Monday, 1 November 2010

31st of October 2010

It's a great day and also mom birthday!
I wish my mom 3 wishes.
1. Mom You will always Beautiful in my heart.
2. Mom You will always Happy
3. Mom You will always in my mind
Happy Birthday to Mom!
Although, you don't know what I wrote.

Besides that, I went to Ikea, Ikano and also TheCurve.
This was the second time I went to Ikea.
There are nothing changes at the showroom.
It is also still a lot of customers looking for furnitures and fixtures at Ikea.
As I knows, Ikea really a best place to searching your furnitures and etc.
Because there got a lot of chooses.
Unfortunately, my house also got a lot of furnitures bought from there.

Lastly, I slept for whole morning until afternoon.

Here are some of the pictures that I took:
A Kangaroo and A Dog

A dead frog lay on the box cover

A binary code picture

The Bad Garlic with Butter Toast
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