24102010 at Genting Highland Again!


I safely came back to Petaling Jaya House!

This Genting Highland One Day Trip really amazing, I do so many special vacation at there...

Especially, late sleep(This is really a new thing for me), alone at Starbuck's online and etc...

Let's start from last night...

It's around 4a.m after Sister and friends finished gambling at First World Hotel Casino and we are heading to our room site. But while we are boarding an elevator, don't whose fella fart and the elevator was very smelly and rotten. Everyone, keep explaining and laughing each others.

After that, sleep time...

At the morning sharp 7a.m ++. My sister boyfriend handset was annoying because noisy and everyone are very tired and also don't willing to get ups. Unfortunately, my sister take of the window cover and everyone was woke up and the sun light was so bright.

Nothing to be less, we are making the room become more and more messy. Just left the maggi cup, coffee pack, water heater, paper, pen, bed, racks and etc in unusual position. It's really fun, but i'm sorry for those whom help us to clean the room. But I also want to tell you, we are paying the room! ^^

Besides that, we also went to the cabal car station, but there is a bad news to tell. The Genting Cabal Car is in the maintenance period from XXX until 21st of November 2010. For those not willing to drive to the hill, I hope this information can help you all to get another way to Genting! Additional information, we found two interesting animals at the station which are monkey is walking around the outdoor of the station and you can see horse when you arrive the station.

This trip is so many things happening with us, such as "Lut Zi" a Chinese food. Elaine which bought a pack of Lut Zi at Gohtong Jaya and brought it to Genting. She ask me to try some of it, the taste not too bad. But this is not the reason I want to mention. That is because we saw so many people selling Lut Zi and they kept asking us to buy some from him. Not asking for once but many. Although the food is sweets but costs us RM10 for one packet. Next, there so many handsome boys and pretty girls go to Genting Highland this week. ^^

Lastly, I really enjoy this trip and tired too. Hope I will have chance to go there with friends.

Photo Session:



The messy table

The Key of our room!

Monkey Spotted at Genting Cabal Car Site

Gohtong Jaya...
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