
the leading innovation brand
nice nice nice...
What i hope to have is available now//
my clothes no need to become moutain in my basket.

Now until my room. Just finish to renovation.
but i don't have any before renovation picture just got the picture after...

my laptop and all

my thing

Printer below the intel box and dusty fan

Until unposted picture that is my friends


Group photo

erm.. this i'm forget who send to me jor


A for Antony

that all for today post...

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Past off day~

The day which i no need to work. Just relax and relax. When i open my eye's in the earlier on the morning i really awake. I hope that, i will eat Mc Donald meal for my every meals in the day. What i hope really true..
Having a McSavers on the morning that is....
French Fries, Half apple pie, McD bubur and also Mc Chicken

Nice nice nice. What a nice breakfast. But actually you can saw the time is already 4.49PM. Wakaka...
After the meal is just too early is around 5.00PM. Sis say that tonight will go to somewhere else for a walk. At the last is go to Sunway. To there watch a movie. that call Alvin and Chipmunks 2. Like it. All the anime and also the sound and everthing. Alvin is the cutiest haha... The another chipmunks that called chipette also damn cute of course not forget the doedera is it? If i not mistaken. Fatty chipmunk.

Alvin and Chipmunks 2

Watch at Sunway TGI Cineplex

Before the Movie ate a Chicken Rice shop Curry Laksa Mee... sound nice right...
haha... Is really nice and a big bow with a full cup coke cola

Day past so fast...
How is it lerh...
How to past it...
Study earn money do all the things...

Past off day~

Friday, 1 January 2010

01 01 2010

   22222       22222




The year of 2010 started...
All the thing go smooth and wish all have a very nice day
Let sing and enjoy the fun...

This what i get last night...
The moon is so so round... nice nice  nice

the moon on the top of bayer (jaya33)
at petaling jaya seksyen 14
nice... i like it...
another one i took at a chinese school around my home..


Anyways, all is over... Nice moon in the last day of 2009...

Yellow Cat

Took it around food court...
Donnue what it looking at..

Happy New Year friends...



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