Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Tired Monday.

Yesterday, I was so tired for whole day.

This was not a good experience for myself.

Even though, I hang out with friends.

I doesn't talking much, because I not feeling well and sore throat.

I prefer to suffer now and fantastic later.

So , maybe this is an punishment from God and I will be enjoying the entire weeks.

I believe of the karma teaching/ Buddhist teaching.

Everyone refer to the "Ying" and "Guo".

If you done something bad, you will also get whatever bad to you.

If you done something good, you will also get good back to you.

Back to my topic, we went to watch a movie which had a Top 1 ranking " Takers".

It's not bad, but I felt sleepy and the movie not so nice. 

Maybe was because I never knows the characters of the movies and tired.

Dear, I hope you don't mind.

I am sleeping in the cinema. No choice...

Unfortunately, finished up the movie and we start walking to another destination for our lunch at 4.00p.m.

The sky was started to dropped few drop of water and we walk as fast as possible to Sungai Wang Plaza.

((I must plan the accident scene too, Why I dont?))

At the plaza, we took a Mac Donald Chicken Burger which cost us only RM3 per potion. 

Mac Donald, I will always support you!

After that, we went to Low Yat Plaza and survey for handset prices.

The Sony Ericsson Elm just sell for RM480(AP) and RM699(Original Manufacture)

This phone is to support Go Green Movement.

It's built in with WiFi and others high end applications.

If you are want to get a low cost with WiFi phone.

I will suggest you to get this rather than others phone.

Next, we went back home by public transport in Kuala Lumpur.

I'm too tired, almost sleep in the bus. 

Anyways, I still can hang up a phone call from Patrick.

He said " Where are you?"

I said "Still in the bus around the cross road."

He said " Okay and Helbert got a surprise for you."

I said " Huh! What's suprise he want to give me?"

He said " You faster go home and take a bath, then come to my house."

It's really a shock at that time. I am searching and searching, thinking and thinking " What is the thing he want to mention?"

When I arrived their house. Helbert shows me the thing, that he want to surprise me and that was a Watch I wish to get and he too! 

Actually I thought he want to shows me a P1, Maxis, DiGi or others internet provider to surf the net.

I didn't think of this watch. OMG...

Sharp 8 o'clock our stomach was start shouting " I'm hungry".

So, we hang out to SS2 The tasty road(Wai Sek Gai).

At the food court, we was sitting here and there for few times. Not because of girls (Maybe), not because of stranger (really), Not because of Gays ( No ) and because of no good foods!

Finally, we sit on the chair and just looking which stall was the best and attract our vision.

We ordered...

Helbert==Curry Pan Mee, Patrick==GunNao Pan Mee, I==Low Mee.

Curry was spicy, Gun Nao Pan Mee was tasty and Low Mee was not enough "Chu" said by Patrick.

Lastly, we ended up with a walk at the Night Market.

Found so many nice things, but not interesting. 

That's all for this post...

I know is long enough for you to read...

^^ Hope you all have a SPM Exam soon.

Study Smart, not Study Hard... 

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