Friday, 21 May 2010

Sabah Coal Plant

     I didn't attend to all the activity to oppose to this Sabah Coal Plant but i also not agree to this Coal Plant build in our state and country. It's will cause haze if we didn't do well for it so what will happen then, it will cause seriously haze and our people suffer to breath well from it. Unfortunately, we all will think that Lung Cancer and many many other disease will happen to us in Sabah the state below wind. Sabah are fulfilled with all the natural source and also don't just natural things is included with all the animals. The Orang Utan, 70++ or above bird species, Elephant, sea and lake fishes and etcetera. Our nature is not polluted now! So, we need to keep it be clean. That why Sabahan don't let Coal Plant exist in our living place.

     This conversation I ask to a lawyer who also is my lecturer of Morale Subject.

Me: What the government want to build Coal Plant in Sabah?

He: Coal Plant can use the waste product of Sabah rich source which is palm oil waste.

Me: But Coal plant not a eco friendly activity.

He:No, none like that. You understand now we are using the waste of the palm oil. So, the first we are reuse the waste another is can produce energy which solve Sabah Electricity shortage. 

     I stopped the conversation. Do the Coal Plant use the waste? Anyone knows about it?
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