Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A New Thing Related to Chinese Zodiac

    Once, a group of Chinese participants received a visiting delegation composed of the European aristocracy of activities. Most of them have relatives with the royal family relations, very knowledgeable and self-cultivation, kind and courteous, but their training behind a kind of arrogance. Last day of the dinner, glasses of wine, and these behaviors become more aristocratic whims. During the reception, a German stood up and said: you Chinese, how is what Zhu A, dogs, rats ah! Like we are Taurus, Leo, Andromeda ...... do not know your ancestors how to think! crowd breaks into laughter, but also another clink, completely missing the previous elegance.

     It stands to reason that others will curse your ancestors, you can not think of it even if the counter, at least you can lift the table ah! However, all the Chinese people do not say anything present, may not react. Then a man stood up in China, with a calm voice: "Yes, it is the Chinese people's ancestors. We Zodiac 22 In contrast, six of reincarnation, the embodiment of our ancestors to our expectations and demands." At this time, the crowd slowly quiet down, but the nobles of the face or a look of indifference.

     The Chinese say: The first group mice and cattle. Mice of wisdom, it represents hard work. Wisdom and diligence must go together. If the light wise, not hard, it turned into a small clever; and diligence without brains, it becomes silly. These two must be combined.This is the first group of our ancestors, the expectations and demands of the most important group.

     The second group is the tiger and the rabbit. Representative of fierce tiger, the rabbit represents care. Bravery and prudence should could be achieved combining bold but cautious. If the brave leave the care, it becomes a rash, but not the brave, have become timid. This group is also very important, so the Chinese people watching the nobility, added something like: when we express caution when, do not think Chinese people do not brave side. We looked deep in thought, the Chinese went on to say: The third group is the dragon and snake, on behalf of fierce dragon, the snake is flexible. The so-called Gang are easy to break, so just the easily broken, but if only the soft side to easily lose their own minds, so firmness and flexibility is our Zuxun.

     Followed by horses and sheep, and horses on behalf of courage, the sheep on behalf of rolls. If a person went straight to his goal only to ignore the surrounding environment, will inevitably and constantly bump around the last may not be able to achieve our goals.However, a person to patronize and rolls, he may even have no direction. So, go ahead natures, we must and rolls closely together, this is the fourth group of our ancestors expectations. Then followed by monkeys and chickens. The monkey represents a flexible, regular chicken crow, representing a constant. Constant must be flexible and tightly together. If you are light and flexible, there is no constant, no matter how good policies are not harvested. On the one hand with the stability, to maintain the overall harmony and order, on the other hand are able to work in progress, this is the most fundamental thrust.

     Finally, dogs and pigs. Dog represents loyalty, pig represents affability. If a person is loyal, not agreeable to repel others. Conversely, a person who is easygoing, no loyalty, the man without principles. Whether the loyalty of a nation, or loyalty to their ideals, must be closely combined with the easy-going, so it is easy to maintain the balance of heart.Explained fully in the Chinese say: Finally, I would like to know your Aquarius, Sagittarius constellation of your ancestors such as on what your expectations and requirements? Wish to enlighten.
The nobles did not talk for a long time, great silence.

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