Tuesday, 29 June 2010

In this morning...

           I found an interesting thing at the field of my living area. There are few of contigen which red team, blue team, yellow team, green team and especially the band team. The Band team although not as good as other but they got the outer part to let people see they are good enough to present the musical part. They got a song from the start and then they started to roll the drum. I don't which drum solo is that. Something like 12121212 / 12 / Both drum stick hit the drum surface for twice. Got any idea for that? Hehe. I remember back who the first people to construct me into the drum department and learn it from Mr. Liow and Mr. Chieng. They are expert in this drum part. And Chong K W ( Rolime ) also with me that time. Learn roll and also 1 (Right hand), 2(Left hand), drum solo and how to get the drum up to the hanging belt. It's too short we only can learn and to be the expert there. So, in order i can aim to the dream i want to be, I also ask my same form friends to let me learn their instrumental such as trumpet, clarinet, bell lyre and also others which related to the band. Below got two bell lyre model which one of that got horse tail is newer a bit and no horse tail is older a bit. For Clarinet is not bass i had learned. Actually for trumpet and normal cornet i learned from them too!

          On the form also the second year for my band life, i was changed to another instrument. I totally blank at that time because don't know got this chance to make a changes to the instrument. So, i had been changed to trumpet which i already knew for some of the key such as do(---), re(0-0), mi(00-), fa(0--), so(---), la(000) and si/ti(-0-). That is key you need to press. Nice to know that and until now i know the knowledges.

          Thanks a lot to my senior and junior whose help me and together with me to go the difficulties.  

29th of June: Reflected to my past position

     This title is reflected to the past which i experience with my junior and also my senior. Its traced me back to there and can't even stop to think what happen last time and it just like something happen yesterday. I very regret why didn't do the best to the task which also take me to now. Eventually, for junior is looking good for us but for the senior part is very disappointed to us. A big laugh here. 

     So, what we done, what we take risk and what we gave was a past. Just be the best for now and future, everything got a end and start point. Be who the best you are, don't get back to the lowest fame person. Take care!!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

20th of June 2010

     Actually, i already done a lot of things last few months or days. It is because i hope that my life's will changes a lot and because of that i really get a lot from the things i gave out. So, what to do the next. Is to Go go Go....

Go go Go!!! Go Green.... Eco Friendly please.....

A Seminar~

     I these two days went to a extreme wonderful talk which contain 40% of the presenter knowledge. Not because he don't want to let us know other. However, is because the time is not allowed he to present the others 60%. I hope that he can let us get all the knowledge he learned from the fail. Because fail is the success key. Let us praise to get more from him. He was a bankrupt person and also after the scene made him now can be the most experience millionaire in the world. To those didn't go there with me and i called you don't blame me because the chance already gave you but you don't take it only. Please other times i call must take the chance. I hope my friends can be a success people with me and growth up together in a healthy way with healthy system.

     Not the least for this post, i won't post any thing about the event. But i will try to let you know when have a meet. Don't ignore my invitation lastly. Thankz

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