Saturday, 15 January 2011

Third Semester First Class of Computer Applications...


What to do? It's time to study again...

Not the least, but it's really true.

Studies life are short and compact, we should appreciated with every moments that together with friends and mates.

School or College mates gives a lot of fun and makes our living styles difference.

For example, it will be makes more and more happiness in our life's.

Besides that, we are going to shares our experiences to prevent something happen that we are didn't tried before.

So, 10th of January, on the afternoon, I am going to the first class of third semester and the lecturer was Mr. Conrad which is good man and responsible with his job.

He was trying to teach us about Computer Application(CA) and etc.

I am only knows CA is studying about Microsoft Words, Excel, Power Point, Access and etc.

Next, the class contains of many students which are came from around the world such as Malaysia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia and others.

Unfortunately, that's not important for us because we doesn't care about skin color, spoken language, nationality and we are only care of studying and gains more knowledges in the classes.

I just realized, I'm rust in writing words or numbers because my wordy is too ugly and my hand was shaking.

I hope no more other time. It's too hard to write.

Lastly, I am hoping more subjects in this semester because I am taking just 4 subjects.

All the way to create Success!
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