Thursday, 30 September 2010

Mosquito is annoying

     So you know mosquito also a insect that existing in the world since dinosaur period. I just had a very suffer experience gave mosquito sting until my body so itchy. What is the meaning of mosquito exist in the earth? Please let me know about this. I had a bad experience when I was at my secondary school camping and at the night. Although, I got blanket to prevent myself from outsider go into the blanket to disturb me. But I'm not sure, where the mosquito get into my blanket and bitten me. I totally sleepy in the next morning.

     The history was came again. I forgot the date but I still got those proof or evidence that a lot of mosquito had bitten my body. I know this post really boring but mosquito is existing to sucks yours blood and keep disturbing you in any time and also in anywhere are you. So, let's kill it!

     If you got opinion or comment. Just write it here and I will reply you!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Working Week Wonder Post (WWWP)

     This post was related to things that happened on last week, such as IT Fair at Fahrenheit88 and etc. Hope you enjoy with my post and the pictures took by my outdated phone (W705). 

     First and foremost, I was working as a promoter of Dell Brand at Fahrenheit88 third floor for the Opening IT Fair. The fair was fulled of bored because of least people knows the shopping was opened. I knew needed money to advertisement, but please don't too selfish and saves the money. Luckily, the related department got advertise some news about Fahrenheit88 was opened which advertise on the same date as opening. I would like to introduce some of the good shop inside the Plaza which is at the most behind count from the main entrance at the third floor. This notice is for Male only and for Female, I can recommend you all walk all the shop inside the Plaza because it's totally for Female. Besides that, I need to add another comment about the Plaza, is too cold.

     Second, I found a fantastic food (Chicken Chop Rice's) near Bukit Bintang. It's behind Fahrenheit88 the street of food stall in front of the car parking areas. The rice is only available for Wednesday and Saturday. So, if you want to try it better prepare well yourself and go there before 2p.m or 3p.m because they only first come first serve and whom late will no chance to try it. Recommended!

    Finally, today I ended up with my new friend whose called himself as Patrick Lim and had a same surname with me. An active guy which sporty. Patrick, Sherman and I went to SungaiWang, LowYat and also Fahrenheit88 for a hang out. We had a nice meal at a restaurant's called Kopitiam Station and cost us RM27.00++. We ordered three set lunch and it's quite nice and while eating we also talk about few topics. Unfortunately, I brought them to view the brand new Fahrenheit88 which they never knows about it, if I didn't mention to them. Three of us are interested with the watches at a shop fulled of watches. It's really a long speech but I swear it is true story. Hope you all have a nice day.

     Wait for the coming post. Thanks.

Here's were some of the pictures that I took on last week:

Meal's that I ate
The Fahrenheit88@KLPlaza
View's of Bukit Bintang
The 4 Major Brand's of Laptop Fair's
The foods and beverage that I took
Some of the good view places

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

I know what should I have to get now, that is IPhone! DiGi Please give me a IPhone 4 and I million million thanks you because you are my angel. IPhone 4 is my gadget and it's can't without it! Please... Let me win the IPhone and I will extreme happy. DiGI is the best among other as what I wrote in last 3 post! This is a summary, every provider are giving the most good plan but among all, DiGi Plans is the Best of the best cheap, a lot of benefit such as free SMS, MMS and calls and etc. It's too many. I can't patient to wait it! Kamsamida~ ^^

Monday, 27 September 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

This topic really good to let me express my comment about the plan of DIGI that really most adorable by anyone. It's really perfect okay. First, the price is cheaper than other provider which just only RM 58 per month! Not only price lower and lower. Besides that, I GET MORE also got such benefit which we can get no charges SMS+Calls+MMS. My mouth as big as a papaya now. What do you think? I like it not because of only these reason and the benefit is continuously. Third advantages is No Charges of Internet Access. Internet access is life of everyone now a day. We can't lives without internet and without chatting through social website such as FB. I love DIGI, I love IPhone and I love DIGI Plans! Fantastic and Perfectly good than others. What I gonna to say is, I want to get this DIGI IPhone! No others choice without this DIGI IPhone! IPhone! DIGI! IPhone! Free SMS Free Call Free MMS Free Internet 0% installment Low price than other providers. DIGI HuRRAY!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

DIGI IPhone 4 Play

IPhone is an infinity application device which I can uses it to do a lot of things. It's contain of many areas such as travelling, daily life's, internet and etc. As we knows, IPhone got WIFI function which not much phone have it and the touchscreen is big enough for us to view and touch. We can stay connect at every where we are. If we bored, we also can play games and musics to entertain us. I love the games because HD and also very nice graphic because I experiencing the other phone which only got small screen and the game fulled of dotted. I really moody when playing it. So, IPhone is the best to entertain me and I like to play along with it! I'm not worry about the application because I can download from internet easily, if compare to other phone, we needed to go online by phone and not easy to get into the download center. But IPhone is really friendly uses, It's easy to uses. That why I decide to IPhone as my mobile phone. Confirm!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Digi Iphone 4 Me

IPhone is Mine! I like IPhone is because it's have a smooth scrolling panel which can easily touch. IPhone is amazing. The page can put a lot of things such as my lovely games, my application which you only just one touch and you can go through it. It's really easy to uses. Compare to other phone, IPhone give me an amazing experience throughout the touch screen mobile world and with Internet somemore. I can stay connect to post out my recent shoutout. I like the HD screen, the 5 megapixel camera with LED flash somemore and the facetime. I like facetime is because I can video call with my family at far away from me. IPhone I Love You So Much! DIGI My best choice to have a IPhone

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

MoonCake FestivaL 2010

     Today, I didn't celebrate with friends or even family at my hometown. I hope to go back and play lantern at my grandmother house with my cousin and the children around the playground. But the real situation is I am still alone in my room playing with my lappy and online chatting with friends. Anyways, I got received some of the greeting about mooncake festival sms by some of my friends. We should do that to remain and to makes our relation between each and other more near by greeting and etc. I hope to eat as much as possible and gain weight before go back to hometown. That is because I really thiner and thiner. Enjoy our mooncake festival~

Monday, 20 September 2010

A fulled day

20th of September is my starting of semester 2. It's good because can study again and meet everyone at college. Everyone also miss each and other too. Today, all laugh together and talk something happily.
After that, Kary and I prefer to go KL because the time is still young just 11.23a.m and we went to Fahrenheit88, SungaiWang Plaza and Low Yat Plaza to walk. We went to a coffee shop so called Kopitiam Junction at BB Plaza to have our lunch at there. She took a plate of Black Pepper Chicken Egg Rice and I ate a plate of Fillet Fish Egg Rice, the two dishes is good because served in big size, an egg and a cup of Teh Tarik ( which we two discuss it's name in english is Pulled Tea) just kidding. It was cheap because each plate just RM 8.40. I also help sister to find a phone for my dad and bring it to him on this coming December when I go back to Sandakan. It's really a good day and I'm tired. 

The Fillet Fish Egg Rice

Stay tuned... YaHoooo

Sunday, 19 September 2010

The forth day of Fahrenheit88

     I very disappointed with their action toward us. It's not fair to other and myself, because we serve for you. Besides that, we needed money to survive as a student which no income and we want to earn money to buy our liking things such as clothes, pants and etc. Totally, It's suck, I just found that no one reply a comment on my FB post out. I telling myself positively, all of them busy on their work. It's okay. Thanks... I hope can talk with you all start from all the day, because I almost crazy now. I need socialism. If not I will die.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Weird Day...

    Today, I can't really feel the funny at all, that is because when I boarding the Monorail and suddenly the girl in front of me cry and talking to her friend about her upset moment. Beside that, when I boarding LRT another few guys was laugh  with nothing!!! OMG... Don't Like today! Damn it...

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The first batch whose using the brand new Shopping Mall

   The venue: Fahrenheit88
   Time : 10 a.m to 10 p.m
   Date : 15th to 26th of Sept 2010
   Brand : Dell promoter

   Today is a brand new day to work for another fair which i'm selected to served with Dell along these few days and I got a lot of new friends too. I like the feeling but I yet not forget my old friends and please don't worry I won't do that to you all. I had spent a lot of money for today foods and beverages. Not the less, I'm chasing by a anonymous when on the way I going back home, on the small road around the bus stop. Scary way because it's already near midnight i'm still walking alone. Sorry parent I will try my best to protect myself along these few month to present my good health on this coming Dec when I go home! ^^ That All for today... Thanks for reading...

Friday, 10 September 2010

Second page...

     Today is a rainy day, the tiny droplet of water fall from the sky. It's a cold weather seems it is also makes the day becoming lonely and silently. If without a music, I think my mood will become more down. I just woke up from my bed and the time was already 12.15p.m ++ is that a early time? I don't know. But only thing is same like normal, wake up and straight turn on my laptop and start blogging, internet and much much more. Furthermore, I already long time didn't meet my friends from my hometown and I also don't know how they are  and I got a feel which make me unhappy. What I can say is just a dust because of my thinking becoming worse than before. I less contact with them and didn't have any message to send them. Additional, I don't like the life I had now. Finally, I want to be like a child which no care with other and just chat with everyone (anyone) without any obstacle.

Whose care?

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Daily Post: About 09th of Sept

     Hey, start the first dairy post. This will be a good one, because i can use my own Language to speak without any problems and obstacles. Wish my new blog feel won't become silent. Unfortunately, I'm here to glad to all Malaysian Selamat Hari Raya. What is your plan? Come Let's start chat about it on my chatting box. In my past years experience, Hari Raya at Sandakan ( My HomeTown at Sabah ) was very great time because my cousin, many others, family and I on this moment went to all the Malay friends house. We celebrated like Chinese New Year which included the special meaning such as Unity, Happily and mainly is to ( Tuan Yuen ). I'm hope to be celebrate it, but seem now I'm not around Sandakan and I just glad all of my friends Selamat Hari Raya!

     Besides that, my first semester already ended since 1st of Sept 2010. I don't know what is the result yet. I just do my best in the exam hall. So, I know the result will be in a good condition and not bad. Now I want to share some of the Selamat Hari Raya favorite food picture to your guys that I ate before...

Satay and Nasi Ketupat

Nasi Pulut (Damn Nice one)

Nasi Kuning

Ayam Rendang


Yea, have a great day. I watched a movie from Director & Screenwriter Jack Neo which is a Singapore production. 

Here I prepared some picture of the movie:

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Boring one...

Actually these few days I playing maple story again. It is really a boring one. I start this opportunity after I saw  my college play it at College Library. This game not a rare game for me. That is because I played this game before. Unfortunately, I found that. It's boring. I just spend 3 three days to get 36 level in the game with a job so called Evan. This is a new character and it seem similar to Magician, got magic power but it only not the same is the magic power not come from the character and it is come from the dragon. Try to go through you will know it. Anyway, I'm not saying this game not good but i'm feel boring. Sorry, if you a maplestory supporter.


Saturday, 4 September 2010

KL Outing...

    The event happened yesterday which I hang out with my college mates ( Kary, Lissa, Shadow). At the morning, I fetch by Lissa whose holding the Noob car licence. We together and had a special lunch which is Chicken Rice (special is because all of us eat chicken rice except Kary) at Taman Paramount. After the lunch, we also start the journey to KLCC by LRT from Taman Jaya Station to KLCC Station and the journey just took around 15 to 30 minutes.

     Arrived to KLCC we heading to the Petro-science center by using escalator from the lower ground to the level 6th if i not mistaken. 

     Inside the center was really good experience and after the walk inside the centre. OMG!!! My hand was so smelly with the petroleum. That is because inside got some sample that you can actually try to touch and my hand became smelly after i touch. The smell was like my dad ship equipment.

Here start the photo session:

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Sorry, Late post for 31st of August 2010 Merdeka Day

Are you ready to Merdeka at Genting...
I'm Sure!!! Go Merdeka at Genting...
But that was a wrong decision because the road was stuck until mostly of the car broken down and place beside the road like below...

Top 5 : Laundry Room Style