Friday, 27 August 2010

Exam day...

Hey, these few day tough and hardly to fight for the final exam?
It's really hard to get a higher mark.
I wish to get it, but i didn't do anythings.

Hey, do you think I'm a loser?
It's really quite times I try to bite, squeeze, punch and etc to myself.
Seems it won't work, if it really works but it will only remains for few second times.

Hey, what will be the best to let a person to change their mind into the fresh one?
Is it a child thinking is better than a teenager thinking,
because child won't think about lose and teenager will say lose after a competition or some other events.

Answer all in our mind!
Think think and think...
You must, You needed and you is the only one can help yourself.
Time to conquer yours best nerve!
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