Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A Day With The Laptop.

     Today, How are you all? Long time didn't ask for your health. Hope you all still good and your's living is better than last time. Wait a minute, I also want to glad to all the Muslim fasting month is turn on start from this morning. I just do a wrong thing to them, for sabahan is really not a good thing and mean not respect to the Muslim, that is eating in front of them. For KL I'm not sure is the same or not with Sabah because I saw a lot of people still eating in front of the Malay's. I feeling not well for few weeks already because get flu, cough, fever and etc. It's really want to get out from this land and back to my heaven.

     Just return to my topic. A day with my pretty laptop which dad bought it for me to study at Kuala Lumpur here. I really take good care with it and I want to get a notebook's skin to protect the surface of my laptop. You can see the recent one is the Original Acer notebook surface protector skin.

The old skin...

     Next, I totally boring at college because after the first class then I needed to wait for few hours to start another class. On the time 2.30p.m the lecture still haven't start and I walking around the 6th Floor of the college building just like a crazy people have nothing to do. Anyway, the class end with a programming lecture which talking about array. C Programming    I love you! ^^ 

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