Sunday, 25 July 2010

A Amazing Reading Experience.

     I thought nothing will happen when I visiting the blog which people will spread their experience either good or bad and also lifestyle.

     I'm know, i'm not a perfect writer at here. But since I wrote whatever to the net. I know everyone will spot you and make a advice or their sincere opinion about you. Unfortunately, I just read some blog which they all wrote about their experience to how to manage life and also the second step to the challenge. That is all the adult thinking( mature ). Will you ask yourself, Is that i enough mature yet? It is really a good question to myself because what should we think for this question. It's actually carrying a lot of meaning and meanwhile it also make us a shy scene. If you say yes in your heart but then why you don't say no? Life don't have 100% people. It just got 99.9% people, the 1% is to let us make a different. I learn this from RYLA Camp 2008 at Balung Resort, Tawau. RYLA Camp is a camping which organize by Rotary Club to let us can interact and youth exchange their knowledge or learn from each others. That was theme for the Camp, MAD. 1% is covering with the failure, trouble, problem and etc.

     Although that will make us an unhappy feel but in that reason we will growth a bit and a bit. Think first before you do and Success is came from failure. These two sentences was carried the similar meaning which was No pain no gain, you don't have work hard how to get the good result.

     Start from tonight, the world will be change in my mind because everything won't wait you, even though it wait but if you don't work for it. It will remains the same as the first result, when you saw it.

     I will learn from the wrong. I received a reader ( Anonymous ) a comment to my blog post. He/She I like to share with you about the reason why I will write something in broken English. I will behave myself to do the wrong sentences again. English and Chinese is leading the world innovation now. Like to tell my fellow reader. No time to think anymore just try to help yourself to close up the hole before it becoming more bigger and bigger.

     Finally, I hope you all have a nice Day.

Start from here...
Sandakan airport... 
( After the few couple years will you becoming a International Airport known as ((SIA)) )

The Beautiful of Sunset at Sandakan Airport.

Have a really good time.
By Antonylca((Sandakan))...
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