Saturday, 13 November 2010

Saturday is to class or to party?

Today is 13th of November and also my replacement class of Computerized Accounting...

Actually, I don't want to go to college.

Because I felt lazy and boring.

Last decision, I went to study.

Okay, if follow to the schedule, the class is start at 2p.m to 6p.m.

Due to some reasons, our lecturer was late to class and the class started at 3p.m to 5p.m.

Actually, I finished up the works that Miss. Rachell (C.A Lecturer) gave to us in the class.

So, I just went off at 5p.m. 

But there are left lecturer and Eunice in the class.

Quite epic, because the class usually got more than 10++. 

Unfortunately, just left Eunice, Ms. and I.

Maybe because of Saturday and they going to party or some others reasons.

So, How about you? 

I got a class on Saturday and I tried to end up as fast as possible.

I did.

Good question: Saturday! Party or Class or both?

100% Party, 50% 50%, 100% Class.


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