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Moral Studies was not a big problem to us, I think only.

When I was studying at college library on 9.30a.m until 12.00p.m. I found that among all in the library just only my friends and me, that inside the library which all others were enjoy their holiday's or still lay on their bed's. It was really funny, I just received a news from my fellow friends due to today is the last day for them, not for me because i still got 1 more paper to go through on this Wednesday the day after our Tanah Melayu independent's day. The exam I think full with fool because mostly all around the class don't know about the subject and it's just few students will attend the exam and also the last paper for my course mates.

     Lastly, Happy Always and have a nice Tanah Melayu's independent day.

The Sunday Morning of my Exam week!

It's really a good rest that i ever took, that was because from yesterday 1a.m until today 11.00a.m. It was 10 hours slept. To recharge and do my revision for the next 2 paper which are Moral Studies on 30th of August 2010 and Introduction to Information Technology(IT) on 1st of Sept 2010. I prepared yet to face the exam but yet i'm can't memorize about the Introduction to IT every difficult chapters.

     Besides that, I really want to go back to my place, my place and my place. Enjoy the foods, beverages, people conversation, lifestyle and etc. It's not a fool. If you compare to here, Kuala Lumpur. The place that fulled of building and we even don't knows whose is our neighborhood, isn't it? I'm not talking bad of KL, But it's true story of every people that lives at here for a few years or even for few months. I knows KL fulled with all the entertainment places such as Genting Highland, Sunway Lagoon, Sunway Pyramid, A'Famosa, French's Vi…

Bought a Loreal Paris men expert product!

It's my choice! Loreal...       As I know this product help me to  Skin is fairerSkin is brightenedSkin is soothed and comfortedDay after day, skin tone more evenDark spots are less visibleDark spots seem reducedPrevents against dark spotsPrevents skin ageingThat's all about this product!

Exam day...

Hey, these few day tough and hardly to fight for the final exam?
It's really hard to get a higher mark.
I wish to get it, but i didn't do anythings.

Hey, do you think I'm a loser?
It's really quite times I try to bite, squeeze, punch and etc to myself.
Seems it won't work, if it really works but it will only remains for few second times.

Hey, what will be the best to let a person to change their mind into the fresh one?
Is it a child thinking is better than a teenager thinking,
because child won't think about lose and teenager will say lose after a competition or some other events.

Answer all in our mind!
Think think and think...
You must, You needed and you is the only one can help yourself.
Time to conquer yours best nerve!

A Movie Clip : That related to a Dog and his Owner and Owner Sister...

It's really touched my heart deeply, I hope you so, That is because I got this experience, Which my pet, When I went to KL here, He not lives in a good condition and now, He gone in a second, I hope he will lives in good now, Actually, I hope he will come back to my side. It's time to share this movie that called as Hearty Paws.
It's touch!
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The long post...

Hey, hallo to you all! It's quick a long time I didn't post a blog post, not because of lazy. That is because too busy and I try to don't miss out a day to blog, but it's very tough for me to keep this kind of heart on it. I really not a hardworking guy, I said in serious mood! As what I always do for all, I really don't know what should this call as. I know my English is broken English, but I didn't care because as long as I still got 1 friend that true heart to listen to me. I will still alive. Now Photo Session~
Nasi Lemak~

Chicken Chop Rice

Desert Time 

My Dream Car! Xtrail~

Olympia College PJ Campus

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A New Thing Related to Chinese Zodiac

Once, a group of Chinese participants received a visiting delegation composed of the European aristocracy of activities.Most of them have relatives with the royal family relations, very knowledgeable and self-cultivation, kind and courteous, but their training behind a kind of arrogance.Last day of the dinner, glasses of wine, and these behaviors become more aristocratic whims.During the reception, a German stood up and said: you Chinese, how is what Zhu A, dogs, rats ah! Like we are Taurus, Leo, Andromeda ...... do not know your ancestors how to think! crowd breaks into laughter, but also another clink, completely missing the previous elegance.
     It stands to reason that others will curse your ancestors, you can not think of it even if the counter, at least you can lift the table ah! However, all the Chinese people do not say anything present, may not react.Then a man stood up in China, with a calm voice: "Yes, it is the Chinese people's ancestors. We Zodiac 22 In contrast…

The strawberry'd farm day

Today Strawberry's farm picture... Let start!

Wow~ That's all...

All about the little child

Today, didn't have any different from the normal. It just I done a little success to fulfilled my life's. I think this post better post my feeling again rather than create a non sense post because every time i create it won't get any advice or comment, but then if I write something about me, sometimes will get some comments. That is because non sense or my passage not interesting? Anyway, the thing past and I won't care what is happening last time, just hope what ever i do for future is true for my perfect life's. Everything, also come with advantages and disadvantages but what we can hope is advantages more than disadvantages.

     Suddenly, I just heard that someone will come to our house to lives for few days and that not a big problem. That is because I donnue the people but they are my elder sister friends that come from far away which is my hometown, Sandakan! I hope will be enjoy these few days because after the month of May is which started my suffer a…

Nice clip

Today Night Video Post is! Danny Boy 王力宏-不知道的事

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A Little Boy's Story

Suddenly, something remind me about my younger time. When we want to watch television at mid-night, sometimes mom and dad not allow then they will say something to make us worry about this and that. Do you heard this type ofstory? This is a true story. Mom told me since my childhood " Don't watch ghostmovie at night, if not later the ghost will come out from the screen or don't watch television at night, if not later ghost will chase you." It's really scary you know! I mean when we are child but secret( I'm still scare of ghost ). Another one is about don't pointing the moon by straightfinger. Mom will said if you point your finger will bent. Opz....
      Straight finger(X)                                         The Correct one(✔)
Sorry for my ugly drawing..
     Anyway, just two example but hope my postwill remind you something andlet shareat the comment box or chatbox as a sharing of your childhood.

Beach Aurora

Beach AuroraPhotograph courtesy Federico Buchbinder An aurora created by last week's coronal mass ejection glimmers over Laurentian Beach, on the shores of Lake Manitoba in Canada (map), on August 6. Auroras happen when energized particles from the sun wash over Earth and flow down the planet's magnetic field lines toward the Poles. Along the way, the charged partices bang into nitrogen, oxygen, and other atoms in our atmosphere.

The charged solar particles give Earth's atmospheric atoms an energy boost, which then gets released as light, producing the shimmering curtains of greens, reds, blues, and other colors. (Related: "Aurora 'Power Surges' Triggered by Magnetic Explosions.") Published August 10, 2010

Posted on National Geography Webpage : Click Here...
This Picture although not take by me but every picture also got thousand of meaning. When i look to this picture it's really remind and create a new view from me. I'm now just 19 and I will try to …

A Day With The Laptop.

Today, How are you all? Long time didn't ask for your health. Hope you all still good and your's living is better than last time. Wait a minute, I also want to glad to all the Muslim fasting month is turn on start from this morning. I just do a wrong thing to them, for sabahan is really not a good thing and mean not respect to the Muslim, that is eating in front of them. For KL I'm not sure is the same or not with Sabah because I saw a lot of people still eating in front of the Malay's. I feeling not well for few weeks already because get flu, cough, fever and etc. It's really want to get out from this land and back to my heaven.

     Just return to my topic. A day with my pretty laptop which dad bought it for me to study at Kuala Lumpur here. I really take good care with it and I want to get a notebook's skin to protect the surface of my laptop. You can see the recent one is the Original Acer notebook surface protector skin.

The old skin...
     Next, I tot…

The place you must go, Sandakan.

It's time to think...

My Final Exam Coming...
What should i do after that? Take care...

At KL...

Hallo, how are you all this week? Hope all of you telling me the good thing rather than the bad. Now is the time to spread my experience and feeling about this week. It's all about tired, so long, sick, funny and etc. So long to talk because i will only think positive now. No more the negative and no hope things, especially for something that make me annoying. It is time to ready for my exam, no more time to waste to work for it. I just make a summary about this week. waka waka... The feeling is like waka waka... Fun and enjoy but filled with suffer.

     First, I just came out from a camp that organize by easy pha-max. They really make my mind changes a lot such as work out for your dream and please really use our full energy to do all the procedure to get through of it. This thing will create a force which automatic to make us become more powerful to success. As what i told you, you or I need to work for the dream. I really know that.

     Next, end of this week is Pc Fair …

About a fact that share by Daughter Sheeril! ( Like this )

Jika isteri menangis dihadapanmu.
hargai lah ia sebelum terlewat
Jika seorang isteri menangis dihadapanmu, itu bererti dia tidak dapat menahannya lagi Jika kau memegang tangannya saat dia menangis, dia akan tinggal bersamamu 
sepanjang hidupmu..
Jika kau membiarkannya pergi, dia tidak akan kembali menjadi dirinya yang dulu, selamanya! Seorang isteri tidak akan menangis dengan mudah, kecuali didepan orang yang sangat dia sayangi, dia akan menjadi lemah!
Seorang isteri tidak akan menangis dengan mudah, hanya jika dia sangat menyayangimu. Dia akan menurunkan rasa EGOnya. Wahai suami-suami, jika seorang isteri pernah menangis karenamu, tolong pegang tangannya dengan penuh pengertian. Kerana dia adalah orang yang akan tetap bersamamu sepanjang hidupmu disaat kau terpuruk terlalu dalam Wahai suami-suami, jika seorang isteri menangis keranamu, tolong jangan menyia-nyiakannya. Mungkin, kerana keputusanmu, kau merosakkan kehidupannya. Saat dia menangis didepanmu, saat dia menangis keranamu. Lihatlah jauh ked…


I really not feeling well today as i know today i need to go to college by before 9.30a.m. Why i say like that, that is because if 9.30a.m, i need to board the 8.00a.m to able me to reach college before 9.30a.m. Anyway, i try to make it don't late until 15 or 30 minutes to the class. The problem come when i was in the Paramount LRT Station. The station is delaying the train and i wait for 10 minutes at the station for the train.
At that time, i found an interesting thing that is, i must wait inside the train to able myself survive from the train door close suddenly. The same time, door really suddenly close and other people which waiting out from the train unable to board the same train and need to wait another one. So, the value is be the person go into the path, and don't try to give chance to the devil and get yourself out from the train. All the best.
Finally, talk about my unwell feeling is still there. I really want to go back home and take some medicine and have a big sl…

About a little child helped a man to translate Chinese to Malay/English...

Wow.. I saw a little guy, he was a stupid but not stupid as you thought, as tall as a short guy, didn't knew much things and he looked alike a person which was Mr.Bean. Okay, let start with the story. It happen on today 7.37p.m at a Mac Donald Fast Food corner and when he is buying his lovely fillet'o'fish set for fill his stomach. The case start when after his paid for the set. The person after he is a China guy which only know chinese and don't know how to speak in good english and malay. The Guy was very shy when him tried to made an order. He was suffering because the waiter kept asking him is it this and that (the waiter don't know what the guy talking). Suddenly, a little lent his hand and helped to explain what the waiter want to know from him. The scene was very nice and the guy which stupid and short is me! Wakaka... haha That all for this posted. All the best... Help people without reason and the moral value is ________ . Don't even think, just h…

Is it 53 or 47?