Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Broga Hill Day.


I woke up so early, It was just 4.30a.m and my phone ringing of Sorry Sorry Music.

It's not a good sleep because just slept for one and a half hour. It's really not enough, but I tried to stay awake until now...

It's really not a good driving experiences that using GPS as our navigator. 

Because the GPS made us going to the wrong way and not only once time.

I wish to learn all the roads to prevent from using GPS. 

Damn it!

Anyways, we still can arrived Broga Hill and the arrived time was around 7 o'clock. 

I saw a lot of car that parking around the road and there got a parking lot which needed RM2 per entrance. 

We didn't take the risk and just parking at roadside.

The Broga Hill is just 1.7km and not as high as others Hill in Malaysia.

The time to arrive the peak is only 45 minutes, if you are good in jogging or running.

But we mission incomplete, we took one and a half hour to arrived to the second high peak.

Is really a good experience with friends and also some guys help us to take pictures.

I really appreciate that!

After that, we start the car engine and get back to Kary house to have a bath and ready for the day trip.

and we also meet the cool little baby and genius baby girl at Kary house.

I should improve my hakka language, because I will stucking when talking in hakka language.

Then, we went to SS3, Petaling Jaya to had ours breakfast/ lunch.

Actually, before we should going to Kuala Lumpur City and eat ours Chicken Rice at Jalan Pudu.

But the plan suddenly changed.

So, we went to Jaya Jusco Cheras(JJ) after lunch.

At JJ, we watched a movie named by Life as you know it.

The artists is very familiar and so funny.

I love it, I like it, I really enjoy the movie, although I slept for 5 minutes in the theater. 

In the movie, I always heard the woman called his house mate as Ass Hole! Lol!!!

Another one, is the counselor which crying when the woman can't meet the handsome man.

Happy Ending!!!

Unfortunately, we felt tired and everyone no more energy to moving on.

So, we prefer to go back home and take a rest.

Today, I ended up with this post and all the way...

Patrick, Kary, May Yi and I... All the best!!! 
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