Monday, 24 May 2010

Went to Setapak to meet some one

     This is a day, long long time ago. I went to setapak to find a friend from Sandakan to have a meet only. Anyways, on the way haven't find he, I found a lot of nice things such as food beverage and things happen. I start took a lot of picture when the moment i sit inside the rapid bus. Is really damn nice mode at the day didn't think that much and just enjoy the day with full of my hope. So, the first thing i found in the bus is the word written on the back of some sitting chair like the way the people do at Sandakan Bus. It is very memorial you know. Since the small until you now. The word won't gone because they want to kept it. Let all the people see. I just get some picture of it to keep in my mind. Not the less, I had my lunch at a small stall around the Setapak LRT Station called XXXX. I forgot the name of the stall but i still remember the time i chew the food and drink the beverage which the food and beverage is very normal. You can feel the story behind it too. I order a meehoon add an fried egg with tomato sauce and a cup of Chinese Herb drink. It's time to have my lunch with this all with just only RM2.30 if i didn't mistaken. I spend a 30 minutes at the stall to finish up my food and looking forward to all the stall around it. I found the place is very nice and not like what people think of it and it is so many computer shop around there. Didn't forget i'm a IT person. So, I also take a time to walk into the shops. It is a bit different to the other in the mall because they didn't have much things to sell because i think the people around is not needed.

     Don't talk too much about that.  Next,  I was the one who wait the longest at the moment ian just drop by at the lrt station and retake the bus to the place we gonna go that is genting klang not at klang but it location at setapak sound like Starbuck's. Lol. Everythings go smooth. That all..... ^^ Actually got story behind if wanna know then just feedback to the chat box...
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