Friday, 10 September 2010

Second page...

     Today is a rainy day, the tiny droplet of water fall from the sky. It's a cold weather seems it is also makes the day becoming lonely and silently. If without a music, I think my mood will become more down. I just woke up from my bed and the time was already 12.15p.m ++ is that a early time? I don't know. But only thing is same like normal, wake up and straight turn on my laptop and start blogging, internet and much much more. Furthermore, I already long time didn't meet my friends from my hometown and I also don't know how they are  and I got a feel which make me unhappy. What I can say is just a dust because of my thinking becoming worse than before. I less contact with them and didn't have any message to send them. Additional, I don't like the life I had now. Finally, I want to be like a child which no care with other and just chat with everyone (anyone) without any obstacle.

Whose care?
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