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Continue CNY

The continue for the gallery~ Group photo with friends

That all CNY end

The Day After Back to KL for a New life again~

Is a brand new month week and day, i damn regret why i want to leave my hometown as well i know i really a kampung boy that like my hometown so so so much. Dream to make it become more class place and also make more rainbow things at there. My Dream, my dream and my dream. I leave my parent without any goodbye after go into the departure hall, but before go in i had said bye  to mom and dad. Whenever, i walk into the hall i saw my primary school friend and a interact club friend they are Mun Bin and Davis. Okay, then what the next i miss, is my little dog Miao Miao and the most lovely Vivi that gone when i study in KL here. T.T When i reach Sandakan first thing i ask mom is how it being invisible. Mom said that she also sad to listen it. So, the topic was hold for 5 second speechless, everyone sad, not only me. Hope and praise for it. This essay i hope that will be the interesting essay. Now i know, all the thing is put in the heart better than said it out. Because Vivi2 really a good …

Miss family and also friends~

I hope to go back now~
my brain keep thinking...
Haiz... i really really can't stop think sandakan!!

24th February 2010

Haiz... is too lame. What is happening now? Can't speaking well is not a wrong plus what i wrong with you guys? Damn lame.... So, nothing less bloggin will help me or you to solve a problem that you didn't will say  to other people especially your feeling, your speech and etc. Hope to get back the feeling i get from before i go to KL for my first journey because i really regret why i go to kl for further my study but made my friendship gone. Is'it? i'm think wrong or is true? I just hope that i will be change soon. Tonight will go watch a movie with parent and also bro sis. Woohoo!! 72 Tenants i really hope to watch it. Now i can watch it. It almost 2 weeks after it open show on 11st of Feb. This essay not really a formal english but as you know and i know is okay lor. haha.... Below got some picture..

72 tenants ticket's

Yum yum 2 at Bandar Prime Sandakan

Wo Tip at Bandar Pasaraya Sandakan

You see .... Not only lap cun the egg can stand.

Sabah Landmark on the sky

21 02 2010

The Year of tiger reach my heart. The year of 2010 really past so fast now already 21st of February got how much month to go again to reach another year. But hope it will last longer these few months because i got a lot of things to do. I back sandakan for two weeks but now almost around the corner to back KL for continue the life journey! Hunt of last year really give me a lot hope this year will more than it! Study a Diploma is my dream to get a MQA or International Certificate also my dream hope my dream will come true for this year~ All the best...

Got Some picture when boarding the plane and other places~

After Finished all the Firework

The Midnight Road

Genting On Midnight

A Classical Weighter

My Luggage Before Back to Sandakan

My Boarding Pass

My Lunch but actually before boarding i already ate KFC. Damn Fulled on that day because after this meal is my reunion dinner. I eat a lot too on reunion dinner almost 4 meal a day..

Flying on the cloud

Brightness from firework also mean that this…


Haiz~ Sienz...
Damn tired!!

Happy Chinese New Year Eve

Hey, Handsome guys and Pretty gals. Before start to say all the things happen yesterday i would like to glad all of my fellow Gals and Guys Happy Chinese New Year in 15 language.
Happy Chinese New Year-EnglishSelamat Tahun Baru Cina-MalayGong Xi Fa Cai-MandarinKeong Hi Huat Cai-Teo ChewKong Hi Fat Choi -Hakkaالسنة الصينية الجديدة -arabicČínský Nový rok-CzechChinees Nieuwjaar-DutchIntsik Bagong Taon-FilipinoLe Nouvel An chinois-French中国の旧正月-Japanese중국 설날-KoreanКитайский Новый год-RussianAño Nuevo Chino-SpanishКитайський Новий рік-Ukrainian You Can grab this to wish your friends a Chinese New Year!!! So, i start yesterday what i happen for a Mid Night!! Suddenly go to Watch this Movie~ 花田喜事 花田喜事
Damn Funny!! It's combine modern and culture things. Don't say too much if not later you all no interest with it! haha.. So now i got some picture i took last night~

Before Go Out~

After Finish movie~ In Sunway Pyramid

After Finish movie~ In Sunway Pyramid

After Finish movie~ In Sunway Pyramid(BLur)