Monday, 4 October 2010

The KL date.

     Hello, to all my friends to view my blog and my post again. Hope you all can have fun and joy.

     Kary, Patrick and I was hang around at LowYat, SungaiWang and KLCC. We took some picture at KLCC and a PanMee Restaurant at Kuchai Lama. At the morning, I was the first person who waits them at Bangsar about 9.30a.m and Kary was the second and Patrick was the third person. While Kary and I  was waiting for Patrick, we took some meal at Old Town White Coffee. Kary and I were ordered a cup of cold Old Town White Coffee, a plate of garlic bread and a cup of honey ice lemon tea.  I have a long time didn't eat this garlic bread at Old Town. It's remind my memory, a bakery at my hometown that makes the best garlic bread I ever ate. After a few minutes chat with Kary, he finally came and was in tired situation because he only slept for 3 hours.

     Unfortunately, we start our journey to KLCC by LRT. Can I ask a question before into my following paragraph? If Yes, then here the question " Do you like our LRT service?", if No, here come the next. Our LRT was didn't have any changes although after 10 years of testing. I was here in the year of 1997 and until 2010 the LRT still doesn't changes which is when the train was moving and makes some noisy sound. I don't like it. Let's back to the topic. We bought the ticket before to take our lunch.

     Patrick was suggested few movies which are Charlie St. Cloud, Eat Pray Love and Legend of the Guardian: The Owls of Ga'Hoole and after the consideration we chosen Charlie St. Cloud which is romance movie and starring by Zac Efron, Kim Basinger, Amanda Crew, Chris Massoglia and Dave Franco direct by Burr Steers. If you a horror or action movie supporter, you will be boring in this movie because Charlie St. Cloud is a romance movie which Charlie St. Cloud (Efron) got a younger brother, but dead from a road accident in the night. Charlie was survive by a paramedic help in the ambulance and start from that day, he can saw his dead brother Sam and a beautiful ladies that he met at the graveyard. This is the beginning of the movie. In the movie, I get a lot of moral values, such as never give up, don't think never because everything is possible to be happen and etc.

     After that, we had some photo shot at KLCC. A lot of foreigner also taking photo like us, some of them are from China, Korea, US, UK and some more. Quite a good experience. We also take some times and get some good shots and then we heading to go back home. Suddenly, Patrick got a new suggestion to Karaoke at Green Box. But when we arrived to SungaiWang, there was some problem held and then made us unavailable to sing along the night. We tried to find others Karaoke place but was the same result. Fortunately, we heading to another shopping complex again, that was TimesSquare. Not staying too long at there. So, time to take our dinner. It's so many restaurant and cafe at Kuchai Lama to let us choose at the area's. We went to a restaurant that served PanMee that quite nice and I took CurryPanMee on the spot. It's too tasty until my ear and face became red in colour. Finally, after few hours chat and start to packing up and go back home to write this post. That's all. It's time to sleep...

     Here are the pictures that we took:

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