Thursday, 16 December 2010

First expression when arrived to Sandakan (Hometown)

     First and foremost, I'm greeting from the cabin crew of Malaysian Airlines before going to on board to the aeroplane. They are very friendly and caring to us. Anyways, I am here in Sandakan to thank you them and I'm sorry to others passengers which boarding with me in the same aeroplane, because I'm the one immediate boarding passenger of the plane and the last person who enter the departure hall. It's nice and my name be famous because they called me through the speaker located at the airport. I am famous? Just a blush scene. I was there looking at chocolate for my family. Unfortunately, nothing is buy from me in the departure hall. As what I saw the chocolate is very cheap and just RM9.90 for each packet.

     Besides that, my seat located at the last of the plane near the crew rest room and toilet. I am feeling bad things before that. But then nothing happen and beside me got a photographer and a child which nicely sitting there. Then, everything happened smooth, the food served, everyone hang around the plane and request request of things. So, I took my breakfast and take a rest before arrival to Sandakan. As I woke up, I saw the photographer feel free to take picture from the plane and I am watching at him with fulled of enjoyment. I love to take picture, if I have a great camera and great feel. That is the great amount of pictures in the memory card and shows to you all.

     Finally, I am now in Sandakan to say hallo to you all. I felt I'm home. I am rushing to meet mom and dad as the ant missing it sugar. I am the ant. Back to my topic, I am waiting for my luggage for 30 minutes at the luggage department. So, I didn't miss the time, I try to uses DiGi to go Facebook and posted "

I'm just arrived sandakan! Have a great time with malaysian airlines. ^^". Meaning I back to my Hometown Sandakan. Thank you... Have a great day and thanks god.

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