Saturday, 22 January 2011

21st of January 2011 Going to Banting again-x


I have a long time doesn't really uses my heart to write a post.

In this pretty post, I will trying to tell you "What happen in Banting on 21st of January?"

I had followed Patrick's car to Banting once again.

That's because I want to test and train my bowling skills again.

I am woke up so early and while online, I also went to tidy up my room and home area.

So, sharp 12.00p.m the vegetarian boy are going to fetch me and take a lunch before go to fetch his younger brother too at Taylor College Subang Jaya.

Between, there are some weird things happens. But I won't tell you now and you need to continue read this post and then you will found the weird things that really happen.

We went to a Chinese Chicken Rice shop which is located at SS3, Petaling Jaya.

Actually, don't think this only just selling of chicken and you can found duck, roasted pork and also most special is Hakka Noodle.

Patrick ordered a plate of Hakka Noodle and of course I ordered a plate of Chicken Rice. It's a Chicken Rice shop of course the Chicken Rice is the best one, but then Hakka Noodle also not bad.

Okay, few hours later after we took all the noodle, rice and Chinese Tea(Shuet Cha).

It's time to go Taylor College Subang Jaya to fetch his younger brother and Patrick only watch to left side of the car when around the expensive college with a lot of pretty girls(from Patrick). Opz...

Patrick, don't poke or punch me when meet me, okay?

Give me the answer, okay.

Next, his younger brother had board the car and we are heading to Banting now onwards.

But seems the god want to give some challenges to us, such as traffic jam, bright sun and etc.

After that, we just took not more than 1 hour to arrived to Banting.

On the way to Banting, Patrick promise that only need 5 minutes to reach Banting from the begin of Mile 9 of border of Banting. If he can't reach the destination on time, then he need to spend me a cup of Milo ice.

Result is: He failed to do that. I gained a cup of Milo Ice.

When arrived we went to bought Pan Noodle at a fantastic Pan Noodle shop around Banting.

I bought a small potion Laksa Pan Noodle and taste good too. ^^

It's time to take a rest and try to surfing to the internet after a bowl of Laksa Noodle.

At first, I am blur when Patrick are taking the phone and searching for streamyx hotline to complain regarding to the internet connection.

Few minutes later, we just called to TM hotline, that's 1000 and ask them to transfer the call to the streamyx department.

That complain used up 2 or 3 hours, but still can't solve the slow internet connection.

Although, reset the pot or trying others solution, it's slow too.

So, Patrick are advice to play badminton at outside of his house.

I'm rust on badminton and not a good smasher or player.

Anyways, I try and enjoy the moments I had in Banting because remind my childhood.

For examples, badminton, bicycle, sea front, swimming, seafood and anything.

We played until 6.45p.m and go to bath.

I took dinner at Patrick house with his family and then went to Helbert house to continue the day.

Waiting he finish his dinner and then wait for Kenzor to fetch us to Banting Bowling Centre to play bowling.

Nice game with them and I met two new friends again which are Kang Seng and Chester.

They are so friendly and my score of the night was too bad.

First=80++, Second=68, Third=58.


After the bowling match, we went to eat Nasi Lemak Kepak and while chatting we are watching football which are Jordan VS U_______kistan.

I'm not sure where is it? and not memorize yet the name of the country.

Lastly, Kenzor fetch us to go back home and sweet dream.

Thank you to everyone which are accompany with me.

Wish you all have a nice day and Happy Chinese New Year!

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