Friday, 28 May 2010

The Library's Day

     Wow! Good Morning to all friends, i think you was just watch the Video that i post. Not a good video, but then you know it was just take a 15 minutes group meeting. The first time i done a dramatic in just 15 minutes and present in 5 minutes. It is very horrible because i'm not good in speaking English but then write is still okay. So, What is the problem? Although that, i cannot leave this Library Day behind. I will talk all the day about the day. First, i was nothing to do at college. You know i'm a boring person too. So, my classmate advice a library tour at MBPJ Library's, not a big library, not a good library for me because all the book not been arrange in order the people can find it. The problem is the book of first aid is many but they arranged and put on the rack of engineering. Totally, stunt for few seconds. Will you feel that was very terrible? So, if you don't mind can go there for a look. I saying the second floor not the third floor because third floor is like heaven all the books very nice and good condition. I think is the air condition or got a good Feng Sui. Before i go to the library i would like to take a mini lunch to feed my tummy. If not it will asking for food again. So, i went to a food court with a lot of memory for the town and of course for the food court seller. Once upon a time, the food court is a multi races court. Got Malay, Indian and also Chinese. But the problem is between Indian and Chinese. Anythings, just ask me on the feed back box. Because can't write it all at here.
     Finally, classmate and i start to struggling how we want to back to our college by bus or walk but at the time is already near 2.30pm that mean class start soon. So, the college just near by i recommend walk is more better because you can't predict the bus come to the bus stop is how many minutes or few hours. So, let see the picture.

Food Court

The Carpet in the elevator 

The visitor card

The Batch

MBPJ Library's

The lane i was walked.

The way to college.

Kelana Jaya LRT Station

The Small Dish i ate before to Puchong

I like the thing like donut but a floor donut it using some like onion or somethings. A fried banana and Roti Canai.

So called Finish

The End
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