Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Changed Day

Made a new look for my room...

Printer and all the things can be use right now...
The room look like bigger than before...
Still got some unhappy feeling because not the one i like

Ready to punch my card the time is running up!!!


The Sekinchan Trip Second Post...

This all is from my phone. That took from my tiny k800i..
Before the trip start i was having a Big Pack Nasi Goreng with KL Sambal
The Sambal is totally different from Sandakan my hometown.
I prefer Sandakan Sambal than KL because more tasty and more shrimp they used to produce the sambal..
However, i should eat the fried rice with these type of sambal if not, i will eating such no taste food.
K800i Awesome..

Terry My colleague and also jonathan ex lab assistant 

My Workshop that night

That all...

Sunday, 21 March 2010

What does ____ mean?

A speech to start this post..

         A little boy, little boy and little boy,
                     That work hard for his life's,
        What he had now? Is experience.
                     Nothing is important than experience that belong to money,
         All people learn, study and success to his/ or her goal!!!

Hey, guys and gals. What do i had now really not only one, is a lot! I really not to regret that i have to hard working and also learn from the mistake. What do you think of it? Earth will not stop rotate but our mind will stop working when you not use it well. I hope to not stun for long long time because sometimes i can't thinking good in some situation. What to do? This post for what? Read only...

Friday, 12 March 2010

Friday, 5 March 2010

My Dream Date 1 (05 March 2010)

I just went to KL today for my register into Olympia College That located in Jalan Raja Chulan. First, i no idea how to walk by my leg from the LRT Station to the college. But luckily i hang hang hang around i saw a big big building that was a building so called Menara Olympia. Then my my heart not to worry more. So, i walk walk around again to find out KL got what interesting things that i haven't go before. Walk for around 15 minutes, i found a shop that called MYDIN at the big city which got a small like ant shop. But anyways i just get into there with no much question. Wah... When i get into the shop like a Mall( The Shop like a mall is really like Millimewa in sandakan) Wah... i found back the feel that i miss for a while. But i hope to back to the original Sandakan not the fake. Anyway, in the MYDIN i bought a packet of tissue for next week working and actually for my time at the moment because i forget to bring my tissue paper and those people sell tissue is very expensive 1 for 50 cents. So i better buy from the MYDIN. haha... Ding dong... So the time now is 2.15PM is the time to meet up with my future teacher that is Mr Azahar that he is a senior counsellor of Olympia College(KL Main Campus). But i will not meet up with he anymore after this met because i will study in another campus that alocated in Petaling Jaya. I hope that should be okay, that i didn't meet up with somebody else in PJ campus. I really unpatiently just get a form and drop down all my detail onto the form. After a 30 minutes i talking with Mr.Azahar that the end. All the things settle up and be done in proper way. Now i just waiting for the intake at PJ Campus on Next Month 5th of April 2010.

Top 5 : Laundry Room Style