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Yesterday Photo Section


I think this car involve in this iron man movie because beside this car got a intro section board

Pavilion KL

Alone's Day

Today,is a lonely day. What the hXXX?. Just a person to do and go through everything such as walking in the shopping mall, watching a movie at GSC, shopping without any friends or even family, drinking a mineral water or a bottle of full cream milk, boarding a Monorail or Lrt and etcetera(etc). Laugh. Do you know, What is the feeling when you and just yourself hanging around and around and around in the mall. Actually, not to bad as what you thinking now because you can do whatever you want without any objection. But, friends if you reading this, i should say i'm sorry. Not you all got objection with my suggestion is just a nothing. But if you didn't try it, in my opinion just try once because it really a good experience to be alone. Anyways, this post not for this reasons. I want to post today event. Toward to KL Pavilion, Berjaya Times Square, Low Yat Plaza and Sungei Wang.

     First and the foremost, in the beginning of the morning i woke up so early, not mosquito or h…

The title of this post is ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ?

     Good Afternoon, to my fellow blogger especially my Digi Broadband because give a good coverage's internet connection. I like this afternoon, raining is held on now and cool down the earth. Beside that, the rain help us to prevent global warming. Rain, What you think of rain? 1. Cool Down. 2. Lightning Storm. 3. Windy. 4. Nightmare. 5. Don't do any video call or even just a call using yours pretty nice cellphone because if you do that, maybe you will be the next victim which die or injure by Lightning through the phone. I just doing some conversation through phone now with a pretty girl but nothing happen, just worry to get some shock or etc. This essay i want it to be a good grammar, sentence, pronouns and also correct vocabulary but for sure i can't do it well. I really try my best to get it long with a lot of nice word in my mind now and whatever in out of my simply brain. In this post i put a title that was "? ? ? ?" 4 questions mark i types.


Created by Antonylca @ Antony Photography.


Rainy Sunday

Wow! I like the most - the sky became darker and drop some liquid, it's rain. Thus, long time didn't have a long rain like this. I not in a good mood today because nothing to do, didn't hang out and just like normal stay at home. I just get a result from internet^^ PTPTN. Stated that my application already approved by them and i get RM 24000 for my diploma studies Wao! a Large amount for me because didn't have so many money in my account before. The otherside, i got a lot problem need to solve not just a happy news i get but in the opposite i need to get my parent signature to hand up all these paper as a witness.T.T What should i do? I take a flight back to there or they come to KL for just a reason? How, teach me just give me some advice...

It's Sunday!

Nothing to do. I just found that something funny in the morning - my hair was like Goku when i woke up from the bed. Lol! I just have some photo to filled up my Sunday. ^^ These are some picture...

It's the day temperature for two places that is my current area and hometown Sandakan Weather 

It's just a Dual Core Processor But using 4 GB memory!

Fill it up for today!


Pcfair 2010 KLCC Group Photo


ASQ09 - 新秀5强签唱会 - Alvin演唱个人单曲《暗恋》

Listening to HitzFM and Bloggin

Start with haha...

      First, I want to touch with my classes which I will attend for every Thursday and Friday this month. Classes that I attend is for improve and retrieve back my english which studied at my secondary school life's. Which mean i must do very well in these few weeks. Otherwise, i just attend for nothing. Gatcha, Diploma In Information Technology(DIT) offered by Olympia College is okay, isn't it? 

     Okay bo started with this speech. Nothing to say just put something into my brain and type these word out.
     Next, today is planned to go Digital Mall for a reason that is to get a Digi Broadband because before this got a lot, a lot and a lot costumer using it with high speed in my area Petaling Jaya. I checked from internet it really got coverage at Sungai Way. So, i didn't think too much just get it and now i used it for nothing comment yet because still a new device for me no problem no low speed is nothing! I love it Happy to it. But, I got another re…

Pcfair Part Time Work.....

Good Afternoon to all, just after my tired  days at Pcfair. Huh... I took some picture in these day haha...


Tonight go to genting!! Two Days One Night!

Genting Highland

I will not go there by genting skyway, because got car...

Genting Land

Theme Park's

Illustration ...
Jom Genting!!!!

Learn more study more....

At the beginning of this story, a road that seldom people past by. It is dark and don't have any street light along the road. On last Sunday midnight, got a group of teenager that contain of just only a boy and 4 girls riding the vehicle from Tomato Garden to Jalan Permaii. They was just cross by this road to another place. Suddenly, when they reach, where a place that located a lot of huge tree the van was broken down and the engine is malfunctioning. A girl was very frighten and asking "What should us do now?" because as the girl know they all didn't bring a cellphone in his and her hand. The braveness of the boy was came and told all the ladies he was the man who gonna to find somebody else to help. All the ladies should stay in the vehicle and locked it. After a few minute, the van was moving left and right. The fellows that inside the van is scareder and scareder, frighten and frighten. The situation was continue for a few seconds. At…

the forth day


Congratulation Antony Lim you Reached 100 posts..


Second day to write down all the note that given by Mr. Principal Surrendran

1st he gave it to us is about the assignment structure that Olympia College are using to hand up.

This was something new in my brain because i haven't write for so damn long for 1 or even more than 1.  1500~2000 Words It will divided to 3 parts as we all know Introduction is only can build in 150 to 200 words as the minimum and maximumFacts or Main Body needed 1200 or above words as wellConclusion and the summary of the whole essay or jurnal is just only 100 to 150 wordsWhat is going on in my brain now? Answer: It is crazy for my to do that. But Mr. Principal told us nothing is impossible and if you read and study more widely from library and scholar articles you will find out more easy to write and think. So, make sure that we all must memorize what you already study and please write once again in a plain paper or your note book that he advice. He also got gave some example for us to made us easy to get what he are talking. Actually, from he start the lecture today, i start thinking …

Now my bed time is set

Must Go To Sleep.....

My College Induction Date(5 to 9 April 2010)

Hey, guys and gals. My name is Lim Chung Ann, You all can called me Antony. This year 19 years old. Just finished my certificate course and also working at a IT shop at section 14 digital mall. I chose Diploma in Information Technology that offered by Olympia College because i very interesting with all the computer stuff especially my laptop, desktop and lot.^^
    The script that i said at my orientation with other in the seminar room in my college. Wao That was great because got a few of people only when today induction. But the coordinator told us that tomorrow will got a huge volume of people will come to our college again student i mean. The first day, also all of my first to introduce to my college friends. Actually, last night i was got very struggle and messy mind because my mind was thinking what should i do this and that on the start of the morning before i go to college in the beginning of this morning and i also can't be patient do all the things before i go to a sle…

Today... today.... today

Is a day whereby very boring and nothing to be less sleeping a whole day. Sleeping is the way to solve boring because take a nap also can gain more energy where else, if do other things than sleep is really damn bored. But wanna to refer back to all the things happen before this. Such as
board Dad car at Tawau. This Photo took at the tawau central market on 2009 before i come to here. It was a such time we turn this pasar because donnue how to ride to our hotel and also town area.  Continue soon~