Another phone call to mom In Sandakan (Few Minutes)

This is another post about chatting with mom in the phone call.

This happened last night.

I had a long time didn't chat with mom. (Last Chatting is 23rd of Nov)

So, I try to call to dad phone before getting mom to the phone because mom doesn't know how to uses a phone and she not willing to get one for herself.

But dad was hang out to a wedding dinner which is alone and mom stay at home.

Dad, asked me to call to big brother phone, but wait for 5 minutes then just call.




ish.... then 0 minutes...

I called to big brother phone number and he hang up.

I was too excited that time. I don't know why always did this when calling to family.

So, I asked him to pass this phone to mom.

The conversation started...

Mom: Hello, On Chai (Antonylca) ah!

Antonylca: Yea, mom... You busy now?

Mom: Erm... I'm doing the last step of fold the clothes.

Antonylca: Okay bah, just continue first and I wait a while...

Few minutes later...

Mom: Okay jor, my great son... Are you dating with a girl?

Antonylca: (Shock)  Stunt... Mom... How you know this? and yes, I am.

Mom: Oh... The radio got advertising this and I heard it.

Antonylca: Mom, are you kidding? Lol! Really? Whose tell you?

Mom: No ones... I really listen to the radio and heard you are dating...

Antonylca: OmG! I'm not an artist, actor or whatever... Why got people reporting my news?

Mom: Yea lor... I also don't know. Just too excited to know it.

Antonylca: E~

Mom: The puppy all dead... Because of Ah Si (Pet Name: Si Si)

Antonylca: Huh! Why geh!

Mom: Because Ah Si not willing to take care of them. Although, I take care of it, in the morning and afternoon.

Antonylca: Aiyoyo...

Mom: Anyways, Lu Lu (Old Pet Name: Lu Lu) also pregnant and give birth very soon.

Antonylca: Okay... ^^


Then I got to busy something and I stop the conversation.

^^ All the best...

I hope Lu Lu won't likes Si Si. I hope it will take good care to her babies...

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