Sunday, 20 June 2010

A Seminar~

     I these two days went to a extreme wonderful talk which contain 40% of the presenter knowledge. Not because he don't want to let us know other. However, is because the time is not allowed he to present the others 60%. I hope that he can let us get all the knowledge he learned from the fail. Because fail is the success key. Let us praise to get more from him. He was a bankrupt person and also after the scene made him now can be the most experience millionaire in the world. To those didn't go there with me and i called you don't blame me because the chance already gave you but you don't take it only. Please other times i call must take the chance. I hope my friends can be a success people with me and growth up together in a healthy way with healthy system.

     Not the least for this post, i won't post any thing about the event. But i will try to let you know when have a meet. Don't ignore my invitation lastly. Thankz
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