Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Pepsi Cola One Two Three!!!

Hey hey hey...

Actually, I misses a lot of blog posts and I hope to complete it on these few days...

I needed a shout out, I really needed now...

Anyways, I not dare to do that because it's too crowded of human being.

This is just a starting of the year.

Why do I face so much of problems and also sight effects from those ugly one?

I don't hope to meet those people again.

Is it I need to go have a praise in the temple?

Do I need that? I don't know.

Please god! You are my guardian now a day.

I'm no staying with dad and mom, and I am independent.

Why should I be so nonindependent? I should don't do this!


I'm very bad lucks these two weeks of the new years 2011.

Besides that, last year I am became a big stupid boy, let others laugh and smash a big slap into my heart.

Can I be better? Life as we know it is tough. But why do people always said "If you think you can, you CAN!"?

I'm obviously tell you, I am down now. I am trying to shout out through blogspot because this is my way to post and let the true heart speech out indirectly.

So, I hope you all knows it.

haiz... haiz... HAIZ!

This is really my first time, OKAY...

Sorry, I am not blaming on you...

Any problem, please do call me and say hallo, happy D^^...

That's all for this angry post.
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