Friday, 2 July 2010

Food ever at Petaling Jaya Old Town.

          It was last tuesday, which a day my classmate called kary very disappointed with. That is because of the lecturer. We are getting bored to him and he just like normal, doesn't do anything to us and ask why my class will do online and whatever in the class. Actually, he is a lawyer, he is a good speaker and he really a good talker. Everything, will be fine out from his mouth such as I got ask him about a Sabahan question. Then just let me knows why should the ministry want to develop a coal fire plant to get more electricity supply to Sabahan every part. As we know, a lawyer like to talk talk and talk. He not the least, because he also the same like others, to talk religion islam, hindu, buddhist and christian which found in Malaysia. In the class we just got few religion people and most of us not really know our religion well. So, I think that all for the class. Not to talk much.
          The food that i mentioning in this post is (WanTanMee@PJ Old Town). In the PJ Old Town got a Central Market and a Food Court. So, inside the food court contained of some stall which got a good food in the area. But today i want to let you know is a normal taste but this is from a person in the told me one. Anythings, don't blame me please. Because it is really not very good.

Sorry, my photography not good as the photographer.

RM4(Small), RM4.20(BIG)

If you think small you can finish in 1 minute then i hope you get the big one because the difference just 20 cents. Think twice before order. ^^

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