Friday, 19 November 2010

Aiyoyo... What's going on with my little mind?


In the sunny morning, when I woke up and I felt very tired. 

So, I didn't go back to college and I continue to let myself sleep for 3 mores hours.

It's nice, but I got two bad news which are class cancelled.

I'm sorry, to let you there be alone.

Anyways, we had a good times and hopes more and more coming.

I knows these kinds of moments will always there in my mind and yours.

We must be likes these. ^^

Next, Patrick and I sharp at 11.45a.m started the engine and heading to our college.

The same problem same came to us "Where to take our lunch?".

We used to be likes don't want to be the organizer and kept passing the thinking jobs to others.

Unfortunately, I'm always be the victim which lose and need to suggest. 

So, my suggestion approve by others.

Actually, It's fun and I'm enjoy the moments. ^^

Back to the topic, we went to a house restaurant which only open from 10a.m to 2p.m and located at Petaling Jaya Old Town, near by Jalan Othman.

There got the most famous MJ drink (Cin Cau Susu), Lime drink, Ying Yang Mi and etc.

There waitress is really friendly and they will makes fun and jokes when talking with you.

Today, Patrick and I was ordered Ying Yang Mi which are the combination of fried Mihoon, Kuew Teuw (TaiFun) and WatTanHor sauce. Normally, I will order MJ drink, but today I changed to Lime drink, to retrieve my voice and Patrick ordered Herbal Tea (LoHonGuo).

At the waiting moments, I makes a star by using the toothpick. 

It's remind me a lot of memory, not because I want to back Sandakan. But remind back all my good memory.

We saw a lot of basketball players eating their lunch there and they kept looking to our table.

I don't know, "What they looking for?" but they are so interested with us.

After that, we get back to college to have our last Malaysian Studies class by Dr. Gopi.

We arrived A08 our Malaysian Studies class at around 1.30a.m and our lecturer haven't go there yet.

The class was same likes normal and Dr. Gopi gave some notes and tips to us through speaking and writing.

I really can't writing while listening to his voice.

I'm too sucks in this part.

He was talking to fast and not proper Malay language.


Everyone, laughing at me...

Lastly, Kok Ming was laugh at me, when I talking with her about the blood nerves.

I said " shhh shhh shhh shhh"...

Then he laugh at me.

Lol! Aiyoyo...


That's all of this post... My Mind is too small! 

Happy Holiday again...
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