Monday, 30 August 2010

Moral Studies was not a big problem to us, I think only.

     When I was studying at college library on 9.30a.m until 12.00p.m. I found that among all in the library just only my friends and me, that inside the library which all others were enjoy their holiday's or still lay on their bed's. It was really funny, I just received a news from my fellow friends due to today is the last day for them, not for me because i still got 1 more paper to go through on this Wednesday the day after our Tanah Melayu independent's day. The exam I think full with fool because mostly all around the class don't know about the subject and it's just few students will attend the exam and also the last paper for my course mates.

     Lastly, Happy Always and have a nice Tanah Melayu's independent day.
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