Saturday, 23 October 2010

If you know more language, What's yours feeling?

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I really appreciate everything that I owned now. 

Everything is perfect and usable...

Okay, Just go straight to my topic today...

I just found something new and an interesting topic which is "Do you wish to learn more dialect or language that you have no idea with its?".

My answer is I wish to learn as much as I can!

As I knows, now I mastered TeoChew, Hakka, Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay and English.


That's because I wish to communicate with family, friends or etc by many languages.
For example, If you see a situation that an Chinese aunt don't know how to talk in Malay Language with the shop keeper which is a Malay girl and no idea with Chinese. Will you help she? If you can, you must. I'm not forcing you, But I want to let's you knows, in karma teaching, we got "Ying" and "Guo". If you do good thing to others, after that you will get yours reward. 

Unfortunately, I didn't help she, because I don't know how to speak in Hokkien Dialect. The aunt spoken in Hokkien Dialect. Sorry, aunt I didn't help you. She keep saying "I want two of the recycle bag". 

Lastly, She bought the bag and she was moody because no one can help her to translate. 

All the best! Try your best to know more languages and dialects! 

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