Friday, 22 October 2010

The date of 22102010

Today, It's really a fantastic day...

Fantastic day means of the combination of sunny and rainy sessions...

Actually, I got a class on 11.30a.m to 1.30p.m, but seems the class is boring.

Gang Decide to hang out...

Our Gang ( Aisya, May yi, Patrick, Kary and I ) went to Mid Valley for watch movie, shopping and etc.

We are discuss so many movies that each of us want to watch and at the last we decided "Reign Of Assassin". 

This movie is an action movie. 

Synopsis: Set in ancient China, Zeng Jing (Michelle Yeoh), a skilled assassin finds herself in possession of a mystical Buddhist monk's remains. On the other hand, a team of assassins, The Dark Stone is in a deadly pursuit to possess the remains which holds an ancient power-wielding secret.

A confrontation in Beijing unveils Zheng's past and puts her new found life and love Jiang Ah-Sheng (Jung Woo-Sung) in danger. This leads to a lethal fight, but who will be the last one standing to uncover the secret of the Buddhist monk's remains? 

My comment : This is a nice movie. I can't memorize the speeches they spoken because it's in mandarin. My mandarin language not well although I am Chinese. 

Besides that, I had a bloody lunch at shop between Mid Valley Megamall and The Garden. I took a bloody Chicken Rice which is the chicken not cook enough. It's still got blood in the bones. Yucks!!!! I still gonna finish it because my stomach!

After that, we are going to shopping in the Mid Valley Megamall again. I found something and I likes so much! Body Glove Wallet, Body Glove Clothes, Body Glove Short Pants and also fragrance! I want to buy it, but I have no money to buy these kind of expensive Stuffs! Haiz...

I should study harder to get the good results and then I can get good salary on my future life...

That's all!!! 

I happy and super duper tired as I knows, I already few days didn't sleep earlier and less drink water...

Shit! Need more rest and hydrate skin!!!

Lastly, Michelle Yeo and 大S is really good! 
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