Thursday, 12 August 2010

Beach Aurora

Beach Aurora

Photograph courtesy Federico Buchbinder
An aurora created by last week's coronal mass ejection glimmers over Laurentian Beach, on the shores of Lake Manitoba in Canada (map), on August 6.
Auroras happen when energized particles from the sun wash over Earth and flow down the planet's magnetic field lines toward the Poles. Along the way, the charged partices bang into nitrogen, oxygen, and other atoms in our atmosphere.

The charged solar particles give Earth's atmospheric atoms an energy boost, which then gets released as light, producing the shimmering curtains of greens, reds, blues, and other colors. (Related: "Aurora 'Power Surges' Triggered by Magnetic Explosions.")
Published August 10, 2010

Posted on National Geography Webpage : Click Here...

This Picture although not take by me but every picture also got thousand of meaning. When i look to this picture it's really remind and create a new view from me. I'm now just 19 and I will try to protect myself to conquer this world and create more thing to make our life more easier.

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