Thursday, 28 October 2010

Something to share with you!

      Good morning/ Good afternoon/ Good evening/ Good Night/ Good Mid of the Night and Have a nice day... First and foremost, I would like to express myself to you all. I'm not very professional in expression and impression to people, but I hope you all can know me well through my blog. 

      Let's start, I would like to share some pictures to you guys and this is my good experiences.That I have in this fun world...

      In this picture, there are so many small fishes swimming. This is fish spa, which can help you to remove the dead skin and etc. As I knows, if you go to those high class fish spa center, you need to pay more than this place such as RM30++ for only few minutes. Next, that is not my legs, the legs in the picture is my sister's legs. Actually, I didn't put my legs inside the aquarium on that day which is fulled with the fishes. The reason is because I very scare those fishes and there are some feeling which is when the fishes bite my legs is so itchy and "Geli"(In My Language). I tried this with just putting my hand into the aquarium and I felt so "beh tahan"(In Teo Chew, Hokkien). Anyways, if you want to have a try on this.
The venue is 1Utama. 
The price is RM5.00 for 10 minutes.

       Fortunately, I can get a picture about halloween at 1Utama, Peninsular Malaysia. I have to be honest and telling you guys, I haven't try to get into this event before, although it is really fun and you can get as many sweets as you can by hitting the donkey or etc. I only knows, when halloween, the kids will give sweets to every neighborhood or closed their eyes and playing with the hitting donkey games. I never try this. I hope to get in and play with these stuffs. So, my college willing to do this or my mates willing to organize one for us? It's a question. This event is called as Halloween and it's let everyone to play. This date meaning the English Ghost's Day. But I just guess. If any wrong please don't blame me. "Okay kah? Okay bah" (In Sabahan Language)

      The last picture, is about basketball. I have tried this for about few times at the basket ball court at SS2 and Taman Paramount. It's really a tough sport for me, because my legs and my hands not move in my order. I hope to master this game because better to knows more about sports. This title "Sports" is not special topic for me. I used to be sporty last time with my school mates. I am bad in every games and etc. Now is the good time for me to improve myself and play as Datuk Lee or Lin Dan(Badminton Nu.1), Yao Min(Basket ball Nu.1), Swimming, Online Games, Lan Games and etc. All the best! 

      Lastly, I hopes you all have a nice day and thank you for visiting and reading my blog! 

     By Antony Lim Chung Ann...

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