Monday, 31 May 2010

English Lesson

Today suddenly our lecture miss Suga. Ask us to write an essay to past up on the spot too. It is really a shock to me because i need some prepare before to do some work. I got a blank mind this afternoon, not because after lunch and not because of mad. It just i not feeling well today. My body weight like very light and i can't focusing with all along the class start from the beginning until the end. I don't do well in the class of Intro to IT, all the questions given i did wrongly and i know will get 0% marks. Haiz... What the hell....

Friday, 28 May 2010

Wesak Day's

Hope all will be going smooth and also Nice...

Class Cancel day's

     27th May 2010: OC Petaling Jaya class was cancel due to lecturer sick and another one is no reason we just get a short message by the lecturer. Is a good news or bad news. Still asking myself. Anyways, got a time spend with a pretty girl at Mid Valley. I'm not a good shopper. What happen at Mid Valley? At first, my another classmate was told us that by a bus also can straight go to Mid Valley but that was so difficult for us. So, we just used a shortcut and easiest way to went there. By bus and LRT. We was  waiting at the LRT station for a bus but because of the weather i beh tahan. I just spend some at the stall to buy a cup of soya bean. Next, the mission is to wait a bus to move but the driver still want to rest and let us like a roast pig below the sun, they just enjoying the air conditional in the room. Damn... After a 5 to 10 minutes the people start to move toward to the bus ngam ngam my soya bean finish. You can imagine how fast the bus operate. We was arrived Mid Valley for a few minutes inside the bus. That time i also lapar le. Will Be Continue...

The TM Point

The Library's Day

     Wow! Good Morning to all friends, i think you was just watch the Video that i post. Not a good video, but then you know it was just take a 15 minutes group meeting. The first time i done a dramatic in just 15 minutes and present in 5 minutes. It is very horrible because i'm not good in speaking English but then write is still okay. So, What is the problem? Although that, i cannot leave this Library Day behind. I will talk all the day about the day. First, i was nothing to do at college. You know i'm a boring person too. So, my classmate advice a library tour at MBPJ Library's, not a big library, not a good library for me because all the book not been arrange in order the people can find it. The problem is the book of first aid is many but they arranged and put on the rack of engineering. Totally, stunt for few seconds. Will you feel that was very terrible? So, if you don't mind can go there for a look. I saying the second floor not the third floor because third floor is like heaven all the books very nice and good condition. I think is the air condition or got a good Feng Sui. Before i go to the library i would like to take a mini lunch to feed my tummy. If not it will asking for food again. So, i went to a food court with a lot of memory for the town and of course for the food court seller. Once upon a time, the food court is a multi races court. Got Malay, Indian and also Chinese. But the problem is between Indian and Chinese. Anythings, just ask me on the feed back box. Because can't write it all at here.
     Finally, classmate and i start to struggling how we want to back to our college by bus or walk but at the time is already near 2.30pm that mean class start soon. So, the college just near by i recommend walk is more better because you can't predict the bus come to the bus stop is how many minutes or few hours. So, let see the picture.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Marry with a Short Husband

The Food

The Food

The Food and Beverage

Went to Setapak to meet some one

     This is a day, long long time ago. I went to setapak to find a friend from Sandakan to have a meet only. Anyways, on the way haven't find he, I found a lot of nice things such as food beverage and things happen. I start took a lot of picture when the moment i sit inside the rapid bus. Is really damn nice mode at the day didn't think that much and just enjoy the day with full of my hope. So, the first thing i found in the bus is the word written on the back of some sitting chair like the way the people do at Sandakan Bus. It is very memorial you know. Since the small until you now. The word won't gone because they want to kept it. Let all the people see. I just get some picture of it to keep in my mind. Not the less, I had my lunch at a small stall around the Setapak LRT Station called XXXX. I forgot the name of the stall but i still remember the time i chew the food and drink the beverage which the food and beverage is very normal. You can feel the story behind it too. I order a meehoon add an fried egg with tomato sauce and a cup of Chinese Herb drink. It's time to have my lunch with this all with just only RM2.30 if i didn't mistaken. I spend a 30 minutes at the stall to finish up my food and looking forward to all the stall around it. I found the place is very nice and not like what people think of it and it is so many computer shop around there. Didn't forget i'm a IT person. So, I also take a time to walk into the shops. It is a bit different to the other in the mall because they didn't have much things to sell because i think the people around is not needed.

     Don't talk too much about that.  Next,  I was the one who wait the longest at the moment ian just drop by at the lrt station and retake the bus to the place we gonna go that is genting klang not at klang but it location at setapak sound like Starbuck's. Lol. Everythings go smooth. That all..... ^^ Actually got story behind if wanna know then just feedback to the chat box...

Friday, 21 May 2010

Sabah Coal Plant

     I didn't attend to all the activity to oppose to this Sabah Coal Plant but i also not agree to this Coal Plant build in our state and country. It's will cause haze if we didn't do well for it so what will happen then, it will cause seriously haze and our people suffer to breath well from it. Unfortunately, we all will think that Lung Cancer and many many other disease will happen to us in Sabah the state below wind. Sabah are fulfilled with all the natural source and also don't just natural things is included with all the animals. The Orang Utan, 70++ or above bird species, Elephant, sea and lake fishes and etcetera. Our nature is not polluted now! So, we need to keep it be clean. That why Sabahan don't let Coal Plant exist in our living place.

     This conversation I ask to a lawyer who also is my lecturer of Morale Subject.

Me: What the government want to build Coal Plant in Sabah?

He: Coal Plant can use the waste product of Sabah rich source which is palm oil waste.

Me: But Coal plant not a eco friendly activity.

He:No, none like that. You understand now we are using the waste of the palm oil. So, the first we are reuse the waste another is can produce energy which solve Sabah Electricity shortage. 

     I stopped the conversation. Do the Coal Plant use the waste? Anyone knows about it?

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

The whole week doesn't even touch this Blogspot

     Hey, Fellow friends I force myself to update my blog since last 2 day because i didn't have anytime to do that. I got time now. It's a very good time for now because my head is spinning right round right round. Know why? Is because just now i typing message while riding on the road. The feeling is not nice. I hope to be better soon. However, it's turn round but i still need to update it. It's my blog. In the morning of today I awake until the evening that mean after my class and work. Not a good day for today, i didn't do well and just a lot of mistake and just keep doing mistake. It's raining too. Nevertheless, I wet when meet Terry a Best friend of me.

     I got some picture at here... Just click for the link.

Autorun. inf script can someone give me some tips

Autorun. inf i really need it~
Like some


let me know some of it..

Saturday, 15 May 2010

First time

I don't know want to talk what topic. Even though i got topic.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

My Photography

Please must like this photography. It's really a good picture I took by my Camera with my turtle and teddy bear. ^^
This the link. The picture posted at facebook. (Press this) please do like this photo..

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Sunday, 9 May 2010

9th of May 2010

     My fellow reader, come again with a new post again. I trying to improve my english by a day and day because it's must suit into my writing and my daily speaking as well. Singing a english song is not a problem if you give a lyric to me but if you ask me to write a good lyric is a problem for me since long  time ago. Hence, i didn't do any improvement  from last time because of i don't really know what is english for. If i lives in Sandakan my hometown. Lot of us speaking in Cantonese, Hakka, Teo Chew, Hokkien, Mandarin, Malay, English or other dialect. So, most probably we speak malay to those fast food corner, if they are malay but chinese we will speak english or else they start with chinese dialect such as Cantonese and etcetera(ETC). I will start my life with english now for tomorrow class and other places. Although, if they are malay, chinese or indian in this multi race country so called Malaysia.^^ I still Love My Sabah Sandakan as well called it SS^^ or SDK... Are you a Sandakanian?

     English please...

Saturday, 8 May 2010

A Saturday

     The Classic and Modern come together to my mind today. It's real and fresh to remind myself time goes because of the earth will never stop for you although you stop the clock once or twice. Time is the weakness for me now. Can't really to manage what to do next. My College of this Diploma course will start next week what to do then? Just follow the schedule and when nothing to do just online?. Hate of it man. Otherwise, i study at the library. I love to have my time there because a good with high comfortability at there such as good environmental, air conditional room, noiseless, and now i get a phone with wireless network. So, I just get my phone to there to charge as well and using the wireless network to study or relax. College life's is not a suffer life but although not a suffer life I need to study hard to prove that i really a good child and I want to build my own business for my future. The IT purpose mall or a IT purpose hypermarket. This not just a dream for myself is really a ambition since i was young. Anyways, at your primary school your teacher's will always ask you to think a job for your future as your ambition first, second and third into your yearly booklet. Still remember it?. That time i always simply write it as doctor, police, lawyer or even a teacher. At the last of the year 6, i straightly write the first was became a Math Teacher, second was became a Lawyer and the follow was a Policeman. That time until now, my mother still remember my ambition want to be a Math teacher but i didn't follow my childish ambition anymore because last time don't know what should i do and what is my benefit to do this job as well. Hence, now i studying Diploma in Information Technology is for my future job. Like design my own website, train my worker to maintenance and servicing customer computer, do some editing and etc. All this is my ambition for now a days.  What yours? Actually this is my secret for these few year. ^^

Friday, 7 May 2010

Fried Day...

     Hey, buddy welcome to visit my blog again and again. Nevermind if you the first time to here because you must be the first person to saw this post. Today, Friday is pahang state holiday if i not mistaken because in my calendar shown that pahang got a cake. I don't know what is the cake for but agar agak know lor. If i cake show that mean is birthday, just don't know is the person who birth on today. Why I write it as Fried Day? Is actually i think that today will be very very hot but after i back from Giant Hypermarket located at Kelana Jaya SS5/2. I really sweat a lot on the way to there and i used up two pieces of tissue. Anyways, tissue is not a Go green action because i don't willing to buy a handkerchief. Not i don't have money, is i lazy to wash it always. Although, I buy a handkerchief i will suffer from take it out from my pocket and put it into my pocket after a process of wipe my face. Sorry, i can do other except of this using a piece of tissue. ^^

     Today, i do plan a hang out alone again to the nearest Hypermarket to buy a tie for my Monday Class. Don't know why my College need to set this kind of rules, Principle said " Is for us to usual the formal outfit" because of future we will always wearing this to our work position. Now i bought it! A new tie for myself and gold in color - a plain gold tie - slim - not a expensive tie. This tie cost RM19.99 but every fried day to Sun day ( Weekend) Giant will made some event to get all the resident to there outlet buy things with lower price. So i get the tie just RM17.99 mean after rounding is RM18.00. Quick a good price because i saw a lot of outlet not Giant are selling tie with RM50 to RM200. What the hXXX. Is a expensive tie, not everyone can effort it and not a reasonable price. I prefer to get somethings cheap and quality better. ^^

     So, What to do... Just see what i took for today photo section...

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Day after using his over 50% money from his bank to buy a Cellphone(W705)

     Wow, is another day again. It's Thursday. Nothing to do for today because no plan. Can anyone tell me zebra strip with a plain black long pant, What type of tie just suitable to combine together? These will wear on the first week and first semester the first day to step into my Diploma Class. Either just buy somethings easy to combine with other clothes or a fashion tie. Actually, i have no idea what to get, i already walk the whole Pavilion KL, Berjaya Times Square and also the eldest shopping mall Sungei Wang. Can someone tell me what is tie suit me? Okay, stop for this topic because i know all also will think, not of my business why do i want to think. 1 2 3 Bler...

     I just finish from the Labeling for 2010 posted because i think that need some changes for this 2010 the year of entering my very important years. It's also my entrance to College life to another level of education life. Do not play play for this year. It will help me to earn more money next century and knowledge to this really competitive working times. I will get all what i want and what is the earth doing to enhance problem that held every day. Hope every smooth this year and the year following.

     Yesterday i bought a phone from a stall that located at a Digital Mall Section 14 Petaling Jaya. I donnue there is really do a phone fair or not because the people telling me that giving me the special price that other can't give anymore. It's really, but warranty is more important for me because anything happen on or in the phone you need to use money, if the warranty is over. So, a stall offering me RM20 below than the price i get and just got 1 years warranty. I went to the shop with 1 and a half years warranty because just difference not much. Just RM20 you can get more half year warranty. I got some picture at here. ^^ Additional, now i just make myself to comfortable with this phone. Nice!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Chinese word

After a long chinese word essay. I really know my chinese is until which part of my life. T.T

That all for this post.
Just wanna to give you all know my chinese level.
I very mad for it.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Two day promoter

     Opzzz, another week end the end. I very uncomfortable to this type of life style because is really exhausted and tired. What have i gonna do to get more money from do nothing? Can someone tell me. I hope i will get pay more than i have now because if don't have the money i will suffer from diet and no money to shop and buy my things ^^. These past two days i really do my best to get the highest amount of sales for my first college life's. That was 14 printers i sold out to my customer. For me is really a high amount, if i compare with my last time at another outlet shop that sell a lot of It products. I just can sell around 3 to 5 unit of printer of all the brand. I also receive a good message from my old company said that last month, March. My Colleague and I done a good jobs of hitting the target of XXX K amount of the total sales. It's really a shock for me and others. So, what should i have with the target commission? Either buy a latest model of Sony Ericsson cellphone or a school backpack for my study life. I hope i can get both in the same time but the money is not allow me to do that. It's really terrible. Although the truth was already came out by the own way. Because my phone was broken too, can't make a call and  just only can do some small work such as listen to music, sms and etc. At the last i prefer to get a phone neither a bag nor cell phone. So, guys what is your opinion and advice to me. Which cell phone do i get in the range of RM400 to RM600?

A Sony Ericsson Cellphone

Top 5 : Laundry Room Style