Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Sunday Morning of my Exam week!

    It's really a good rest that i ever took, that was because from yesterday 1a.m until today 11.00a.m. It was 10 hours slept. To recharge and do my revision for the next 2 paper which are Moral Studies on 30th of August 2010 and Introduction to Information Technology(IT) on 1st of Sept 2010. I prepared yet to face the exam but yet i'm can't memorize about the Introduction to IT every difficult chapters.

     Besides that, I really want to go back to my place, my place and my place. Enjoy the foods, beverages, people conversation, lifestyle and etc. It's not a fool. If you compare to here, Kuala Lumpur. The place that fulled of building and we even don't knows whose is our neighborhood, isn't it? I'm not talking bad of KL, But it's true story of every people that lives at here for a few years or even for few months. I knows KL fulled with all the entertainment places such as Genting Highland, Sunway Lagoon, Sunway Pyramid, A'Famosa, French's Village and Japanese's Village, Shopping Malls and others. That only for a moment fun. Let's yourself to think, when we are below 17 years old. We all create a lot fun such as kite which made by our own(if you tried it), climb up to the trees(if you tried it) and shout here and there, bicycle to anywhere around just right(if you tried it) and etc. These all also fun. I know all of these is our childhood games, and not for adult.

     Finally, I like to expose that, don't think we can't play those childish games. We can play but not like child, we play it like adult. Such as flying kite, bicycle and etc. Time to flash back those moments that you had funs. ^^
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