Friday, 26 November 2010

The Thursday Night... (25th of November)


Last night, Patrick and I was suddenly got a short message through phone from Helbert.

He told us that, he will going back to home town tonight and not take dinner with us.

It's not a joke but... Zadao...

Anyways, we are planning to do somethings difference again tonight.

I think because helbert not around again.

First, we went to Taman Paramount to took a little plate vegetarian dinner.

It's just cost RM2 for 3 dishes and 1 rice or you can still get 4 dishes and 5 dishes in very cheap price such as add on RM0.40 or RM1.

At the point, it's remind my memory in Sandakan, which is took vegetarian as my lunch at the similar decoration restaurant.

Besides that, Patrick told me about the vegetarian restaurant standard.

I don't know all of that. I just know to eat good food! ^^ hehe...

Next, we went to 1 Utama.

It's not really much car and we easily get a car park slot.

We walk and walk and walk towards the Golden Screen Cinema and bought two tickets of Bruce Lee My Brother.

It's so many people inside the cinema and I knows Bruce Lee very well...

He get birth in San Francisco on 27th of November 1940.

His name was came from a word "Push". Because his father not talking in good English.

So, when the nurse ask his father to give a name to the baby.

He kept on asking Bruce Lee mother and his mother said push push push push in very low voice.

Lastly, his father told the nurse, "Push"... "Lee" and he been named as Bruce Lee.

It's really great! If you interested to know more Bruce Lee.

You must watch this...


After all, we went home and continue online...
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