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What's going on? (F.O.D)

I am moody now.

Anyways, I am still here to share my day with you guys.

I am very active this morning because I am sleeping for more than 5 hours.

Then my mother straight ask me to prepare such as bath, brush teeth and etc, because we are going to Sandakan Town meet someone and buy things for tomorrow night.

We are going to celebrate the "Dong Zi" at my grandmother home.

Last year I didn't come back to Sandakan and celebrate with them.

But then this year I am happy because everyone waiting me to play poker card with them.

I am happy while playing with them too.

They are making me smile and laugh and I am trying to makes them happy too.

Back to my topic, I met a friend parent at a restaurant located at Jalan Leila, Sandakan.

I am extremely happy because he told me, I'm not handsome than before.

Anyways, I know that is really uncomfortable when you read it.

But I can say if you are a boy you will always handsome.

If girl you will always pretty.

Don't think of negat…

Mr. Lim are you okay? (Asking)

I am Lim Chung Ann and you can called me as Mr. Lim or Antony.

I am likes to be funny, serious and talking somethings difference from others.
These few days I found something difference from my friends.
They are really good and I am learning from them too.
They are giving some opinion to us.
I felt that, it's really works for this generation.
As what we knows, world had already changed, we are going to makes some changes toward the style that our senior used to train us.
Now a day, we are living in 20 century.
So, we are 20 century human which filled with electronic life's, Information Technology is our devices to communicates with each and others. 
We must makes uses of all the free devices and the fastest way to communicate with others.
As an example, Facebook, we are only need to click or press a button and then we are going to communicate with our friends.
Then why we don't uses these type of open sources and fastest way to communicate with others.
So, this is the first way to imp…

Lie Day (Hang out with friends)

I am sorry to dear because I doesn't sleep on 1a.m.

I am happy and have fun at the night. 
I am long time didn't hang out with my hometown friends as I went to Kuala Lumpur. 
I did all the funny conversation with them. 
I went to my secondary school and I really want to greet the principal of my school "You really done a great job".
Let me explain something about him, he is renovated the school from a old fashion to the modern fashion school.
I am happy because my secondary school became nice and higher comfortable environment. 
This week end which is 19th of December 2010 is my junior organizing a year fantastic anniversary at Saint Michael Secondary School.
I am here to tell you all, have a great day and do the best of the best for your event. Enjoy it and Feel it, you will know what I'm talking about.
I am here to help you all, if you want.
After that, Yuung, Tan, Sam and I went to Bandar Kim Fung, Sandakan at 11p.m.
We took a bowl of Guan Nao Za Yuk Tai Fun(Hor Fun). ~R…

First expression when arrived to Sandakan (Hometown)

First and foremost, I'm greeting from the cabin crew of Malaysian Airlines before going to on board to the aeroplane. They are very friendly and caring to us. Anyways, I am here in Sandakan to thank you them and I'm sorry to others passengers which boarding with me in the same aeroplane, because I'm the one immediate boarding passenger of the plane and the last person who enter the departure hall. It's nice and my name be famous because they called me through the speaker located at the airport. I am famous? Just a blush scene. I was there looking at chocolate for my family. Unfortunately, nothing is buy from me in the departure hall. As what I saw the chocolate is very cheap and just RM9.90 for each packet.

     Besides that, my seat located at the last of the plane near the crew rest room and toilet. I am feeling bad things before that. But then nothing happen and beside me got a photographer and a child which nicely sitting there. Then, everything happened smoot…

All the way going back to Sandakan (Extremely)

Do I missing? Do I...

     I really miss so much of my hometown. I really miss the food which accompany from the day I born. I really miss my pet such as Miao Miao, Lu Lu, Si Si, Bi Bi, Rocky and my lovely Vi vi. Although, vi vi gone missing for a long time, I hope he will always happy and take care of his good health. I am always remember it's memory for me.

     So, what to do...

     Now just left 8 hours then I will board the plane to Sandakan from Kuala Lumpur here.

Time to refresh myself from the big city to the small city in Sandakan.

All the way back to the place I born...

8 hours started now...

‎Kenzor Tan SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday Day! (Wasabi)

Photo Session:

The trip to Banting!!! (The Beauty of a hometown)

I'm back!

These few days I went to Patrick hometown at Banting which is located in Kuala Langat.

I was there for 3 days and 2 nights.

We went to beach, seafood restaurants, japan char keuw teow and many others.

On the first day ( 8th of December )

We take off from Petaling Jaya to Kuchai Lama and then to Banting.

I really enjoyed the way and took so much of picture in the car.

As what Patrick saw.

I'm in the mood and feel free to singing the song while going to Banting.

To be continue~

Photo Album : Day 1 , Day 2 and Day 3

No More No More No More Exam Jor! (Over Exam)

My fellow friends, blogger friends and etc have a nice day. I hope you all like my blog and do visit more.

If you think you can! You can!!! (Mood on)


     What is going on at the back?

     Please let me know okay?

I don't want be the last one...

I don't want!

I am not clever...

If I am clever... How good is it?

I better be the noob one and be the stupid one.

Noob is better than Clever?

Anyways, in my mind only got clever better than noob because no one will vacancy you.

If you doesn't have a good brain.

Shit man!

The None Business Mood. (Away Moods)

Welcome to my blog again.

       These few days, I really had fun with friends due to all the events that I had with them such as fairs, trips and etc. We went to Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) in Kuala Lumpur here. As I knows, the centre was located around the somewhere of there. But we took twice round to found the centre. I'm tired actually. Although, I am tired, I am trying to force myself to mixed up myself to the day. So, I never ignore any request from my friends.  Haiz....

The None Official's Day! (Opz)

Erm... What happening to me these few days and something is happening frequently until, it's not make sense anymore. I don't know what and why. Is that any wrong, if something follow their own rules and regulation of their own life? I don't think we need to be always be the abnormal myself. It's totally not the one I think anymore. Someone is telling me to follow my own rules and etc. Anyways, I am preferring to be the another one of me and makes a different towards a better life's. It's good for me? Yes, isn't it.

     I love to share about my life's and listening to others story about their own life's. I am hoping to knows more about others and the suggestion that people give to me. These are the better way to treasure my life's without any doubt. I will always get others opinion now onwards. Do let me know...

     Finally, I happy to know you all in my life's and friends I am a normal guy. I hope you all will 体凉 me.

Have a nice Sunda…

News, Breaking, Me...

Hey, have a nice day to all and what i'm gonna to do in this post is to define myself.

Last night, when I am tired.
Suddenly, Helbert and Patrick are inviting me to play bowling at somewhere near.
Eh, I have no experience on playing bowling and in my mind, I keep thinking of "If I go, Please don't let the ball go into tunnel".
Another words in Malaysian Chinese Language is "Hei Mong, Goh Boh Em Moi Yap Long Kang Lah."
So, we are heading to SS2, Petaling Jaya and took our dinner.
Patrick the special one, had ordered his beloved food "Hakka Mi" and the boss giving the small potion to him instead of big. Actually, he is ordering the big one, but then the boss gave him a small one.
He was zadao. Anyways, he likes the soup..
Luckily, Helbert and I is ordering Wan Tan Mee and big one. Quite nice and it's took me long time just can finish up the bowl of mi.
After that, we are going to 1 Utama to play bowling.
This is really the first time, I play and they are …

The Stupid Day! ( No choice )

Here I publish a post again. I hope you all like it and press a option on the poll at below. I am greeting you all  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011. I hope you all don't blame me and talking these and that. It is because time really goes too fast and it is like something happen 5 minutes before, but actually the real is 5 years ago. What do you think of this? I am really frustrated when exam. I am study for so long and doesn't makes sense for today exam. It's really sucks and no other choice can be makes toward pass. I am praying to get only pass in this subject Introduction to Database. Anyways, the exam already past and no more things can be think again. I should wait until the result come out.

     Lastly, I am no choice to be survive this time. All the best on the coming saturday exam. Computerized Accounting ( Practical )...

Nice to see you again... ^^

Damn! ( There are not my business )

Hallo, my beloved, friends, blogger friends and others. I wish you all have a nice day and happy always.

     Based on the title, as well as I still in the nice mood. I will be talking with all the none sense and also talking something funny. That is because I am uncontrolled of myself to thinks much more and this is the time I am doing something out of myself. I am bored and moody now. But I hope others don't worry about me. I just need a rest and I am appreciates your blessing and greeting.

     Next, I would like to express about a thing that makes me more uncomfortable which is I got an exam on this Saturday. It's not my fault and you need to be responsible in term of standard to prevent this thing to happen to us. I'm the innocent one.

     Lastly, I hope my class and exam will be going smooth, unless I makes some changes.

    All the Best! ^^