Friday, 28 May 2010

Class Cancel day's

     27th May 2010: OC Petaling Jaya class was cancel due to lecturer sick and another one is no reason we just get a short message by the lecturer. Is a good news or bad news. Still asking myself. Anyways, got a time spend with a pretty girl at Mid Valley. I'm not a good shopper. What happen at Mid Valley? At first, my another classmate was told us that by a bus also can straight go to Mid Valley but that was so difficult for us. So, we just used a shortcut and easiest way to went there. By bus and LRT. We was  waiting at the LRT station for a bus but because of the weather i beh tahan. I just spend some at the stall to buy a cup of soya bean. Next, the mission is to wait a bus to move but the driver still want to rest and let us like a roast pig below the sun, they just enjoying the air conditional in the room. Damn... After a 5 to 10 minutes the people start to move toward to the bus ngam ngam my soya bean finish. You can imagine how fast the bus operate. We was arrived Mid Valley for a few minutes inside the bus. That time i also lapar le. Will Be Continue...

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Rapid Buses

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