Thursday, 12 August 2010

A Little Boy's Story

     Suddenly, something remind me about my younger time. When we want to watch television at mid-night, sometimes mom and dad not allow then they will say something to make us worry about this and that. Do you heard this type of story? This is a true story. Mom told me since my childhood " Don't watch ghost movie at night, if not later the ghost will come out from the screen or don't watch television at night, if not later ghost will chase you." It's really scary you know! I mean when we are child but secret( I'm still scare of ghost ). Another one is about don't pointing the moon by straight finger. Mom will said if you point your finger will bent. Opz....
      Straight finger(X)                                         The Correct one()

Sorry for my ugly drawing..

     Anyway, just two example but hope my post will remind you something and let share at the comment box or chatbox as a sharing of your childhood.
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