Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I get MAD

      These few days really not very well. I think is because not enough sleep and been tired for whole week. Tomorrow until 1st of August (30th of July to 1st of August) will be go to a camping which organize by easy phamax. It is about something building my confidence. All that happen in the camp will be another experience at Peninsular here, Peninsular in this 2010 is not funny and nothing special expects the college life's. 
       Okay, let talk about these few day why should I become MAD. The MAD meaning make a different and also the real meaning of mad. Make a different which included my presentation of few of the subject of my course, about the pc fair and my opinion for this particular notebook brands. The real meaning is about the tired things about the week such as walk for a long way from BB Plaza to KLCC for get a board of LRT to go back home on 10.30 p.m. 
       This is what we called crazy. Let me count, that is really far, you know. Anyway, the scene hope doesn’t come back to me and not to do it again on future. Tomorrow will wake up earlier and start to prepare and complete to the KFC as my starting point to Port Dickson. All the best ^^ So, the post of the camp. I will post it soon.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Start from ZerO

     Happy to back with here to share. How are you all?

     Today, I would like to talk about a story or a simply paragraph which a meaning of start from zero. I would like to go back to where I would be for these few days. Actually, is after I read a lot of others people blog which they express their experiencing about their life's. I also today make a good experience, which share my experience on air from MyFM by Jym. A really nervous feeling before it, but after he read on air I felt no more nervous and felt happy. Hope every times can get this feeling and another new feeling to make me more confidence. I hope don't have any nervous in my brain. So, let start from zero. Forget the nervous, welcome the happy and no worry about the shy.

Today picture is...

A Amazing Reading Experience.

     I thought nothing will happen when I visiting the blog which people will spread their experience either good or bad and also lifestyle.

     I'm know, i'm not a perfect writer at here. But since I wrote whatever to the net. I know everyone will spot you and make a advice or their sincere opinion about you. Unfortunately, I just read some blog which they all wrote about their experience to how to manage life and also the second step to the challenge. That is all the adult thinking( mature ). Will you ask yourself, Is that i enough mature yet? It is really a good question to myself because what should we think for this question. It's actually carrying a lot of meaning and meanwhile it also make us a shy scene. If you say yes in your heart but then why you don't say no? Life don't have 100% people. It just got 99.9% people, the 1% is to let us make a different. I learn this from RYLA Camp 2008 at Balung Resort, Tawau. RYLA Camp is a camping which organize by Rotary Club to let us can interact and youth exchange their knowledge or learn from each others. That was theme for the Camp, MAD. 1% is covering with the failure, trouble, problem and etc.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

The 24th of July

Despicable Me - It's So Fluffy

The funniest Video... 

Friday, 23 July 2010

Amazing Pasar Seni Hunt

Playing with the K800i auto-focus.

Focusing the odm.

<< Press read more for more detail >>

Thursday, 22 July 2010

A Yogurt Dessert.

After a few minute of argue which flavor should I get either mango and strawberry flavor, I prefer a Strawberry beside rather than mango. The reason is because mango just got one cup. What a good reason? hehe...
Good night to all. Have a nice dream or Have a nice day

The Thursday...

    Huh! Good morning to my fellow blogger. Long time didn't have a post to you all. Happy to be together with you all, but today i will share a bad experience. As a first aider, I'm prefer to lent my and help the woman, she just can't breath when we are boarding the same bus near Taman Paramount LRT Station. The scene was start from 8:27 a.m. The woman started shouting for help in other language that I don't know in the bus, first I don't know what the woman shout for, but after that another woman sit beside me went to the victim and start the rescuing that is because she know what was the victim talk. =.= 

     Anyway, this hope the woman will be okay.

Monday, 19 July 2010

I very disappointed with the not well feel.

     Today, is a disappointed day. I was silent and speechless when in the class, lecturer ask me to answer some of the question that she gave. I was say nothing. I want to ask myself " What going on antony?" I really felt like changed in everything at that time, and I can't even start to write down the first answer  for the first question. In additional, I also can't think well for the whole class and after the class I was stunt for 2 hours at the bus stop, inside the bus, on the way to go back home and until finish to renovate my own room feng shui. I'm not really think that work for me. But I hope it work to me as well. Next, I hope all the things I wish, will success. Seem it is not a hard finish the challenge, but not an easy like i think too.

A Disappointed picture.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

13th of July 2010

     Another passing day, it is really not a good day because I didn't do anything for myself to get into the job. I really hope that can earn more but I have no energy and a good mind set. Anything that is annoying please don't blame on me. I hope everything is going smooth but the true is not going like what i thinking. Is there any faulty?

     It is really a good time to me tonight because I can  awake until this mid night to do my assignment and to blog. I really sleepy actually but then i hope to write a blog post to able myself to release tension.

     Tomorrow is my statistic mid term exam. Actually, I don't know want to score or not but i hope. Just do the best! Will reading reading and reading about the formula because all the things is just depend on the formula. If forget then is the problem to myself. No one can help either to give tips or lecturer remind. Besides that, lecturer also got told us, maybe will give formula to us to refer.

     At the last, I hope everyone happy always and this coming end of July and earlier of August I will be very busy because got to go to a Camping at Port Dickson and also need to work as a promoter at PC Fair 2010 at KLCC Trade Center near Suria and Aquaria that area. This is the second time I work for PC Fair at KL. Really a nice working experience and also know a lot of friends from other place or colleges. That all for this post. Nothing special happen today. I just feeling upset and moody. >.< Disappointed ...

Monday, 12 July 2010

After class for 12 07 10

     Today, don't know what problem. I can't find a solution to solve the problem held on my laptop at college. It is really annoy me. I really can't find any happen with it. Hope tomorrow when i reach college and open the lid of the laptop. The line is okay. Anyway, I would like to share my picture again that contain of my birthday date and also my blogspot blog got a Mr. Bean. So good.

     I just called dad this afternoon and have a long chat with dad and mom until the phone in hot temperature. It's was 1 hour 1 minute 25 seconds. That was a short period. If let you all prefer the Streamyx Uni Plan. Which is the best? 384kbps, 512kbps, 1mbps, 2mbps or 4mbps. Let help me to conclude it. I just do a summary on my opinion which 1mbps is good for me and just for RM68 can get a HP netbook. How about you?

     Wao!!! The New Acc. I applied last week. "Click this" and go to the link.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

"I Love to Touch My _____"

I like touch screen phone is because more easy to control and more efficient to handle things. It's is really a good experience if we are using a touch screen phone. In additional, touch screen given people wide angle screen and also given more application to play with us.

Thanks LG.^^

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Messy Table, Messy Floor, Messy Everything

What a messy table.
A ruler, A highlighter, An A4 paper, K800i, A pouch, A note book, A Laptop, A counter strike installer CD and packet, 2 CD case, and a woody table.

It's really messy enough? I hope don't see this view in front of me always.

A C programming book, A Bag, Paper and etc.
These are all on the floor.
Nothing should be least at here, if you talk about the study things.

An anti bacterial gel, A biore nose ___, A samsung paper cup, 2 spray perfume, Gatsby Gel, Brylcreem 24/7 Gel, My Box from sandakan, Gillette, W705 box, Colgate, Whitening thingy, Mask and others.

Friday, 9 July 2010

A special programming day's

     Nice to post out again. Today really a programming day's because almost 1 day is in front of my laptop to create a system by C language. What have i do is a system which can help all the teachers makes perfect, easily to work and just type the input to get the output automatically. I really hope to finish it on today because is really a tough works if work for a project for a long time and every days. So, what i do is ask my busy lecturer, i called he as busy because he got no time to speak long speech with us in the class. I had sent him a copy of my file to let him overview and give some comments.
     Next, I really tired for few days. So now i need to prepare well and start again soon. I really hope to earn knowledge and experience but let me rest for 1 or 2 days before start again. I know, I really know, no pain no gain, no giving out no reward. In order to survive. Just get prepare well. Because every things is for those prepared well not for those "Sedanlization" people. That called Sedanlism. hehe... This what Hong Kong Gag 姐.

     I think that all for this post hope you all know what i'm sharing. ^^ good night...

Saturday, 3 July 2010

The morning of satuday...

     Today, i woke up so early in the morning.
I found that outside is raining.
It is damn nice.

Friday, 2 July 2010





Happy July.

Assignments Summit Date: 5th of July
                                              : 7th of July
                                                : 16th of July

Food ever at Petaling Jaya Old Town.

          It was last tuesday, which a day my classmate called kary very disappointed with. That is because of the lecturer. We are getting bored to him and he just like normal, doesn't do anything to us and ask why my class will do online and whatever in the class. Actually, he is a lawyer, he is a good speaker and he really a good talker. Everything, will be fine out from his mouth such as I got ask him about a Sabahan question. Then just let me knows why should the ministry want to develop a coal fire plant to get more electricity supply to Sabahan every part. As we know, a lawyer like to talk talk and talk. He not the least, because he also the same like others, to talk religion islam, hindu, buddhist and christian which found in Malaysia. In the class we just got few religion people and most of us not really know our religion well. So, I think that all for the class. Not to talk much.
          The food that i mentioning in this post is (WanTanMee@PJ Old Town). In the PJ Old Town got a Central Market and a Food Court. So, inside the food court contained of some stall which got a good food in the area. But today i want to let you know is a normal taste but this is from a person in the lowyat.net told me one. Anythings, don't blame me please. Because it is really not very good.

Sorry, my photography not good as the photographer.

RM4(Small), RM4.20(BIG)

If you think small you can finish in 1 minute then i hope you get the big one because the difference just 20 cents. Think twice before order. ^^

Top 5 : Laundry Room Style