Sunday, 14 November 2010

I'm the CEO of KFC on this Sunday.

Sunday, yea today is Sunday...

My blogger friends, friends and everyone. I hope, I'm didn't too late to say have a nice Sunday to you all.

I am very appreciate your support from the start until now and onwards.

So, this post is about I'm become a CEO of KFC which is Customer Enjoyment Officer (CEO) of KFC.

I took this for my dinner.

 X Meal Deluxe
  • Zinger Burger
  • Original Chicken
  • (R) French Fries
  • (R) Pepsi

Actually, I had a long time didn't eat KFC meal.

Next, the taste of Chicken was not nice and the French Fries was not as good as Mac Donald (My Favorite).

When talk about these two fast food dining supplier.

I wish to share one short video about Mac Donald VS KFC.

One word, two words or three words?

KFC or Mac Donald?

  It's Finger Licking Good    
I'm loving it!!     

The words using by KFC and Mac Donald.

To attracts your attentions...

Besides that, Sis bought me a Milk Tea at Giant Kelana Jaya costs only RM1.80 without pearls.

The stall named as Cool@Blog

The first impression of this stall was remind me about Sandakan QQ Ice and Cool City.

I knows the taste not good as what I drink in Sandakan.

The reasons of not well is because they are used powder form to create this drinks.

I don't like it.

I prefer "QQ Ice" Milk Tea and Red Tea.

Anyways, the price was cheap, so the thing you get also not very valuable.

This world don't have free lunch.
(Translate straight from Cantonese)
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