Friday, 28 January 2011

Yes Sir!

Customer: Do you have any nice accessories?

Promoter: Yes...

Customer: Is it this the good one?

Promoter: Yes...

Customer: This is made in China?

Promoter: Yes...

Customer: Do this accessories plug and play?

Promoter: Yes...

Customer: Then I take one.

Promoter: The price is RM60 for each.

Customer: Got any discount for this?

Promoter: Sir, this price is the lowest that i can give you.

Customer: True or not.

Promoter: It's true.

Customer: Discount a bit i will buy it.

Promoter: Sir, my boss are starving me there.

Customer: Then you ask your boss you give discount.

Promoter: Okay, wait a while.

Customer: Okay...

Few minutes later...

Promoter: Hallo, my boss told me that, you very lucky. He is going to give you some discount. The best price is RM59.99. ^^


Customer: No thanks...

The customer chaos. Opz...

Thursday, 27 January 2011







Wednesday, 26 January 2011















写到这里吧了吧。。。 明天才继续。。

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Hey, what's going on there?

War? Tsunami? Typhoon? Building Collapse?

I'm not really feel well these few days.

I'm not feeling you too.

Is it, no more care in between?

I hope, but it not come to me.

Lastly, our result came out and hope you happy to it. ^^

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Happy Sunday and WASABI DAY!





Saturday, 22 January 2011









So, 我就会自己去走走。




But I wish everyone a happy and prosperity Chinese New Year 2011!

HUAT AR!!! 发财啦。。。


21st of January 2011 Going to Banting again-x


I have a long time doesn't really uses my heart to write a post.

In this pretty post, I will trying to tell you "What happen in Banting on 21st of January?"

I had followed Patrick's car to Banting once again.

That's because I want to test and train my bowling skills again.

I am woke up so early and while online, I also went to tidy up my room and home area.

So, sharp 12.00p.m the vegetarian boy are going to fetch me and take a lunch before go to fetch his younger brother too at Taylor College Subang Jaya.

Between, there are some weird things happens. But I won't tell you now and you need to continue read this post and then you will found the weird things that really happen.

We went to a Chinese Chicken Rice shop which is located at SS3, Petaling Jaya.

Actually, don't think this only just selling of chicken and you can found duck, roasted pork and also most special is Hakka Noodle.

Patrick ordered a plate of Hakka Noodle and of course I ordered a plate of Chicken Rice. It's a Chicken Rice shop of course the Chicken Rice is the best one, but then Hakka Noodle also not bad.

Okay, few hours later after we took all the noodle, rice and Chinese Tea(Shuet Cha).

It's time to go Taylor College Subang Jaya to fetch his younger brother and Patrick only watch to left side of the car when around the expensive college with a lot of pretty girls(from Patrick). Opz...

Patrick, don't poke or punch me when meet me, okay?

Give me the answer, okay.

Next, his younger brother had board the car and we are heading to Banting now onwards.

But seems the god want to give some challenges to us, such as traffic jam, bright sun and etc.

After that, we just took not more than 1 hour to arrived to Banting.

On the way to Banting, Patrick promise that only need 5 minutes to reach Banting from the begin of Mile 9 of border of Banting. If he can't reach the destination on time, then he need to spend me a cup of Milo ice.

Result is: He failed to do that. I gained a cup of Milo Ice.

When arrived we went to bought Pan Noodle at a fantastic Pan Noodle shop around Banting.

I bought a small potion Laksa Pan Noodle and taste good too. ^^

It's time to take a rest and try to surfing to the internet after a bowl of Laksa Noodle.

At first, I am blur when Patrick are taking the phone and searching for streamyx hotline to complain regarding to the internet connection.

Few minutes later, we just called to TM hotline, that's 1000 and ask them to transfer the call to the streamyx department.

That complain used up 2 or 3 hours, but still can't solve the slow internet connection.

Although, reset the pot or trying others solution, it's slow too.

So, Patrick are advice to play badminton at outside of his house.

I'm rust on badminton and not a good smasher or player.

Anyways, I try and enjoy the moments I had in Banting because remind my childhood.

For examples, badminton, bicycle, sea front, swimming, seafood and anything.

We played until 6.45p.m and go to bath.

I took dinner at Patrick house with his family and then went to Helbert house to continue the day.

Waiting he finish his dinner and then wait for Kenzor to fetch us to Banting Bowling Centre to play bowling.

Nice game with them and I met two new friends again which are Kang Seng and Chester.

They are so friendly and my score of the night was too bad.

First=80++, Second=68, Third=58.


After the bowling match, we went to eat Nasi Lemak Kepak and while chatting we are watching football which are Jordan VS U_______kistan.

I'm not sure where is it? and not memorize yet the name of the country.

Lastly, Kenzor fetch us to go back home and sweet dream.

Thank you to everyone which are accompany with me.

Wish you all have a nice day and Happy Chinese New Year!


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Working Experience with the Medicated Oil!

Huh! Works? I want to involve to it and earns pocket money.

This is really fantastic when I'm receiving a call from anonymous which she is working as an agent and ask me "Are you Antony Lim? I'm Yvonne and you want to join the Baby Fair in Mid valley?". So, I am answering "Yes".

I am lack of money these few weeks. I need to work as much as possible to buy something useful or saves as a future money.

This is my first time working for Baby Fair which is held on 14th of January to 16th of January in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.

First and foremost, I'm a fresh promoter with this company and they are offering well salary per day too.

Fortunately, I am helping them to sell Medicated Oil of Eagle Brand and the sells I'm not sure is good or bad.

I am getting some of the sample and testing too because as a customer we needed to test a product before to making a decision to buy or not to buy.

I'm a rational customer. Are you? You will say "Yes" because we are the same. ^^

On the first day, I'm went to Mid Valley by bus at 9a.m. It's really early you know, plus I'm alone with only my breakfast.

So, I went to the Mac Donald's which is nearby the GSC Cinema in Mid Valley to buy a set of Sausage MacMuffin and I ate my breakfast at there too.

When the time I am eating my breakfast, I am looking toward of all around my sitting places. It's making me to imagine myself as a boss of the mall and one more things are the opening of a shop, the sound, the workers and everything, likes a great start of the day.

I'm enjoying the breakfast and the environmental.

Next, it's time to go have a exercise after a big breakfast at Mac Donald's. I'm walking around and around of the purpose of searching a places to surfing internet and Facebook.

I found, I found and I found a lot of places but not everyplace can surf to the net and some of it require me to key in the password.

Few minutes later, time for me to meet the agent at in front of the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.

She is overall woman and starting to telling me how to sell the products and etc.

So, the first day started indirectly because I have no tag before this, but then after requesting I got a pink color tag and it's seems to be cute as well.

That's the normal and not many people hang around in the Hall 3.

One thing is because it's Friday and working day.

At my booth, I won't be hungry of foods or drinks, in my booth you can found milk, rusk biscuits and also medicated oil too.

So, if you are hungry then eat biscuit, if you are not feeling well then uses medicated oil or if you wanna to drink some milk then you can drink.

I'm not feeling hungry or etc at the booth but the only thing was my shoulder felt pain all along the three days.


In this event, I had learned about social with others and met some new friends which are V Chin, Mei fung, Grace, Desmond and etc. They are friendly and nice. Nice to meet you post by ^^


Pepsi Cola One Two Three!!!

Hey hey hey...

Actually, I misses a lot of blog posts and I hope to complete it on these few days...

I needed a shout out, I really needed now...

Anyways, I not dare to do that because it's too crowded of human being.

This is just a starting of the year.

Why do I face so much of problems and also sight effects from those ugly one?

I don't hope to meet those people again.

Is it I need to go have a praise in the temple?

Do I need that? I don't know.

Please god! You are my guardian now a day.

I'm no staying with dad and mom, and I am independent.

Why should I be so nonindependent? I should don't do this!


I'm very bad lucks these two weeks of the new years 2011.

Besides that, last year I am became a big stupid boy, let others laugh and smash a big slap into my heart.

Can I be better? Life as we know it is tough. But why do people always said "If you think you can, you CAN!"?

I'm obviously tell you, I am down now. I am trying to shout out through blogspot because this is my way to post and let the true heart speech out indirectly.

So, I hope you all knows it.

haiz... haiz... HAIZ!

This is really my first time, OKAY...

Sorry, I am not blaming on you...

Any problem, please do call me and say hallo, happy D^^...

That's all for this angry post.

I wonder which of my friends would be the geek or the health fanatic but what I know is I need a cup of #MiloFuzeJamPack to start tagging my friends on FB. FUN!

I wonder which of my friends would be the geek or the health fanatic but what I know is I need a cup of #MiloFuzeJamPack to start tagging my friends on FB. FUN!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

I'm tiring...


I will update my blog very soon...

Stay Tune.....

Third Semester First Class of Computer Applications...


What to do? It's time to study again...

Not the least, but it's really true.

Studies life are short and compact, we should appreciated with every moments that together with friends and mates.

School or College mates gives a lot of fun and makes our living styles difference.

For example, it will be makes more and more happiness in our life's.

Besides that, we are going to shares our experiences to prevent something happen that we are didn't tried before.

So, 10th of January, on the afternoon, I am going to the first class of third semester and the lecturer was Mr. Conrad which is good man and responsible with his job.

He was trying to teach us about Computer Application(CA) and etc.

I am only knows CA is studying about Microsoft Words, Excel, Power Point, Access and etc.

Next, the class contains of many students which are came from around the world such as Malaysia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia and others.

Unfortunately, that's not important for us because we doesn't care about skin color, spoken language, nationality and we are only care of studying and gains more knowledges in the classes.

I just realized, I'm rust in writing words or numbers because my wordy is too ugly and my hand was shaking.

I hope no more other time. It's too hard to write.

Lastly, I am hoping more subjects in this semester because I am taking just 4 subjects.

All the way to create Success!

Friday, 14 January 2011

I will be back~

My dear, friends, others, I am busy with my works and class on these few weeks plus I have no internet connection at my house. So, I will be back very soon, because I got money to pay and I already paid the bill by today! Hurray... Hopefully the internet connection will be going on by next Monday. Thanks Dad!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

What do I wish in the rabbit years 2011? (Wishes)


I'm back again and I am posting the first post about my 2011 years.

However a post about 2011, I would like to talk about things that haven't been success in my 2010 years.

The things that haven't been do yet as below:

1. Saves money more than $XXXX.

2. Own a 500GB external hard disk.

3. Own a Iphone or smartphone.

4. Every months can buy a new nice clothes.

5. Every months can gives parent money.

I am wishing all of this only in the years of 2010.

Some more, all of the wishes I haven't get and did yet.

So, I hope this year 2011 can make it and I needed to add much more as below:

6. Go back to Sandakan twice which are May and December.

7. Go to Kota Kinabalu with family because I had a long time didn't go to the Capital of Sabah State since i'm primary sixth.

8. Bring beloved to hometown.

9. I can get a fantastic result as I can get a chance to oversea study.

Actually, I still got a lot of wishes.

I just do these before thinking of others.

Thank you and God bless us! ^^

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

If you want to start a business!

We needed these three concepts in every start of a business...




The time in Sandakan. (With Family)

I am very happy and felt my family really different from others.

I am feeling warm, happy, joy and etc when together with them.

I heard somebody said family not willing to listen to them and many others things.

So, my family are really different from others.

Everyone in my family are friendly, talkative, funny and always treat everyone nice.

Although, others treat my dad likes these, but dad are still helping them to solve every single problem.

This trip to Sandakan really best because everything I am thinking was successfully comes true.

Such as dad bought duck drumstick for me.

Dad and Mom took lunch with me at Old Town, Taman Mawar Central Market, Mile 8 Chicken Rice and many others.

Sis treat us to Edo Ichi at Tyng Garden.

I am crazy that night, I ate so much of sushi and japanese cuisine.

Mom and Bro can't finish their meal.

So, I am helping them to finish it too as what as I am a big stomach guy.

Everyone know this, if you are going to the buffet restaurant, I will take as much as I can onto the table and trying to finish it slowly and slowly.

Next, I went to Ocean King at 白沙港 with my parent on the morning. 

That time I am very tired because the day before I went to school to join the Christmas Eve Celebration and I didn't sleep for the whole night.

We are talking about Unit and sharing about our memories. 

I still remember, I have no energy to take the chopstick and my hand was shaking until non stop when I am going to get a piece of siew mai.

I went to Mile 4 Night Market with my family.

I met so many of my friends which long times didn't meet them and some of them totally changed a lot.

Some more pretty, some more handsome, some more taller, some more slimmer and etc.

I wish you all have a nice day and everything goes on nice.

If any additional I will add in soon...


Good night...

The time in Sandakan. (School Times)

I am tiring when talking about back to school to help my members.

Anyways, I'm never say anything to them because I am happy to helping them and they are needed too.

If any wrong please don't blame on me because everyone is not perfect.

Unfortunately, I can go to see our unit organize a year most fabulous programme which is Anniversary of Unit 12 [SBH(Y)12].

This is the nice performance I ever saw on the event that organize by Unit 12.

All of you really do very well in your part. (HERE I GIVE YOU ALL 1st, 2nd and 3rd clap.)

Never never give up to take part in Unit.

Because we are here to learn and gain more knowledges to improve our own skills.

When I am looking back to my school uniform, junior and become a senior times.

I am really dis my best to build up my spirit and trying to get good result in Unit.

Although, a lot of teachers in our school not willing or not recommend us to join Red Crescent as school Unit Uniform Group.

Looking back to our history of St. Michael Red Crescent, our senior really did very well in their part as in every competition and many others activities that organize from center, inter-school, inter-devision, inter-state or international.

So, we are going to see these all gone without any reasons?

I am hoping you all still got such heart and interest to build up a good and high spirit team to makes our Unit and others more better.

Time will never wait you, if you didn't do anythings for it.

Life's got how many ten years? Just do once and let's people know who are you.

Lastly, I appreciate whatever you all did for our Unit.

Up up up all the way...
Saint Mike Saint Mike All the way... ^^

The Feeling before to my fatherland.

I know this is the last time I lives in Kuala Lumpur on this 2010, because I will be going back to Sandakan on 15th of December 2010 and coming back to Kuala Lumpur on 1st of January 2011.

So, what should I do before going back to Sandakan?

I am missing someone and want to bring she along to Sandakan as well.

I'm not sure whether she is willing to there or not?

Although, everyone thought Sabah not a good places.

I won't gives up to growth it up and I will extend my times before going back to Sandakan for my planning.

Back to my topic, I am missing everything now.

I just going back for two weeks but the times is likes two centuries. 

What's going there?

All the land in Sandakan was changed and a lot of places I didn't went before.

I need more time to hang around and drive around as what  a tourist did in a foreign country or state. 




Top 5 : Laundry Room Style