Thursday, 11 November 2010

Movie Day!

Today was really a fun day!

At the morning, I woke up so earlier and stay in front of my lappy(Laptop)

This should be a normal scene for me, because I will wake up everyday at 8.00a.m in Kuala Lumpur.

But in Sandakan, Sabah, I won't have this good time to sleep.

My mom will wake me up and ask me to accompany her to the central market near house.

You know! Is just 6.00a.m and I sleep at 12a.m or 1a.m.

Next, DiGi Internet allowed me within 5 hours downloaded 6 movies in ordered.

Quite a nice broadband when it is activated, but the bad things come after you used the subscribed quota.

At the afternoon, friends, dear and I when to a restaurant and took our lunch which 3 girls ate Yee Mee, a boy ate Pan Mee and I ate Ying Yang Kung Fu Chao.

While I am eating, Aisya, one of my friends suddenly told us something disgusting.

It's about shit.

You can click on this link: ((Click On This))

After that, Patrick, Helbert and I went to SunwayPyramid to watch a movie.

The title of the movie was Unstoppable.

The movie trailer: (( Click On This ))

This movie is so nice!

The only comment I can give is Nice, Pretty nice and very nice.

Somethings impress me are:

1. FRA guy really sucks... hehe
2. Connie is cute...
3. and many many goods

Lastly, we go back home.

That's all!

Have a nice dream to you all...

Today quote : Don't think to much.... Just do it!!!
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