Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Rainy Saturday.

今天,我很早wake up了。
Then我今天可以drive去学校。 很开心的,应为不需要淋浴。
以下有some picture。


Shouldn't write Chinese words, that is because I too noob in Chinese words.
Although, there are someone help me or google translate.
Back to my title, I had my Saturday class with Ms. Rachell, Computerized Accounting.
I just felt the class quite and silent.
No one will talk in high volume or even whisper each and another.
I just done, what ever Ms. Rachell told and continue to online and chat with KaryLee.
Please don't tell others.
I downloaded RED!
All the Best...

CountDown From today...
Date Of Going Back 2 Sandakan...
15th Of December...
45 days from now onward...

Friday, 29 October 2010

I'm the Noob Gamer.

Hallo, this is another blog post for today and it's also wrote when I am sleepy and very tired.

      On the afternoon, I been molest by my lecturer, which he smack my butt. First ever... Next, my classmates and I was play Counter Strike 1.6 in the class while the class was on and the lecturer was teaching. This was the first time I didn't listen to the class and I was there shooting the enemy. The time past so fast after few match of Counter Strike, the lecturer announce the class ended. The time was just only 3:39p.m.

      So, I followed Patrick and he fetch me back to home. This week really past extremely fast and I only knows, if you happy the time will past faster and faster, if you unhappy the time will be longer and slower too. This week I felt a lot of funny and new experiences. I didn't uses any money to board the bus today. It was a special thing of today, because I didn't try this before.

      Next, I hope tomorrow I can drive to college. I really bored to boarding the bus and LRT although these public transport is only available in Kuala Lumpur the capitol of the country. If this public transport ( LRT ) existing at my hometown there will be some bus company bankrupt. I not talking non-sense, this may be happen.

      Lastly, I drink MichaelJackson today for lunch and the house restaurant suddenly have no electricity. I guess they didn't pay for the electricity because TNB. ^^ All the best... I'm the tomato fish! New NickName by KaryLee(Gal).



我不明白, 为什么人一定会有不开心的日子。














I hope, I wish and I pray!

I can get what I want, on the coming future!

I will be hardworking to learn more and study smart in my studying life's.

Sometimes, I will be emotion.

But I hope you all don't because of me then become upset or unhappy.

Thanks for your visiting...

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Something to share with you!

      Good morning/ Good afternoon/ Good evening/ Good Night/ Good Mid of the Night and Have a nice day... First and foremost, I would like to express myself to you all. I'm not very professional in expression and impression to people, but I hope you all can know me well through my blog. 

      Let's start, I would like to share some pictures to you guys and this is my good experiences.That I have in this fun world...

      In this picture, there are so many small fishes swimming. This is fish spa, which can help you to remove the dead skin and etc. As I knows, if you go to those high class fish spa center, you need to pay more than this place such as RM30++ for only few minutes. Next, that is not my legs, the legs in the picture is my sister's legs. Actually, I didn't put my legs inside the aquarium on that day which is fulled with the fishes. The reason is because I very scare those fishes and there are some feeling which is when the fishes bite my legs is so itchy and "Geli"(In My Language). I tried this with just putting my hand into the aquarium and I felt so "beh tahan"(In Teo Chew, Hokkien). Anyways, if you want to have a try on this.
The venue is 1Utama. 
The price is RM5.00 for 10 minutes.

       Fortunately, I can get a picture about halloween at 1Utama, Peninsular Malaysia. I have to be honest and telling you guys, I haven't try to get into this event before, although it is really fun and you can get as many sweets as you can by hitting the donkey or etc. I only knows, when halloween, the kids will give sweets to every neighborhood or closed their eyes and playing with the hitting donkey games. I never try this. I hope to get in and play with these stuffs. So, my college willing to do this or my mates willing to organize one for us? It's a question. This event is called as Halloween and it's let everyone to play. This date meaning the English Ghost's Day. But I just guess. If any wrong please don't blame me. "Okay kah? Okay bah" (In Sabahan Language)

      The last picture, is about basketball. I have tried this for about few times at the basket ball court at SS2 and Taman Paramount. It's really a tough sport for me, because my legs and my hands not move in my order. I hope to master this game because better to knows more about sports. This title "Sports" is not special topic for me. I used to be sporty last time with my school mates. I am bad in every games and etc. Now is the good time for me to improve myself and play as Datuk Lee or Lin Dan(Badminton Nu.1), Yao Min(Basket ball Nu.1), Swimming, Online Games, Lan Games and etc. All the best! 

      Lastly, I hopes you all have a nice day and thank you for visiting and reading my blog! 

     By Antony Lim Chung Ann...

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

We must remember, what our parent and teacher told us...

I hopes, I wishes, I pray, I love...

I pressure, I tension, I'm annoy, I'm disgusting

I happy, I funny, I kiss, I love...

I upset, I crazy, I cry, I worrying something

I'm very, I'm extremely, I hardly, I pretending...

This is the words from my heart! 

Monday, 25 October 2010

The answer about Pisces!!!

What's you can see in this cartoon image?

The answer will be giving out tomorrow!
Be right back!
Invite people to answer this...
I need your answer...

The answer is so gay! 
Are you correct?

Without rest more than 24 hours

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening and Good night...

This is the first time and I really enjoy in this 24 hours.

If I can get more hours and keep playing and joking...

It's be the best thing ever in my life...

Friends, we must appreciate the time we have and play together, joke together and etc.

After these, I will be sleeping like a pig and don't wake up for another 5 to 8 hours.
All the best!
Tomorrow I have no class, but I need to go Kuala Lumpur. 

If any problem just call me or send a short message(SMS) to me.


Sunday, 24 October 2010

24102010 at Genting Highland Again!


I safely came back to Petaling Jaya House!

This Genting Highland One Day Trip really amazing, I do so many special vacation at there...

Especially, late sleep(This is really a new thing for me), alone at Starbuck's online and etc...

Let's start from last night...

It's around 4a.m after Sister and friends finished gambling at First World Hotel Casino and we are heading to our room site. But while we are boarding an elevator, don't whose fella fart and the elevator was very smelly and rotten. Everyone, keep explaining and laughing each others.

After that, sleep time...

At the morning sharp 7a.m ++. My sister boyfriend handset was annoying because noisy and everyone are very tired and also don't willing to get ups. Unfortunately, my sister take of the window cover and everyone was woke up and the sun light was so bright.

Nothing to be less, we are making the room become more and more messy. Just left the maggi cup, coffee pack, water heater, paper, pen, bed, racks and etc in unusual position. It's really fun, but i'm sorry for those whom help us to clean the room. But I also want to tell you, we are paying the room! ^^

Besides that, we also went to the cabal car station, but there is a bad news to tell. The Genting Cabal Car is in the maintenance period from XXX until 21st of November 2010. For those not willing to drive to the hill, I hope this information can help you all to get another way to Genting! Additional information, we found two interesting animals at the station which are monkey is walking around the outdoor of the station and you can see horse when you arrive the station.

This trip is so many things happening with us, such as "Lut Zi" a Chinese food. Elaine which bought a pack of Lut Zi at Gohtong Jaya and brought it to Genting. She ask me to try some of it, the taste not too bad. But this is not the reason I want to mention. That is because we saw so many people selling Lut Zi and they kept asking us to buy some from him. Not asking for once but many. Although the food is sweets but costs us RM10 for one packet. Next, there so many handsome boys and pretty girls go to Genting Highland this week. ^^

Lastly, I really enjoy this trip and tired too. Hope I will have chance to go there with friends.

Photo Session:



The messy table

The Key of our room!

Monkey Spotted at Genting Cabal Car Site

Gohtong Jaya...

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Food I ate this week!

Cheesy Black Pepper Chicken Rice's
Located at Ming Tian Food Court, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya.
RM5.50 for each potion/pax.

Steamed Chicken Rice's
Located at between Mid Valley and The Garden at Petaling Jaya.
RM5 for each potion/pax...
Anyways, I won't recommend you take this. 
Better get another set which is Roasted Chicken Rice's, better and tastier...^^

If you know more language, What's yours feeling?

This post was posted at Genting Highland~

I really appreciate everything that I owned now. 

Everything is perfect and usable...

Okay, Just go straight to my topic today...

I just found something new and an interesting topic which is "Do you wish to learn more dialect or language that you have no idea with its?".

My answer is I wish to learn as much as I can!

As I knows, now I mastered TeoChew, Hakka, Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay and English.


That's because I wish to communicate with family, friends or etc by many languages.
For example, If you see a situation that an Chinese aunt don't know how to talk in Malay Language with the shop keeper which is a Malay girl and no idea with Chinese. Will you help she? If you can, you must. I'm not forcing you, But I want to let's you knows, in karma teaching, we got "Ying" and "Guo". If you do good thing to others, after that you will get yours reward. 

Unfortunately, I didn't help she, because I don't know how to speak in Hokkien Dialect. The aunt spoken in Hokkien Dialect. Sorry, aunt I didn't help you. She keep saying "I want two of the recycle bag". 

Lastly, She bought the bag and she was moody because no one can help her to translate. 

All the best! Try your best to know more languages and dialects! 

Support Support By Antonylca

Friday, 22 October 2010

The date of 22102010

Today, It's really a fantastic day...

Fantastic day means of the combination of sunny and rainy sessions...

Actually, I got a class on 11.30a.m to 1.30p.m, but seems the class is boring.

Gang Decide to hang out...

Our Gang ( Aisya, May yi, Patrick, Kary and I ) went to Mid Valley for watch movie, shopping and etc.

We are discuss so many movies that each of us want to watch and at the last we decided "Reign Of Assassin". 

This movie is an action movie. 

Synopsis: Set in ancient China, Zeng Jing (Michelle Yeoh), a skilled assassin finds herself in possession of a mystical Buddhist monk's remains. On the other hand, a team of assassins, The Dark Stone is in a deadly pursuit to possess the remains which holds an ancient power-wielding secret.

A confrontation in Beijing unveils Zheng's past and puts her new found life and love Jiang Ah-Sheng (Jung Woo-Sung) in danger. This leads to a lethal fight, but who will be the last one standing to uncover the secret of the Buddhist monk's remains? 

My comment : This is a nice movie. I can't memorize the speeches they spoken because it's in mandarin. My mandarin language not well although I am Chinese. 

Besides that, I had a bloody lunch at shop between Mid Valley Megamall and The Garden. I took a bloody Chicken Rice which is the chicken not cook enough. It's still got blood in the bones. Yucks!!!! I still gonna finish it because my stomach!

After that, we are going to shopping in the Mid Valley Megamall again. I found something and I likes so much! Body Glove Wallet, Body Glove Clothes, Body Glove Short Pants and also fragrance! I want to buy it, but I have no money to buy these kind of expensive Stuffs! Haiz...

I should study harder to get the good results and then I can get good salary on my future life...

That's all!!! 

I happy and super duper tired as I knows, I already few days didn't sleep earlier and less drink water...

Shit! Need more rest and hydrate skin!!!

Lastly, Michelle Yeo and 大S is really good! 


I will update my blog as soon as possible when I come back to home...


Thursday, 21 October 2010

Taman Connaught Night Market 20102010

Hallo, guys...

This is the 3rd times I went to Taman Connaught Night Market. The night market also known as the longest night market at Kuala Lumpur here...

At the morning, I chatting with Yuung which is my best friend ever and we are best brother since form 2...

I told him tonight will go to the night market near his house at Cheras. 

So, we decide have a meet at there...

Flash back, We didn't meet each others for more than 1 year...

Lol! Miss pula, sound gay but best friend bah! 

Besides that, I also went to the night market with Patrick, Kary and Helbert...

I'm the GPS of them, but I am sucks to be a GPS...

I'm not a professional with all the way...

I need to study before going to a place...

Sorry bah! I'm sucks...

Actually, there are few reasons I want to go to the night market...

First, meet Yuung...

Second, because of the 臭豆腐. ( But I didn't try it! Because really 臭) Sorry, for those who like 臭豆腐. ^^

Third, Grab new items.

Forth, because want to hang out with friends and etc...

Unfortunately, Yuung bought me an eye's cover for sleeping uses... Thanks Bro!

I have lots of fun on the night! 

After that, we are sitting at a Tai Fun ( Kuew Teuw ) stall and while eating we also talking about some funny speeches...

Broga Hill's Eve.... 

Is coming sooner...

Gonna to be a good day and After the broga hill day also be another good day!!! Nice Activities...

Up up up up All The Way!!!

Lesson: Times not waiting for you, please do whatever you want before you start to regret yourselves! ^^

Stay tuned, I'm waiting for the next hang out!!! Yeee Haaaa....

Comment o~

Wednesday, 20 October 2010



Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Jogging Session!

Hello my friends and who new to here...

Today, I went to jogging with a friend at Taman Aman, Petaling Jaya.

A good and new experiences in Kuala Lumpur here...

Why I will said it is a good and new experiences?

That is because this is my first time jogging at this Taman and also the first ever I went to jogging at the capital of Malaysia.

Besides that, I want to express somethings I saw at the park.

There are children, parents, teenagers, elders and etc.

They are very enjoying the facilities of the park.

For example: Fishing, Jogging and etc.

After I sweat so much, my body pressure became better and my skin became more smoother. 

I enjoyed today...

Thanks Patrick! 

All the best~ ^^

SS2 Night Market...

    Today, I went to night market with a new friends who called as Helbert Lim. He is first time ever to the SS2 night market and we hunting for some good food to feed up our stomach. As we knows that, SS2 Wai Sek Gai night market is a good place to hunt food and any others stuffs. I also found that, he is friendly and he also works in IT field which same as me. We took some time to talk about our experiences in what we learned in our education. Nice to meet you... All the best... ^^ Have a nice chat with you...

Sunday, 17 October 2010

I'm wrong again...

This is the seconds times been like that...

I knows, I won't repeating the same again.

This is not like children playing sand.

I knows, There are some misunderstanding between.

Just giving others time for cold down.

I hope everything be alright as soon as possible.

I knows, We can be like before...

I trust!

Please do take care of yourself... 


A Bazaar Located In Sandakan( Kim Fung Town )

Sandakan: We got another good news again. A Night Bazaar is available on every Saturday very soon at Kim Fung Town in Sandakan. A good chance for those want to have a small business or to earn some extra income. For me, I hope the price sightly difference from the shops. All the best with all the stalls on that night!
13rd Of November 2010.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Hot day...

What is in my mind?

If the weather is shiny and the temperature is 33 Degree Celsius?

I won't stay in my room which is without an air conditional.

But I have no choices, because I still need to stay inside a room that without an air conditional.

I will drinks water as much as possible.

But the water from the filter is hot, as hot as the temperature.

I will bath as many as I can.

But I will sweat just after the bath and I just wasting the drinking water.


There are no choices for me.

Need to be the Eco-Friend... 

Need to be the one Go Green...

Need to be the one Cares the Earth...


Lastly, I'm sweating now, I'm just after my pretty bath and I'm drinking hot water. 

Friday, 15 October 2010

What you should bother with?

I be emo again...

I hope you don't mind...

I heard something from someone...

He/She is really annoying...

Why should someone bothers with my things?

Why should he/she do so bad and uncomfortable scene?

I'm sure he/she want to destroy somethings. 

But I hope friends are uses to cares, but not to damages.

He/She needed to know. What is the effect after he/she do to the person?

Please be inform that, he/she is not importance anymore...

The most important thing is we are still doesn't changes...

I knows, We knows and don't be the last one...

We need to be the first, but another things is friends forever...

No others, but you are the one we cares...


Stay tuned... New post will uploaded by later...

The Next Station...

     Hello, I just share about a curry mi that I took at SS2 Food Court on the night time. When I eating the stupid curry mi, my body was sweating. How dare I eat this spicy food on the night time without a fan or air conditional? Anyways, I just share it to you guys...

Stay tuned... With a good post soon... ^^

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Silent Class with an aggressive lecturer.

     When the first class of my Introduction to Database was started yesterday. The first impression of my lecturer is really good. He got a good English speaking which his USA slang, wearing smart and etc. He told us about himself that worked for Microsoft at Singapore and many others that I had already forget. There are 2 classes each week. Besides that, this week I really learned a lots from the lecture which conduct by Mr. Arash, Introduction to Database Lecturer. All the best to my study life's!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Dim Sum on the afternoon time.

     Today, I woke up like usual and start my day with internet connection. Just found out a lots of comment and reply message from friends. The comments are abouts 101010 that is only happening every 1000 years  and only can happen once in your lovely life's. I heard some are very enjoy for this wonderful day and some are felt bored because nothing to do. As I knows, today will be special things happen to me. That is because I will go to a dim sum restaurant and have my breakfast on 4.00p.m. Yea, don't ask me why. It is really 4.00p.m. Sis, Sis BF, Friends and I went to a restaurant to feed up our stomach with those delicious dim sum at Puchong.

     Below got some picture of the day:

Some more, Tesco got discount for the day and a lots of thing only RM10.
Thanks and stay tune on

The most awesome day : 101010

     Actually, I have no idea to celebrate this wonderful date which only happen every 1000 years cycle. 

     In the morning, I woke up and nothing to do until night time. My sister ask me to take a bath and later will be going to Barbecue at friend house. It's awesome. I had a long long time didn't go Barbecue. I rushing take a bath with fully minded to makes the good dishes tonight. 

     Next, I wear a casual outfit with my wonderful mood to welcome the Barbecue. Sis, her BF and I went to a supermarket to buy some extra food such as ice cream, drinks and etc. I enjoy the chicken wings that I made and the burnt hot dogs. Unfortunately, friend neighbor suddenly came and gave us a pretty nice fireworks to let us play around. We suggest to play it at 12.00a.m to welcome the 10th of Oct 2010 (101010). Quite a nice numeric words. Stay cool! Then we finished up the Barbecue with funny animals video on 

     Here are some of the photo:

Stay Tune.... Thanks to visit my blog...

Friday, 8 October 2010

Friday mode.

     Today is Friday and everyone and me is in the weekend mode. I had learned new things in the Computerized Accounting conduct by Miss Rachell came from Philiphine. Actually, I'm not feeling want to concentrate in today class, but she attracting my attention into the lesson. The class was so cold and I kept shivering in the class. Besides that, do you mind to lend me your jacket? I lazy to bring mine jacket to college and I needed to bring lappy(Laptop), file and etc. It's too heavy for me. 

     Next, today My College had organized two events which are Futsal Competition(Inter-college) and Hari Raya Gathering(Inter-college). There are few groups from Olympia College KL (OCKL) and few groups from Olympia College PJ (OCPJ) to joins the two events that organized by OCPJ at the second floor and the seventh floor of the building. After the class, I went to seventh floor with my friends to check out the recent result of the Futsal Competition. The arena is fulled with Futsal players and the match is between OCPJ Vs OCPJ. I saw some of them are sweating and trying to get the ball into the Goal. The goal keeper was my friend who called Ivan, have a gentle body sized. Below got a picture about the Futsal at the seventh floor:
The Futsal Arena

      The Hari Raya Gathering is organize at the second floor, Celine Bistro. The events consists of around 50 people and the place have no air conditional. It's such of shame because the people feeling hot and sweating all the time while eating the delicious dishes. I'm not staying long in the Bistro and friends and I get away from the college to Mid Valley to have fun.
The Lunch Meal of the day

      Unfortunately, the road and etc was fulled with vehicle and quite hard to find a parking lot. I follow Patrick's car. He is the car racer(kidding) and gave a suggestion to parking at the place where the car will be clamp by the yellow mechanical clamp. At the last, nothing is happen and we go home safely.

Hey guys and gals, the Broga Hill Expedition will held on the Deepavali Holiday, 3rd of November 2010. I'm On!

The most unforgettable experience of the day:
1. May Yi is a good driver(kidding) comment: Yours skill must be improve shortly.
2. Kary is cute!
3. Aisya is Laugher and good speaker.
4. Patrick is really a kind boy!

Enjoy with
(Patrick, Kary, May Yi, Aisya and Aisya couple friends)

That's all... Hope you all will like this... 

Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Innocent One

Today, i'm be the innocent. Do you guys want to play with me? Although, I look small, but I don't like to bother with you all and I didn't talk bad things about you guys. I know someone are dislike me. I hope you all are mature enough to think, why should I said that and the person to tell you this is sucks. I hope no one more time, okay. Bad Luck!

Monday, 4 October 2010

I am who I am

     What is the meaning of life? 

     Why do I need to makes uses of every hour and every second?

     Which road should I go, if there are two option to let me choose?

     It is every person got the same problem like what happened to me?

     Where is the fair and unfair?

     How do you do?

     No way, No reason to escape the real life.
     Good to explore, Nice to view and Better to done in a good way.

The KL date.

     Hello, to all my friends to view my blog and my post again. Hope you all can have fun and joy.

     Kary, Patrick and I was hang around at LowYat, SungaiWang and KLCC. We took some picture at KLCC and a PanMee Restaurant at Kuchai Lama. At the morning, I was the first person who waits them at Bangsar about 9.30a.m and Kary was the second and Patrick was the third person. While Kary and I  was waiting for Patrick, we took some meal at Old Town White Coffee. Kary and I were ordered a cup of cold Old Town White Coffee, a plate of garlic bread and a cup of honey ice lemon tea.  I have a long time didn't eat this garlic bread at Old Town. It's remind my memory, a bakery at my hometown that makes the best garlic bread I ever ate. After a few minutes chat with Kary, he finally came and was in tired situation because he only slept for 3 hours.

     Unfortunately, we start our journey to KLCC by LRT. Can I ask a question before into my following paragraph? If Yes, then here the question " Do you like our LRT service?", if No, here come the next. Our LRT was didn't have any changes although after 10 years of testing. I was here in the year of 1997 and until 2010 the LRT still doesn't changes which is when the train was moving and makes some noisy sound. I don't like it. Let's back to the topic. We bought the ticket before to take our lunch.

     Patrick was suggested few movies which are Charlie St. Cloud, Eat Pray Love and Legend of the Guardian: The Owls of Ga'Hoole and after the consideration we chosen Charlie St. Cloud which is romance movie and starring by Zac Efron, Kim Basinger, Amanda Crew, Chris Massoglia and Dave Franco direct by Burr Steers. If you a horror or action movie supporter, you will be boring in this movie because Charlie St. Cloud is a romance movie which Charlie St. Cloud (Efron) got a younger brother, but dead from a road accident in the night. Charlie was survive by a paramedic help in the ambulance and start from that day, he can saw his dead brother Sam and a beautiful ladies that he met at the graveyard. This is the beginning of the movie. In the movie, I get a lot of moral values, such as never give up, don't think never because everything is possible to be happen and etc.

     After that, we had some photo shot at KLCC. A lot of foreigner also taking photo like us, some of them are from China, Korea, US, UK and some more. Quite a good experience. We also take some times and get some good shots and then we heading to go back home. Suddenly, Patrick got a new suggestion to Karaoke at Green Box. But when we arrived to SungaiWang, there was some problem held and then made us unavailable to sing along the night. We tried to find others Karaoke place but was the same result. Fortunately, we heading to another shopping complex again, that was TimesSquare. Not staying too long at there. So, time to take our dinner. It's so many restaurant and cafe at Kuchai Lama to let us choose at the area's. We went to a restaurant that served PanMee that quite nice and I took CurryPanMee on the spot. It's too tasty until my ear and face became red in colour. Finally, after few hours chat and start to packing up and go back home to write this post. That's all. It's time to sleep...

     Here are the pictures that we took:

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