Friday, 29 October 2010

I'm the Noob Gamer.

Hallo, this is another blog post for today and it's also wrote when I am sleepy and very tired.

      On the afternoon, I been molest by my lecturer, which he smack my butt. First ever... Next, my classmates and I was play Counter Strike 1.6 in the class while the class was on and the lecturer was teaching. This was the first time I didn't listen to the class and I was there shooting the enemy. The time past so fast after few match of Counter Strike, the lecturer announce the class ended. The time was just only 3:39p.m.

      So, I followed Patrick and he fetch me back to home. This week really past extremely fast and I only knows, if you happy the time will past faster and faster, if you unhappy the time will be longer and slower too. This week I felt a lot of funny and new experiences. I didn't uses any money to board the bus today. It was a special thing of today, because I didn't try this before.

      Next, I hope tomorrow I can drive to college. I really bored to boarding the bus and LRT although these public transport is only available in Kuala Lumpur the capitol of the country. If this public transport ( LRT ) existing at my hometown there will be some bus company bankrupt. I not talking non-sense, this may be happen.

      Lastly, I drink MichaelJackson today for lunch and the house restaurant suddenly have no electricity. I guess they didn't pay for the electricity because TNB. ^^ All the best... I'm the tomato fish! New NickName by KaryLee(Gal).
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